Ross Ice Shelf Horde

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Ross Ice Shelf Horde
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Abbreviation: RISH
Group Numbers: 5
Leadership: Jaida Ross
Goals: Bank Robbery and Fun
Recruitment Policy: Any human, zombie, or zombie penguin!
Contact: forum

RISH 25px logo.pngWelcome to the Ross Ice Shelf Horde!RISH 25px logo.png

"Doubtlessly one of the craziest and most fun zombie-PKer alliances."

The Ross Ice Shelf Horde is like a family consisting of PKers and zombie penguins... Whatever that means! We're friendly, snuggly, slightly crazy people in general with an interest in roleplaying and writing. When we kill someone, it's nothing personal. Chances are that it's because they took our canned fish and icecream or slept in one of our banks. We're either hungry or we do it for the money. We don't go on griefer campaigns and we don't shout profanities... Although, we do enjoy playing tag with bounty hunters if they kill us.

RISH 25px logo.pngSo what... you're PKers? Or Zombies? I am confused...RISH 25px logo.png

PKers certainly! And zombies... we're a mixed bunch, but we share the same goals. Namely, causing a bit of chaos and a lot of fun as we rob banks, led by our glorious leader Jaida Ross. We PK those inside banks and loot the vaults, or simply feed the corpses to our cute, snuggly zombie penguin minions... a minion that could very easily be you!

The Leaders of the Ross Ice Shelf

Supreme Overlady: Jaida Ross
Recruitment General: General von Krill
Wiki War Engineer and Propaganda Artist: Lieutenant Tux
Liaison Officer: Echo Lead

RISH 25px logo.pngOrigins of a HordeRISH 25px logo.png

In the beginning, there was ice. White crystals as far as the eye could see, still, unmoving, timeless.
Then one day, upon the ice did the penguins walk. They fished in the freezing waters, growing stronger, their number swelling. Soon there was a vast army of penguins marching across the frozen wasteland. No fish could stand in their way. Life was good for the penguins of the Ross Ice Shelf.
Then did the humans come. They came in wooden ships, braving the vast ocean that had protected these lost lands for so many a year. Though it took centuries, eventually they did set foot on the ice. But the penguins saw them coming. They had watched the advance of mankind with great fear and interest ever since the apes had struck two sticks together to make fire, talking amongst themselves. They had seen what the humans had done to other lands. How they had destroyed all in their way. In the great ice castle, Osmenthi, the penguin council made plans. And so, when the humans reached the ice shelf, the penguins stood ready.
A vast army of penguin soldiers, flippers sharp and battle-hardened from their many fights with the Great Narwhal Nation (now extinct in the Antarctic, driven away by the penguin empire), faced the human explorers. Savagely, and with no mercy, they destroyed the humans, and sank their boats. The human race, however, made up in numbers what it lacked in pure strength. More and more humans came, each expedition stronger than the last. The penguins prevailed, winning every battle against the forces of man, but at ever increasing cost.
It was when the human explorer, who would later come to be known as Scott of the Antarctic, came to the ice-lands, backed by a two-leg army much larger than any the penguins had faced before, that the council of penguins decided upon a course of action that would change penguin history forever. Penguin scientists for decades had worked on and refined a special serum; they called it the final defence of the penguin realm. The serum held the key to life itself. Or rather, death. The final defence of the penguin real was quickly spread throughout the armies of the penguins, and then they stood ready to face Scott and his human soldiers.
The battle was quick and bloody. With their rifles, the humans cut down many penguins. But to their horror, they discovered the true power of the final defence. Blood spilt and bodies broken, the penguins rose from death, having become more than simply penguins. They were now zombie penguins. The human armies, no matter how many times they shot and brought down a penguin, were powerless to stop the advance. The zombie penguins simply stood back up and continued to fight until their bodies were literally torn to shreds. Broken and defeated, Scott surrendered to the penguins, and was imprisoned deep below Osmenthi, in a cell made of solid ice. The penguins had won the battle, but in doing so, they had unwittingly brought about something much more terrible.
In the years that followed, more and more humans came to the Ice Shelf. The zombie penguins fought hard, killing thousands of the invaders, but despite their best efforts there were survivors. Word got out, and in the human year of 2005, the united forces of the human race launched a surprise attack, using metal planes and helicopters to attack the penguins from above. Osmenthi fell, reduced to dust by the relentless bombardment, and so it was the empire of the penguins finally fell.
The surviving penguins either fled into the ice, leaderless and scared, or were captured by the humans. It just so happened that several zombie penguins were amongst those captured. Their destination? A zoo in a small city in England, known to the humans as Malton.

RISH 25px logo.pngJoin Today!RISH 25px logo.png

It's really quite simple! Whether you are a long-time PKer, career zombie, or perhaps even a newly hatched zombie penguin, we welcome you with open arms (flippers). Just head on over to the forum and follow on from there!

Join the Ross Ice Shelf: we have Fish Fridays!

Want a free tux? Join the Ross Ice Shelf Horde!

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This user just loves to snuggle their zombie penguin friend.

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