Screech Lane Police Department

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Screech Lane Police Department
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Screech Lane Police Department

Wyke Hills [53, 97]

wasteland St. Celestine's Church a carpark
Homan Drive Screech Lane Police Department a cemetery
St. Emelia's Church The Lodder Building Cheesman Bank

Basic Info:

  • Police Stations can be barricaded normally.


An old, historical building with thick concrete walls and barred windows.


The Screech Lane Police Department was built in 1913, to counter the extremely high crime rates after the Great Fire of 1912. It was mostly unsuccessful in stopping the hoodies and drug dealers that had taken up place on Screech Lane, and was almost turned into a museum in 1922. In 1984, however, it found use when a gang war broke out in Wyke Hills.

Barricade Policy

Generally thought of as a good place for the walking dead to get a quick snack, this sometimes entry building is usually kept barricaded at VS but is oftentimes barricaded to a higher level. Survivors without free running should seek entrance in either St. Emelia's Church or Julie General Hospital, a few blocks to the west.