The Ridleybank Revivification Front

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The Ridleybank Revivification Front are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 13:29, 16 July 2010 (BST) Not Inactive?

Ridleybank Revivification Front
Abbreviation: RRF
Group Numbers: 730
Leadership: General Petrosjko
Goals: To reclaim Ridleybank for Survivors everywhere
Recruitment Policy: Sign up at
Contact: and We also maintain an irc presence on, channel #rrf.

Now that April First is over, we have an important anouncement to make. April's Fool! Yes, it was a joke. If you're looking for the RRF main page, click here.

In response to recent changes to the Necrotech Syringe system, Petrosjko, ex-leader of the now defunct Ridleybank Resistance Front, made the following declaration:

Well, after a short bit of analysis, we've come to the conclusion that yes, survivors are truly getting the short end after the recent revive nerf.
As the RRF players have always preferred playing the underdog, after due consideration, we have decided to convert en masse to a survivor group.
This will be a long, difficult, and perilous transition. The fact that so many of us are rotters will make life even more delicate and fragile. But we signed on for a challenge, and never let it be said that we don't pick up the gauntlet that has been thrown down.'
LONG LIVE HUMANITY! - General Petrosjko - Leader of the Ridleybank Revivification Front


All Ex-Ridleybank Resistance Front members are requested to report to their nearest revivification centre, for immediate re-deployment.

Practical Issues

Reviving over 700 zombies will not be an easy task, so all RRF members are asked to contact their commanding officer, in order to arrange re-deployment. While it is too early to confirm, we are expecting reinforcements from several high-profile survivor groups, who are to help with the mass-revival.

Revivification Centres

  • Note, this list is constantly being updated, as new Revivification Centres are confirmed
  1. The Angerstein Building [63, 89]
  2. The Blackmore Building [55, 47]
  3. The Latrobe Building [21, 28]
  • NOTE: Any members with Brainrot, or who are more than a days AP away from a current revive point are strongly recommended to contact a group elder for further directions.

Known Objectives

Current Objectives and Operations

General Petrosjko has made the objectives of the RRF clear, to make Malton a safer place for all of humanity. As many members are currently in East Grayside (where the Old RRF fought it's last battle), initial objectives are as follows:

  • Secure East Grayside for humanity
  • Revive ALL zombies in the suburb

Current Alliances

Generals Petrosjko and Melanie Booth are pleased to announce a formal alliance of the Ridleybank Revivification Front with the long-standing Emerald Guard, known for their undying loyalty to humanity and revivification strategies. By forging the noble efforts of these two groups, we hope to send a message of unity and peace to all players. The merging of these two groups is indeed historic, because doing so has created the largest network of revive clinics in the game, ensuring that all players in need of assistance will receive it in a timely fashion, and from people who genuinely care.

- The Special Tactics and Rescue Squad would like to request an allience, we hope you enjoy your stay in East Grayside!

Future Operations


Once the Grayside objectives have been met, it is currently expected that Petrosjko will announce the start of operation: TAKE BACK RIDLEYBANK!!!. This will be a multi-tier operation. Current mission outline is believed to be as follows:

  • A return to Tollyton to rebuild the shattered suburb, and the re-stocking of ammunition and medical aid in Woodroffe Mall
  • Securing Fort Creedy, and the eviction of a zombies in the area
  • Detour to Giddings Mall for the re-stocking of ammunition and medical aid.
  • The creation of an Advance-Outpost in the suburb or Pimbank
  • Re-stocking of ammunition and medical aid in Tynte Mall
  • The start of mission: Security Alpha- a joint mission, enacted by several of the RRF's elite special forces units - operating out of Pimbank, they will steal into Ridleybank and secure every building with a barricade level no lower than Very Strongly +2 - in accordance with the new, Ridleybank Barricade Strategy.
  • The RRF moves troops into Ridleybank in force - evicting the undead menace, and providing much needed relief to the entrenched survivors.
Image: The Preliminary Ridleybank Barricade Plan
Preliminary Barricade Plan