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Clock.png Historical Group
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history.

Red-eye Republic
Abbreviation: R-eR
Group Numbers: Rumoured to be between 25 and 50, with a large following of feral shamblers
Leadership: Blaze, Sephiroth
Goals: Total Malton domination
Recruitment Policy: Open to all who shamble
Contact: This Alliance Forum thread

Historical Significance Section

The Red-eye Republic is a zombie group currently operating in, but not limited to, northeast Malton. Founded by Blaze in mid-August 2005, the group lives for brains, brains and more brains. The group has been steadily growing ever since its start and is now well capable of sustained sieges, organising quick 'Bite and Run' raids and just generally operating in an ordered shambling fashion. When not prying open safehouses and feasting on the fresh meat inside, members can be found chilling-out in the all the hip social spots in Malton.

All members of the Red-eye Republic are highly professional brain eaters, and take their job very seriously. Humans should be assured that when their safehouse is broken into by RER zombies they will be dead within the hour. Humans are also reminded that should they wish to ensure a tidy death for themselves, they should remain in place whilst the attack occurs.


Tired of shambling aimlessly? Not enough meat on the streets, and bored of clawing mindlessly at barricades? Good news! The Red-eye Republic is actively recruiting among the hordes. To find out more make contact with your local R-eR representative today! No particular skills needed, and all levels welcome.

November news

THE RED-EYE AT CAIGER MALL - November 24th, 2005

The Red-eye Republic has been drawn by the smell of blood to Caiger Mall. The horde "laying siege" to the mall now numbers over a thousand. Nearby residents have fled the scene in fear of their very lives. One member of the Caiger Mall Survivors was quoted as saying "Red-eye Republic? We've got your barhah right here."


There have been reports of a recent attack by the Red-eye Republic on Herbert Road Police Department in North Blythville. Citizens of the suburb report that the zombies are still out in force around the PD. A nearby resident said the zombies began to arrive on the hour and that the screams started to stop as soon as half an hour later. Individuals wishing to aid those inside the PD have been advised not to make any move as previous survivors attempting the same thing have not returned. It is thought that as many as 15 survivors may be dead, but with the group showing no signs of moving for the meantime this count may rise further soon.


Bidgood Way PD, situated in the heart of Brooksville and once home to many survivors, was the scene of death and defilement today after a group of red-eyed menaces burst through the building's barricades and started destroying all forms of life within. In an act of bravery (or foolhardiness) some of the PD's occupants chose to fight in an effort to hold onto their stronghold, but their resistance only served to swell the numbers of their foe and the building was in the possession of the undead before long.

FURTHER BROOKSVILLE NEWS - November 10th, 2005

It is also believed that Bidgood Way is not the first Police Department in the suburb to suffer from such an attack. The Red-eye Republic is rumoured to have also been responsible for a string of other well organised assaults in the Brooksville area. Top scientists in the field of advanced undead communications and social strucures believe this to be a sign of a greater intelligence to the roaming mobs than was before suspected. Other buildings that are believed to have been hit in the suburb include Dore Street Police Dept and Matthias General Hospital.

Older news


Spurdell Walk Police Department, previously a well defended safehouse and evacuation zone in Havercroft, is now ground zero of yet another recent horrific assault by the collective of zombies now known as the Red-eye Republic. (Their name seems to be due to the spraypainted warnings and respective insignia that often mark their path of destruction. If there is a prophet who moves ahead of them, or if they are somehow drawn to this sign is yet to be known.)

The battle hardened militants and ex-cops within refused to fall without a fight, leading to a constant battle that lasted well over a week total. Almost daily the barricades fell, allowing a small number survivors within to be either devoured or injured (many of these infected) by the undead each time, before the defenders forced them back and hastily reapplied their boarding. Toward the end, our eye witness (who fled the scene and now refuses to be named) states that they were "throwing everything they could find" into the entry ways to try and stem the constant tide of zombie attackers.

The brave warriors were unfortunately taken by surprise, fatigue weighing them down and their weapons were nigh empty. In the final bloody battle alone all but nine survivors were killed or fled. (that means two thirds are either dead or MIA.) The exact death toll of survivors is unknown, but the last count reached by our unnamed eye witness was 16 [final estimate: 20]. With this being the final wave alone, it's estimated that the total death toll could easily double that number. All we can do is pray for those poor souls who still stand behind and hope they can evacuate this death trap before they too join the ranks of the red-eyed menace.


A recent addition to the frightened citizens of Richmond Hills has reported another attack by a 'large mob' of zombies. Shelley Holden, 31, had been residing in the Ephrem General Hospital in Havercroft when zombies struck. "It was horrible!" Shelley, worker at the local factory, cried. "I couldn't do anything but watch as the barricades came down." Within minutes of the horde's entrance all the humans taking refuge in the hospital's dank wards were clutching their limbs and complaining of a fever. "Some of them were beginning to turn green." Shelley said. "One of the doctors managed to heal some, but the things just came back in and bit us again." The attack continued into the early hours of the morning, with the death toll rising as the undead stood up again and again to continue their assault. A full count of the number of dead can only be guessed at. Shelley managed to escape the ravaged suburb with only a minor wound to her arm. "I feel so lucky," she sobbed into a nearby survivor's arms "It was horrible."


October 14th saw Martha General Hospital, a reliable and well manned safehouse, overrun by zombies. This assualt, launched as the light began to die, took survivors completely unawares and is thought to have involved some of the fiercest fighting seen in the suburb of Havercroft yet. Panic reigned when, after the doors had been thrown open, leaders and securers of the safehouse became the first set of bodies to litter the floor. Still weak from an attack a few days before survivors were unprepared to hold off another assualt and made easy targets for the flesh-hungry creatures that stumbled in. A brief moment of hope for the humans was won when a heroic doctor (whose name we sadly do not know, but whom may safely be referred to as Dr Dead-Now) produced medical supplies and began to stich up his comrades. However, this left the survivors' backs open to attack and it was not long before the only creatures standing in the building were those with rotten flesh.


The survivors from the siege on the PD have scrambled to any nearby public aid buildings they could find. Most of them retreated to the hospital, where they hoped to be cured of their infections.. They didn't stop to think, zombies will follow you wherever you go. For the last week, the hospital has been under constant attack by an undead group numbering between fifteen and thirty. It is suspected to be the RER, the same group confirmed to have attacked the precinct the week before, as they seem to be lead by the same handful of ghouls. Are zombies capable of intelligent thought, or is this just another coincidence?


It was on this dreadful night that the Carle Street Police Department [in Richmond Hills] fell under siege by the ever growing zombie war machine known as the RER. They received crippling blows to their defenses daily after the 'first wave' (as survivors now call it) took down their barricades entirely and cost them several lives. After a week, their death tolls rising past two dozen, the few who remained gave up their futile effort and escaped with their lives.