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This group/page is now defunct, for the rebooted STARS group go here. --Meinstorm 09:09, 1 December 2012 (UTC)

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Special Tactics and Rescue Service
Abbreviation: STARS
Group Numbers: Last counts indicated 23 (Via Stats Page), 29 (Via Forum Roll Call)
Leadership: Hakimaru and Sillychilly
Goals: Assisting and rescuing survivors, securing locations, and running recon in zombie infested areas.
Recruitment Policy: Join us here at our Website.
Contact: Contact through Website or through any of the members in-game.

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The Special Tactics and Rescue Service are successors of The Special Tactics and Rescue Squad (Please, try not to get mixed up between the two groups). Led by Hakimaru and Sillychilly, they are currently protecting East Grayside in the place of the old STARS.

STARS - A Brief History

The New STARS was formed from the ashes of the old Special Tactics and Rescue Service. The group really didn't have any history. That's why this bit is brief.

STARS - A Longer History

The New STARS was formed from the ashes of the old Special Tactics and Rescue Squad under Supreme Commander Serge. The group quickly re-established itself under the leadership of John Killah (the cop), re-grouped, and became the most powerful survivor group within East Grayside. When John Killah retired, leadership was given to Dan (Hakimaru). It soon became evident that STARS had done its job too well; zombies, aside from a few random ferals, were no longer a threat to East Grayside with the exception of any Big Bash event that might come around (which didn't occur). Attempts were made by the group to send expeditionary forces to aid surrounding suburbs, but proved to be ineffective. Inactivity rose from this boredom, and recruitment fell off gradually. Thus, STARS's track record is bittersweet. It had accomplished all of its goals, but because of that, fell into decline.

STARS veterans still wander Malton. For any groups wishing for a "résumé" of sorts for recruiting any, this information is intended to aid any group-less STARS veterans who want to join a group.

PRE REFORM -- All STARS recruits who joined prior to the reform endured a basic training course to best fit their role. They were put into a "Hellhound" cell which trained them in FIREARMS COMBAT, FIRST AID, AND CONSTRUCTION. Once this course was completed, they were transferred to a "Cerberus" cell to hone these new skills. After inspection by their squad leader, these forged recruits graduated under the new title of 2nd Lieutenant. Graduates were assigned to the main forces, or to the Hunter-Killer spec ops unit. Any other skills not covered by their squad leaders (such as melee combat or science) could be spent of their own accord.

Main Forces responsibilities were to maintain the suburb's barricades, kill any zombies in and around the suburb, and maintain revive points. They were also called upon for combat around the Wray Heights, Scarletwood, and Kempsterbank areas. Further service resulted in promotions to 1st Lieutenant; these NCO's helped command members alongside their leaders. Further service resulted in the first batch of STARS Captains (Jill Valentine13, James Madley, and STARS Brute). They are excellent and honed for DEFENSIVE-COMBAT.

Hunter Killers were SPEC OPS; what more can you say? Their records were deleted after the reform, but they were only accepted into this group for good service concerning good intuition, among other unknown standards.

POST REFORM -- After the reform, STARS needed to quickly get back on its feet. Basic training was done away with, and recruits were tossed straight into the fire. They were forced to QUICKLY DEVELOP THEIR OWN SKILLS AND TO BE ADAPTIVE to their situation in East Grayside. Recruits who gave good service, or who had been a previous member from before the reform, were given a promotion to 2nd Lieutenant. Captains retained their former status, with one being promoted to Major (STARS Brute).

If you have any questions concerning the legitimacy of any of your own prospective recruits claiming to be a STARS veteran, or if you have questions concerning when your STARS veteran served, please refer to STARS Brute in-game, or any other known active former STARS veteran Commanders.

THIRD INCARNATION -- STARS is currently entering its third incarnation as a Pro-survivor group. The decision to reform STARS was made by Sillychilly, who enlisted the help of Malton City veteran, Hakimaru. Hakimaru's extensive combat training, and the ability to make calm decisions in the face of danger, prompted Sillychilly to request his assistance.

Current Operations

  • Primary Priority - Recruitment. Applications are now being taken.

Group Updates

13th December 2008: The new Wiki is up! - Go Us!--The Cop 20:38, 13 December 2008 (UTC)

14th December 2008: Open to the public baby! - --The Cop 18:34, 14 December 2008 (UTC)

30th December 2008: STARS is beginning it's new operations in East Grayside - --The Cop 00:50, 30 December 2008 (UTC)

31st December 2008: STARS has worked out a tagging pact with the SOS Brigade concerning East Grayside - --The Cop 17:51, 31 December 2008 (UTC)

4th January 2009: Major wiki page changes - --Kewabara1 22:49, 4 January 2009 (UTC)

14th January 2009: STARS is back - On the Stats Page. Go us! - --The Cop 22:32, 14 January 2009 (UTC)

10th Feburary 2009: STARS recently passed the Intelligence Agency Act, creating the new SID - STARS Intelligence Division. --The Cop 22:49, 10 February 2009 (UTC)

25th February 2009: Due to the recent Amendments on the Intelligence Agency Act, The STARS Board of Commanders has been slightly tweaked. --The Cop 01:14, 25 February 2009 (UTC)

8th March 2009: As of the 8th of March 2009, The Special Tactics and Rescue Service has officially declared war on the murderous group of pH. May god be with all in Wray Heights. STARS Defcon Level reaches Level 1 for first time. --The Cop 00:49, 9 March 2009 (UTC)

22nd March 2009: With the war on PH waning slightly because of the MOB, STARS Defcon Level was revised to 2. STARS is currently returning to normal operations in East Grayside. --The Cop 23:54, 22 March 2009 (UTC)

3rd May 2009: Things have been quiet lately while STARS Reorganises itself with the end of the meager 2nd PH War. STARS is currently recommiting itself to returning the infrastructure of East Grayside to fully operational. --The Cop 14:50, 3 May 2009 (BST)

2nd June 2009: In a new break from old STARS's tradition, The Medals have now been replaced with Ribbons. While they may have been changed, the criteria hasn't. Two new Ribbons have been introduced as well. Also, STARS recently passed the Intelligence Clearence Act, listing the different levels of clearence within STARS. It is of note that SID (STARS Intelligence Division) has assigned all Members of the General Population Level 1 Clearence to all Public Sectors of the Group Forum. --The Cop 00:51, 2 June 2009 (BST)

18th June 2009: Congratulations to Rebecca Chambers, who has become the Commander of the newly created DoTS (See full name below under BoC Members), and also becoming a Board of Commanders Member. She has been awarded the Commanders Ribbon! She is tasked with keeping STARS's interests safe. --The Cop 00:45, 18 June 2009 (BST)

17th July 2009: STARS is currently undergoing Activity Tests and Embassy Assessments. All active Members and Allies of STARS, please refer to the sent e-mails for information.--The Cop 03:36, 17 July 2009 (BST)

4th August 2009: STARS Wiki Page has undergone an update ---The Cop 21:34, 4 August 2009 (BST)

8th September 2009: As of this day, I have stepped down and handed power over to my successor - Ichigo, congratulations man! ---The Cop 00:09, 9 September 2009 (BST)

8th November 2009: A wiki update has been done. -STARS Brute

25th January 2010: Another Wiki update. -STARS Brute

23rd June 2010: Updating the wiki on STARS's demise. The group, after a long period of inactivity, is now considered dead. Historical status is now pending. STARS veterans are encouraged to join one of their former allies' groups (TF141 has taken an interest). Good luck out there, and wear your badge proudly. -STARS Brute.

Recent Battles

The Second PH War
Sides: PH Vs STARS
Commanders: Unknown and Ex-SCIC John Killah/SCIC Ichigo
Strength: Unknown (Numbers can be skewed due to Zerging) and Roughly 25
Casualities: Unknown and 14 - Unofficial
Victor: Stalemate. Mostly skirmishes with no large amounts of casualties.
Background: The War started on 8th March 2009 when PH launched a small offensive on STARS. As one of the few members who was around for the First PH War and suffered from the attacks, Ex-Supreme Commander in Cheif John Killah readied his group, highered the Defcon Level to 1 and declared war on PH. Unlike the First PH War, there was no major skirmishes, and instead the war is confined to minor hit-and-run attacks from both sides. Recently, PH had increased attacks on an ally and as such, it is thought the war would have escalated.


STARS Nuke.jpg
STARS has been operating in East Grayside for over 3 years now, as both the Squad and Service Titles. In those 3 years, it has had 3 seperate Headquarters - The Zwanenburg Museum (Temporary HQ for the PH War. Abandonded after the Massacre), The Wensleydale Building (Abandonded after PHerez strikes 4 times in 2 days) and finally, the current HQ, Cousins Tower. However, The New STARS has decided that it's HQ shouldn't be confined to one square, and has since claimed an addition 5 squares as part of it's HQ Area. This forms what looks like a nuke on the map.

  • 1 - STARS GHQ (Thats General HeadQuarters for you who don't know): Cousins Towers - Cousins Tower's main job is the be the epicenter of the planning of the group. Most members will be there when they are to report in on a mission.
  • 2 - STARS Bar: The Thyer Arms - The Thyer Arms has been considered STARS Unofficial Bar for the past year or so, where people mainly went to get slaughtered after slaughtering. Upon the creation of the STARS HQ Area, The Thyer Arms was incorporated as the Official Bar for the group to drown their sorrows ... or just get drunk.
  • 3 - STARS Revive Point: Baynton Street - Even STARS members get killed, though that's mainly due to PKers when they sleep. So when they're dead, they shamble on over to this spot here, and they get revived by one of our many NecroTech trained people.
  • 4 - STARS HQ Area Entry Point: A Warehouse - That certain Warehouse has been providing STARS as an Entry Point into Cousins since Cousins was proclaimed as HQ a long time ago. Now, it retains that quality and name.
  • 5 - STARS Fuel and Spray Restock Point: Shackelton Auto Repair - STARS used this place a long time ago to refuel the generators or their spray cans. Now, it has been incorporated as part of the HQ Area.
  • 6 - STARS Secondary Entry Point and Mission Preparation Center: Grice Cresent Railway Station - STARS usually does all it's planning and preperation on it's forum. But lately, it has been seen that sometimes, it can be useful to speak in person to people. That's where this building comes in handy. After a mission is planned and authorized, this is the place most likely to be a the start point of a campaign. It also serves as a Secondary Entry Point to the HQ Area.

Also stated on the map are dots -

  • The Blue Dot: This dot represents that this building should be Extremely Heavily Barricaded at all times, no exceptions.
  • The Yellow Dot: This dot represents that this building should be powered by a Portable Generator at all times.
  • The Black Dot: This One Dot means that the specified building should have a radio transmitter in it for sending out broadcasts over the STARS Frequency.
  • The White Dot: This represents that the building has the option of being powered. Meaning it doesn't need to be powered, but it's always useful.
  • The Pink Dot: Finally, the pink dot represents that the building should be Very Strongly Barricaded, as per the Entry Points stated above.