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Abbreviation: Qs
Group Numbers: 3
Leadership: no real leaders as such
Goals: to trick the zombies into thinking we are also zombies
Recruitment Policy: any survivor desperate enough to try
Contact: This discussion page.

What are the Quislings?

The quislings are survivors who are desperate or insane enough to try and take the zombies side to avoid being devoured. These poor souls now think they are zombies, so they ignore pain, hunger, and everything else. they even devour human beings.

Quislings.gif Quisling group
This survivor group has lost their minds and has become Quislings. There may be helping these poor souls, but for now this survivor group acts completely as zombies.

Approach with caution.

Killer.jpg Player Killer Group
"One kills a man, one is an assassin; one kills millions, one is a conqueror; one kills everybody, one is a god."

This Group is a PKer Group and supports the act of Player Killing.


Rules of the group

1. No using weapons

2. no buying skills that zombies cannot use after joining

3. must help zombies.

4. must kill Humans, as the zombies do.

5. If you really want to go to town with this thing, use kizombie, otherwise, make zombie sounds.

6. If you get zombified, well that's fine. you poor sod. revives and such are allowed, but not essential.


Quislings have started emerging in Malton --Disc10 17:01, 12 May 2008 (BST)


The idea came from the book World War Z, by Max Brooks. in one of the accounts, a survivor of the zombie war talks about quislings, and how this started making other survivors think that zombies could starve to death, and that zombies killed and ate each other. These people were mad, and the poor sods were so determined to trick the zombies, that eventually thought they were. They didn't even notice when they were being eaten alive.