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The KRFR Logo

KRFR - The Voice of the People

Radio Free Rhodenbank (KRFR), is a radio frequency broadcast made by the Rhodenbank Civil Defense Corps on 27.96 MHz. The suburb station was formed when radio restrictions were lifted across Malton by the military in early-June 2006. KRFR is proud to host all of Rhodenbank's radio shows, helping keep local survivors entertained and informed.


  • The Bane Croooow Radio Shoooow: Anchored by Bane Croooow, an RCDC member, the show gives weekly news and information for Rhodenbank on Tuesdays... or whenever. This program was canceled after bad ratings and the inactivity of its host.
  • RCDC Update: General suburb information, e.g. "RCDC Update: The mall is open for business -BC"
  • RCDC Alert! Specific action request, e.g. "Rotters have breeched Anstruther -BC"

RCDC members are instructed to append the messages with their initials (-BC is Bane Croooow) or an abbreviation of their name( -Bubb is Bubb07). Rhodenbank civilians are welcome to create alerts to notify the RCDC and encouraged to use the same protocols.

  • KRFR News with RED! A weekly-biweekly (depending on recent events) news program hosted by Red Hawk One. This broadcast deals with various subjects, from PK'er sightings to zombie counts to simple PSAs to help spread basic strategy throughout the town.