Rolt Heights Vigilante Patrol/Operations

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General Group Dynamics

  • Senior members are expected to provide advice for new members when addressed directly.
  • Aside from the stated authorities of Maria, Cervecero, or Senior Members, every decision made within the group is agreed upon or thrown away through discussion at the RHVP Group Forum - obviously, active discussion is usually impossible, but opinions need to be expressed. However, as long as members do not violate the rules of the group, a member may choose to take action other than what was agreed upon by the general consensus, as long as it does not cause harm to the group or its reputation.
  • ZKers wishing to remain zombies are welcome to patrol outside after being granted membership and building a contact list. This prevents accidental infighting between ZKers and RHVP members waiting for a revivification.
  • Members wishing to leave our group are to be left in contacts. Even if you are no longer with us, you always have us as allies.

Membership Requirements

Required Skills & Gear:

Free Running: The Free Running military skill is a requirement for members in order to enter our HQ at Ayliffe Street Police Department, as the barricades are maintained at Extremely Heavily. Also routes through Rolt Heights often require members to be able to move between building to building.

Mobile Phones: This item allows for anonymous and silent passage of intel between RHVP members. If a suspected zombie spy/PKer/GKer/RKer is at your current location, and you don't want to be attacked by them when telling another member of RHVP whilst in the same room with the suspect, use a mobile text to communicate.

GPS Unit: This item makes navigation and giving directions much easier. These are essential to assist with coordinating the efforts of new members.

In addition to these basic requirements, the Rolt Heights Vigilante Patrol also advises every member to keep a full contact list of RHVP members and allies. As well as providing ease of identification, a contact list allows those with NecroTech Employment skills to recognize and revive friendly zombies immediately without identification via a DNA scan. It is also advised that all members train in the skills listed below to improve survival chances should the unexpected happen.

Recommended Skills:

  • Firearms Proficiency
  • Melee Combat Proficiency
  • Barricading Competence
  • Laboratory Experience

Criminal Record?

If you have a history of PKing/GKing/RKing/TKing and still wish to join our group, you will be required to acknowledge this fact when asking for membership. You will be required to make a public broadcast on 28.01 MHz renouncing your former ways. At least one senior RHVP member must be present to verify your actions. You are not required to provide your coordinates, as some grudge-holders may seek you out. You will also be required to make a vow under witness from the RHVP leadership to never commit any further crimes without just cause. Breaking this vow is grounds for immediate and permanent expulsion from the group.

You will not be held accountable for any of the above crimes when ordered to do so by a senior member of RHVP. Several examples are executing known PKers, destroying generators to knock out power and decrease attention from zombies during a suburb siege, etc.

Advancing to Senior Rank

Requirements: If you wish to become a senior member, you must gain the approval of Maria or Cervecero. You must also be a member for at least three months. Seniority is not a reflection of your level, but rather your ability to think and act in a sensible manner. Therefore even a level one member can gain seniority with the proper approval.

Termination: Maria Lombardi or Cervecero can revoke seniority. This may be overridden by at least two appeals from other senior members. Senior members of RHVP also reserve the right to pull or suspend membership for any reason, granted that they state the reason to the affected party.