Wasteland 52,96

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Wyke Hills [52,96]

the Hetherington Monument the Huddy Museum Broadbery Lane
a warehouse wasteland St. Celestine's Church
a carpark Homan Drive Screech Lane Police Dept

Basic Info:

  • A wasteland is an empty city block, not even containing streets.
  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.



During the first few days of the quarantine of Malton, when the border was still being drawn out and the patrols were still sporadic, certain animal rights activists continued to evacuate the City Zoo, despite the growing military presence. They loaded all the snakes from the Reptile House onto a passenger plane they had flown in the day before, and took off for a landing strip South of Malton. While flying over West Greyside they came under fire from a military anti-aircraft turret. Because there was only one turret, and it was rather far away, the immediate effect was nothing but turbulence. However, it shook the snake cages hard enough that many broke or opened, releasing them into the plane's cargo hold, from which they spread throughout the ventilation and circuitry. Soon, a viper caused a circuit to short out, and the pilot, still unaware that the snakes were loose, went down to investigate. Shortly after [[repairing the damage, he was bitten by the agitated snake, and quickly died of a heart attack. His copilot noticed his death but not it's cause, and continued flying. Unfortunately, the snakes were so far spread that they began to come out of the controls, and despite his best efforts to create a barrier between himself and the snakes, he was killed by a variety of small, poisonous snakes.

At about the same time the plane was left unpiloted, a shell from the turret finally hit the side of the plane. The plane decompressed, spewing out snakes all throughout Western Wyke Hills before it eventually crashed here, causing a small fire that burned down a police station that was under construction. The local fire team quickly responded and extinguished the blaze, but not before the very building that housed the turret suddenly exploded. Ironically, by causing the fire, the pilots delayed assistance to their assailants, getting some level of revenge, albeit posthumously.

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