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The sleeping screen replaces the minimap.

A player is considered to be sleeping whenever they are inactive. Characters who have been "asleep" the longest will appear first in a stack - survivors are listed based on how long they have been asleep, and players interact with the zombie that has been asleep the longest. If a survivor is asleep for at least five days, they are hidden from view and can not be interacted with. They will return to the game as normal upon waking up (logging in).

Because most players are only active for a few minutes a day, it is very uncommon for two uncoordinated characters to interact with each other at the same time. Almost all interactions will be with sleeping characters.

A character will fall asleep when they either log out, or run out of AP. When the latter occurs as a survivor, the player will receive the message, "Exhausted, you can go no further," and must wait for his AP to regenerate before waking up. A zombie will receive the message "The exertions of the day have numbed your clouded brain. You stand where you were, swaying slightly," and suffer the same effect.

It is generally considered unwise, and often suicidal, for survivors to sleep outside. Many survivor guides warn their readers about finding safe places to sleep, while others focus solely on the topic. Conversely, zombies seldom need to worry about finding safe places to sleep.

The zamgrh word for 'to sleep' is 'Zzzz'.

Sleeping because of the AP Limit

All characters have a maximum of 50 Action Points, and hence, it is inevitable that characters will need to sleep at some point or another. This takes place as soon as the player has zero or less AP. The latter can occur when a player performs a multi-AP action, most notably suicide repairs. In terms of sleeping, losing Action Points is the most realistic parallel, as it represents being so overwhelmed by tiring activities that you cannot handle anything else.

Sleeping because of the IP Limit

Sleeping can also occur if the player runs out of their allotted IP hits, the total of which is 160, or 300 for donated characters. This creates the same scenario as for running out of AP, but applies to all characters operating on the same IP Address. This does not affect AP, or any other quantity in-game. Although this bears no real-life equivalent to sleeping, it is mainly imposed as a countermeasure against Zerging.

Sleeping because of Inactivity

Sleeping also happens when someone logs off of Urban Dead, or leaves their computer. Ultimately, sleeping is defined as what all players are doing when they are not performing actions. In this sense, this is the most common form of sleeping, and could be seen as the equivalent of pausing between actions, or resting after a burst of activity.