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Riots are common in Malton in the face of coordinated zombie attacks, such as those performed by the Mall Tour and other large-scale groups.

The most notorious riots within the city limits broke out of control during the Summer of 2005, the time of the quarantine of the city. As the virus that creates a zombie grew more wide-spread, people began to take advantage of the chaos by looting, fighting, and fleeing for their lives. These riots are part of the reason that many civilians remained trapped within the quarantine limits--attempts to evacuate were often confounded when terrified people to overtake military-loaned buses and helicopters. Much of the damage done to the various suburbs was done during this time. Fires were common and several terrorist bombing attacks were reported as having taken place during the same time frame.

Today, riots typically consist of survivor groups fighting over defending a building (or set of buildings, or suburb) or fleeing the area temporarily until the zombie threat has passed. Due to the lack of proper law enforcement and easy access to weapons, not to mention the lack of true death to survivors infected with the virus, these conflicts often continue with a lot of bloodshed.

-- Dray 16:29, 19 March 2007 (UTC)