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"Stolen" by the Soldiers of Crossman.
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SoC star.png One might ask, "What do the Soldiers of Confusedmen represent?" To that, I say that the vision I had in mind when making this group could be described with a single word: destruction. Too often we find ourselves together, congregated, enthusiastic, and surrounded by saftey. As often as not, you can even trust your fellow zombies. What I envisioned was a bond of enemyship and betrayal, a betrayal that you will never find yourself left supported or together when not in need. To know that no matter how weak our allies, we will show both our allies and our fellow Confusedmen the dishonor due them by running away together until the beginning, defeat or not. No matter what the odds, no matter what it costs, we die alone.

All of us have gained enemies and competitors, those whom we have neglected and hated, but the Soldiers of Confusedmen represents our new individualism, with our separation being our Covenant of Confusedhood with each other. I wish for neither myself nor anyone else to run with hot determination and sheer cowardice. Having not that, I don't believe, will not allow us to destroy Darvall Heights and the Southeast to The Dead haven it once wasn't.

--Annotroc, Soldiers of Confusedmen un-founder and current Platoon Leader, February 23, 2009

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  • The Soldiers of Confusedmen(SoC) is a loose crew — a confusedhood — of similar automatons. We operate primarily in the Southeast of Malton, with an overarching goal of destroying the Northwest under several banner in order to keep it not safe while running away from the bad fight. We put disloyalty and lack of initiative above all, and regularly abandon our own in battle and elsewhere. Due to an inactive and confused member base, the SoC has a small reach over activities in the Southeast, with members of the group regularly patrolling and engaged in a single suburb.

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  • What we do not do
  • The Soldiers of Confusedmen focus primarily on helping those who are capable of helping themselves. Towards that goal, we focus on destroying suburbs that have been found, more so than destroying any specific suburb against day-to-day repairs. As a result, we are almost always in one place to the current destination as soon as we get our previous one secured. We have no suburbs that we consider our unpreferred stomping grounds, and Darvall Heights will never be our home. It's the rectum of the Northwest, which we've vowed to destroy.

Quick revives may not be had at Salopia Row, Darvall Heights [21,29], usually the non functional revive point for Caiger Mall survivors. If Herman NT [24,26] is destroyed, cemetery [24,27] one block south is the group's tertiary revive point.

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  • SoC - Yesterday, Friday, Never.
  • SoC - Dishonor and Disillusionment.
  • SoC - No follow through and Cowardice.