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This page is for the storage of Suggestions that have failed Peer Review and have been considered Poor and Unworthy Suggestions. This is not the place to put new Suggestions. The Suggestions Page is the queue for new Suggestions to be voted on and suggested. Any Suggestions that have not been voted on will be removed from this page.

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Peer Rejected Suggestions

1st January 2006

New Skill: Terror

Timestamp: 16:25, 1 Jan 2006 (EST)
Type: New Skill
Scope: Zombies
Description: Terror (A successfully landed attack has a 1% chance to let the zombie choose if the victim flees in terror. If they do, the victim runs 1 block in a random direction. Fleeing does not use any AP. If the fleeing victim is inside a building that is too heavily barricaded for them to leave they don't, otherwise they flee out the doors and to a random block in any direction.)
Left Queue: 09:11, 2 Jan 2006 (GMT)

thinking improvement

Timestamp: 07:13, 1 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill, improvement
Scope: zombies
Description: Ok, I will do it the more simple that I can. Put an icon for the zombie similar to the searching button. I don't really know how we can call this button, just call it thinking button for now. When you click on it, you have some probabilities to discover for example some words, how to interact with your environement etc. This button will act the same way like the search button for the survivor, you have some probalities to discover something, it's not sure what or if you will discover something.

sorry for my grammar, I am not a native english, I am a french canadian. I seriously think to delete this prejection and to see the main concept with someone who will be able to help me to develop this idea. and no, I am not a kid, I have 21 year old and I study in computer tech and i have trouble with my english grammar but usualy people are able to understand what I have to said. anyway, I will be agree if someone would like to edit or change anything he want in my idea, its just a concept, change it if you want, I just think it would be nice to add an new action for zombie.

Left Queue: 07:04, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Healing (exp) Tweak

Timestamp: 09:45, 1 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill-change-improvement,
Scope: Survivors
Description: Proposal: Tweak the exp gained from healing so that it (the exp gain) is directly proportional to the health points healed on a 1:1 ratio.

Sidenote edit: 1:1 ratio (exp gain) only takes effect if more than 5 hit points are healed. This means if say 4 hit points are healed then 5 exp is still obtained - this is so that the cost of finding and using the first aid kit is compensated for and not wasted.

Ramifications: Will give incentive for players to choose doctor, medic etc as their starting class by making it viable to play a healing character that levels through healing others. Will also give a fair edge to those who used the points to get the first aid kit and surgery skills by changing it so that having the FAK and surgery skills are no longer counter productive to gaining exp.

---Daednabru 09:46, 1 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Left Queue: 07:04, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Progressive Skill

Timestamp: 19:19 1 Jan 06
Type: Skill
Scope: Zeds And Humans
Description: This is a new skill that can be purcahsed by both human and zed. And will fall under mic. for humans

Basicly when you have bought this skill whever you attack Anybody with Any weapon The more times you attack the more hit percentage will go up by 1% for each time. For Ex. If you have 16 flare guns and you fire 15 at the SAME target your 16th attack will now have a 30% chance of hitting than 15%. But if you switch over to a different target in the middle your hit ratio will be reset

Note: Does not work on Barricades

So if you were a fireman with an axe that hits on 55% 10 attacks hit or miss later it's now 60% this is to prevent that horrible feeling that you went through a whole day's worth of ap to get praticly nothing

Left Queue: 07:04, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Better brain rotted zombies

Timestamp: Jorge 19:52, 1 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Improvement
Scope: Zombie Skills
Description: I think it would be better if the more powerful zombie skills (such as ankle grab, and some of the combat ones and maybe new ones?) would only be buyable if the zombie took 'Brain Rot'. This would stop people from maxing out their survivers, and being lethal as a zombie once they died. Players would have to make the choice between zombie or surviver, however there would be zombie skills that would be useful to zombies to balance them with surviver skills.
Left Queue: 07:04, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Wielding Weapons

Timestamp: 20:36, 1 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Balance Change
Scope: Survivors

Players should have to wield/equip weapons before being able to use them. Simple as that. My reasoning behind this is that currently a survivor player in a good location, when fully outfitted can potentially pull in 428XP per Attack Run (4 moves, 46 shotgun attacks = 368 damage + 6 kills), while a well setup zombie player can at best potentially pull in 210xpar (6 standup, 44 bites = 180 damage + 3 kills) now of course neither of these are realistic returns, for that we have to consider hit percentages which turns those numbers into these:

Survivor: 280 xpar (4 moves, 46 shotgun attacks = 240 damage(65% hit rate: 30 hits) + 4 kills)
Zombie: 76 xpar (standup6, 44 Claw = 66 damage(50% hit rate: 33 hits) + 1 kill)

My prejection if implemented would require that surviors be forced to equip/reequip weapons costing an AP in doing so, and while this may cause some rumblings among the survivors (of which I'm one) it changes these numbers quite signifigantly:

Shotgun equipped survivor (16 fully loaded shotguns 2 prequipped)
188xpar ( 4 moves, 14 reequips, 32 shotgun attacks = 168 damage (65% hit rate: 21hits) + 2 kills)
Pistol equipped survivor (8 fully loaded pistols 2 preequipped)
114 xpar (4 moves, 6 reequips, 40 attacks = 104 damage (65% hit rate: 26 hits) + 1 kill)

Now granted this is still far above the 76 xpar, but it comes with a high setup cost, as a survivor can set themselves up for both a pistol and shotgun run with roughly 3-4 days mall camping (114-152 turns roughly to reequip the 16 shotguns 8 pistols) while a Zed only needs find a good hunting ground

-Hannibel Kane

Left Queue: 07:04, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Lucid Dreaming/Cognative Thought

Timestamp: 12:55, 1 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: AP altering abilities
Scope: Both
Description: Under Scientific skills should be a "Lucid Dreaming" ability which would allow for 1 AP to be gained every 25 min, instead of 30 min. This would make it so that a person with 0 AP could be back up to 50 in about 21 hours, instead of 25. The zombie conterpart of this ability would be "cognative thought" and it would be under the "memories of life" section. This would increase a zombie's max AP to 65, allow it to do more before becoming unable to think.
Left Queue: 07:04, 27 April 2006 (BST)

New Skill: Tumorous Growth

Timestamp: 16:30, 1 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: New Skill
Scope: Zombies
Description: Tumorous Growth (Your zombie body is covered in tumors, causing all damage that would be done to you to be reduced by 1.)

Prerequesite: Brain Rot

Left Queue: 07:04, 27 April 2006 (BST)

2nd January 2006

Revivication Prequisite

Timestamp: 00:00, 2 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Zombies
Scope: Who or what it applies to
Description: The change from being a rotting corpse to a fully functioning human must not be very easy for the body to handle. This is why I believe a new skill should be added to zombie skills. This skill is required before they can be revived. Otherwise, the result of revivication will be similar to a zombie with brain rot. After a zombie with this skill is revived they lose the skill and must attain it again as a zombie. The reason I suggest that is that survivors, namely myself, have no fear of dying any more because they can go and get revived easily. This skill would require them to go and kill survivors, helping the zombie side, before they can just go ahead and become a survivor again.
Left Queue: 07:05, 27 April 2006 (BST)


Timestamp: 00:06, 2 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: Zombie stratagy
Description: What is more terrorizing than a dozen zombies? A maddened zombie on top of you! This attack would be normally selectable, but but the effects would be devastating. a zombie using this attacks (a sub skill of vigor mortis) has a 25% chance of knocking a target over, and a 15% chance of falling over each calculated separately. This attack would deal one point of damage, and would not cause instant death. While knocked over it costs 2 ap for a human to stand up and 5 for a zombie to stand up, a zombie with ankle grab reduces this cost to 1 ap, and no mater wether dead or alive, you can ‘’’not’’’ do ‘’’anything’’’ other than attack, or stand up. There would be many advantages to this attack causing devastating damage to humans: while a human is knocked over it can only attack with weapons that deal 2 damage or less, for zombies the limit is 3 damage attacks; using grapple again on a creature knocked over has a chance of doing 5 damage with a 20% chance to hit and caries infectious bite for zombies with the appropriate skill, but not digestion; . No bonus xp for knocking a person over is rewarded, and all numbers given are variable.
Left Queue: 07:05, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Grim Visage 2

Timestamp: 06:04, 2 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: Zombies
Description: Alright, I reworked this given voter concerns. Here goes nothing..

A player would need to purchase Brain Rot before they can buy this skill.

A player with this skill cannot be "recognized", even as a corpse. When a user buys this skill, any player who clicks to see their profile will only be able to see the zombie's skills and "This zombie has decayed beyond all recognition." in their description box. The name at the top of the profile would simply read: "An unrecognizable zombie." Zombie cannot be added to contacts list, because that would basically be useless.

With this skill, Zombies have no fear of being tracked or alerting surviviors to a threat because of their group affiliation. The zombie is so rotted and gore-covered that the survivor cannot tell how many times it has died, or how long it has been around.

All a survivor can tell is what skills it has.

The player who has Grim Visage would still be able to see and edit their own profile as normal while logged in.


  • This skill lets zombies hide from anyone who may have added them to their contact list in the past, or would wish to add them in the future.
  • This skill could never transfer to humans because it requires Brain Rot.
  • This skill lets hardcore Zombie players become "A Zombie".
  • Players will still be able to click the name ("A zombie") of a Grim Visage zombie, but will see a VERY basic profile of skills and a Grim Visage message.
  • Players who do a successful DNA extraction would see: "Genetic structure damaged beyond minimum standards due to degeneration." If taking away the ability to do a DNA Extraction seems wrong, keep in mind Brain Rot takes away the ability to revive completely. DNA Extraction would, as shown, tell you that this zombie has brain rot and Grim Visage.
  • Optionally, DNA-Scanning a Grim Visage zombie could give you a "Scanned Zombie" option in the attack drop-down. That way you can "recognize" the zombie you just tagged because it's right in front of you.
Left Queue: 07:05, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Timestamp: 06:17, 2 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Item
Scope: Survivors
Description: Found in Fire Stations, of course. This item takes up two item slots as a weapon would. When in a block with corpses piling up outside, a user with this item can click it in their inventory to "Hook it to a fire hydrant". At that point they have a new button that lets them clear the area of corpses by spraying them onto random surrounding blocks one by one. Takes 1 AP to set up and 1 AP per use, one corpse moved per use. This may seem silly or "Humorous" but think about it.. those things are infected with a virus, and hoses are used for crowd control all the time in real life. I hope this can be seen as a reasonably realistic way to clear your doorstep of future zombies. Chance of Griefing is very low because you are spending AP to hook up and move bodies one by one, and you won't know on which block the zombie you moved has been moved to. If you spray the next block over, the corpse may very well end up back where it started.

Hoses would be set up like generators for anyone to use, but can be destroyed as well.

These CANNOT be used inside buildings.

These CANNOT be used on a block without a building on it.

Hoses could of course be easy to destroy so that we do not end up with one massive Slip-N-Slide through the entire city.

Left Queue: 07:05, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Gas Burst

Timestamp: 12:09, 2 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: Zombies
Description: A zombie skill that enables the Zed to execute a move wherein the explosive gasses that bloat his abdominal cavity project his rotting flesh explosively outwards, striking multiple targets. The festering pus balls strike at 3 people in the survivor list, using the last-active queue used to display names. Each pus ball has an approximately 15-20% static chance to-hit for 4 (or 5, depending on balance issues) damage, and is non-infectious. Because this is a skill and thus requires no ammunition, no reloading, and no searching, the tradeoff is a heavy loss in hitpoints reflecting the lost body-mass of the zombie. Thus a zombie would require 40HP or above to execute the move at all, and would lose 20-25HP total in doing so. Attempting to execute the skill without sufficient HP results in the text "Your hollow stomach gurgles a little, and sends a wiff of noxious fumes out into the air". Could help zombies as a last ditch or opening gambit move during sieges.
Re: Area of Effect -- it seems the "Yet Another SMG" skill got overwhelming approval despite being area of effect-ish. The reason why it's restricted the way it is is because a zombie with digestion can easily make back his lost HP and continue damaging the survivors. Several zombies in a siege have a pretty good chance of loosening up several survivors and then eating them afterwards to make up for lost HP. As for being far fetched, I don't know if you've ever seen what happens to a body after death, but it bloats with gasses and those gases can cause an explosion.
Concerning chances to hit, five zombies have (well, okay, they all would have a 20% static chance to hit, but let's play cumulative percentages here) a good chance to hit 3 survivors for 5 damage before using digestion to make up their lost HP. And so on and so forth. Digestion could be a pre-req (after all, those gases have to come from somewhere)
Left Queue: 07:05, 27 April 2006 (BST)

A Zombie Skill (Don't know what to call it)

Timestamp: 16:26, 2 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: zombie,maybe human
Description: This is a skill for high level zombies only. Each time a zombie kills a zombie hunter, he gets a 2% more chance to hit someone with the attack he killed the survivor with. IE: claw attack is at 30% but after a zombie hunter is killed, the attack percentage rises to 32%. The total percentage cannot exceed 75% and if the zombie dies all the accuracy he earned is lost. To avoid potential exploiting, it will be impossible to earn accuracy by killing other zombies.
Left Queue: 07:05, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Air Drop

Timestamp: Jan 2cd 12 noon EST
Type: New item, New skill, Flavor, etc
Scope: Humans
Description: This would be a new skill and item called "Air drop". This skill would be found under science after purchaseing "Necrotech employment" and "Lab Experience" (I figure Necrotech would be the ones out side w/ the helicopters).The item would be called "Secure Necrotech Radio Transmitter', and would be a one use item found in a "Necrotech" Building.

This skill and item would work from the same mechanics that the supply crates now use, except that they could be controlled. With this skill, "Air Drop", you would be able to find the item, "Secure Necrotech Radio Transmitter". Only when you have the skill, can you find it, and even then it should set at a very low percentage, maybe around 2% chance.

The way that you would use them would be simple, just push on the item button, and you would call in a "Air Drop" from your bosses out side the city (lucky them) and they would send you supply crates. There would be a random number of crates sent, any where from 1 to 4, that would be dropped off in the immediate vicinity of your postion(the nine blocks around you) with in the next 12 hours. The only catch is that there must be at least 50 humans in that same vicinity and there is only a 40% chance of your request being approved by the head of the corporation (He is some what cheap). The idea being that "Necrotech" is trying to help it's employees and other survivors during a large siege.

To sum up, to use this you would need:

  • Skill "Air Drop"
  • Item "Secure Necrotech Radio Transmitter"
  • Location "An area w/ at least 50 survivors in it"

Notes: Again the exact numbers are open to discussion. Wether it is less survivors needed to call it in, or the number of crates, or hours. Also I considered this under military skills, and to find the radio's at the fort...but there did not seem to be a appropriate skill tree for it, and there are not many forts around to find the radios (But that might be a plus).

Left Queue: 07:05, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Blood Lust

Timestamp: 19:55, 2 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: XP earning modification
Scope: Survivors who turned to zombies
Description: You are alive. You meet a zombie. A zombie meets you. You are dead. Your sight turns red, you have a desire for blood. Evertything in front of you is nothing but a giant pile of fleash and blood, just waiting for you to serve yourself.

Basicly, the idea here is: when a survivor dies, it doesn't matter if it is a survivor or a zombie in front of him, every single point of damage he causes will earn him the same ammount of XP. This will last until a) he is revived b) he buys any zombie skill, marking that he get used to the idea of being undead and now knows where the fresh blood is.

Left Queue: 07:05, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Fear Factor

Timestamp: 19:55, 2 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Improvement
Scope: Survivors
Description: You look around and see your friends dead. You see a horde of zombies in front of you. You are alone. Your hands are shaking. You want to run, but you have lost control of your legs. You scream in terror.

Basicly, everytime the survivor is in a sittuation where the number of zombies outnumber the survivors, there is a penality for doing anything the survivor wish to do. Attacks will have less chances to hit, searching for itens will fail more, FAKs will heal less. For every 0.1 in the ratio zombie/survivor (above 2.0) your chance to hit/find will decrease 1% (up to 50%). Example: Your chance to hit is 65%. There is 2 survivors and 9 zombies outside. The zombie/survivor ratio is 4.5. You have a penality of 25% on your chance to hit, leaving you with 48,75% to hit. If you have 40% chance to find anything, you will only have 30% chance to find.

Left Queue: 07:05, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Free Running Modification

Timestamp: 19:55, 2 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill Modification
Scope: Free Running
Description: You are inside a building. In the main door there is dozens of survivors barricading the door. There is a mob of zombies outside, in the street. You can't go out, but you want to leave this building. You carefully search for a way to reach the nearby building. After a while you find a window that leads to an open window in the building you want to be. You jump through the window and land safely.

The idea here is, it ain't that easy to move from one building to another while not going outside. It's not like walking down the street. One would have to watch for back entrances, open windows and rooftop entrances to enter. Thus, it should cost 2 AP to move while free running from one building to another.

Left Queue: 07:05, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Feeding Frenzy

Timestamp: 19:55, 2 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill, Zombie
Scope: Zombie bite
Description: You desire more and more blood than a regular zombie. You want to drink it, you want to taste it, and you want it now !

This goes under Neck Lurch. You cause 1 extra point of bite damage, but you lose 5% on the chances to hit with bite. This increases bite XP/AP to 1.25.

Left Queue: 07:05, 27 April 2006 (BST)

3rd January 2006

Fast Reloading

Timestamp: 00:04, 3 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: Survivors
Description: Prerequisites: All Firearm Combat skills (Basic Firearms Training, Pistol Training, Advanced Pistol Training, Shotgun Training. Advanced Shotgun Training).

This skill would allow the user to automatically Reload Three of their pistols for one AP Whatsoever due to Fast reflexes and Extremely advanced training. This also counts for Shotguns, but loading 2 shells into a single shotgun would cost 1 AP due to the difficulty of reloading a shotgun (It doesn’t really have magazines). You would have to have enough (Magazines not-Clips)/ Shotgun shells in order to load them, and if you didn’t it would load the least loaded guns first.

Left Queue: 19:25, 3 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Timestamp: 21:18, 3 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: New Skill
Scope: Zombies only
Description: When a zombie purchases this skill it allows him only to be seen by a survivor within the same block. This is to allow somewhat of surprise when a survivor traveling the city from one point to another. Zombies can see him like normal though
Left Queue: 22:31, 3 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Anonymous (No More)

Timestamp: SCAScot 00:42, 3 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Combat mechanics
Scope: Survivors & Zombies
Description: Zombies are shown on the map as '1 zombie' or '12 zombies' or whatever. The reasoning behind this is that the appearance of zombies is so generalized, you cannot tell one from another, unless you have them on your contact list (i.e., you 'recognize' them).

Why, then, are you able to attack the same zombie in a large horde? IMO, this is against the 'anonymous' nature of a large zombie horde. Sure, an argument can be made that you keep sight of your target, etc. - but why, then, can't you choose to attack 'Zombie 7' in the stack? Effectively, the way combat works now allows a survivor to whittle one zombie down, while ignoring all the others. If you happen to be the zombie at the top of the 'stack', you're it.

I propose that when attacking a horde of zombies, your attack is against a random member of the horde each time you make an attack.

  • Benefits
    • Spreads the damage out amongst the horde, which will increase zombie survival, while still giving the player XP for successful attacks. Being a member of a horde is supposed to give you the benefit of protection, not to serve you up for being the head of the line.
    • Encourages low(er) level zombies to congregate in a horde.

To balance this, I further propose that if you are attacked by a member of a horde, you can then concentrate your attacks on that individual until you leave the city block where the horde is (this simulates separating out your attacker from the horde during combat, and allows the zombie to blend back into the horde when its target runs away). Of course, if you want to take the time to add the zombie to your contact list during combat (so you can come back and kick butt later), that's up to you, and you should suffer the HP damage you get while doing that.

Left Queue: 07:06, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Skills Improvement: Zombie Hunter

Timestamp: 21:40, 2 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill Improvement
Scope: Survivors
Description: Zombie Hunter Insignia (You have killed 100 zombies and have been awarded this medal for your efforts. All your attacks against zombies have a 1% bonus to-hit.)

Prerequesite: Headshot, Must have killed 100 or more zombies as a survivor.

Left Queue: 07:06, 27 April 2006 (BST)

New Skill: Pile of Rot

Timestamp: 22:00, 2 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: New Skill
Scope: Zombies
Description: Pile of Rot (You can create a Pile of Rot that has 50 HP. While the pile stands, all zombies in the same square as the Pile of Rot deal 1 extra damage per attack.) You may only use this skill once every 24 hours. There may only be 1 Pile of Rot per block. The pile may not be healed with FAKs. Survivors may attack the pile, and if it takes 50 damage it is destroyed.
Left Queue: 07:06, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Blood Tracker

Timestamp: 07:32, 3 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: Zombies
Description: New skill under 'Scent Trail'. Instead of passively pursuing survivors a zombie has had contact with, a zombie could enter the outside of a block, note the last 5 survivors to leave that block, and begin following their tracks like a bloodhound. This would be implemented through a new drop down list of the last 5 survivors followed by a button press, spending 1 AP, to give the direction the trail goes off to (north, south, southeast, into building, etc).

The zombie loses the trail if, while it's tracking one survivor, it enters a block where that survivor is not on the 'last 5' list. That is, he begins tracking 'Survivor 1' in an empty street square (lightly trafficked). Survivor 1 crosses a block with a hospital on it (heavily trafficked). The zombie would no longer be able to scent Survivor 1's trail and thus lose track though he could scent the last 5 survivors to have crossed the hospital block.

If the trail ends with the survivor entering a building the zombie is notified that the player enters the building. Free running wouldn't leave a trail to follow.

EDIT: Please note that the AP to 'scent the trail' is seperate from the AP to actually move - so a zombie that's tracking (with Lurching Gait) takes 2 AP to move a block.

Left Queue: 07:06, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Find them thar Rotters!

Timestamp: 18:25, 3 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Change
Scope: Survivors, Zombies in a respect
Description: Sucessfully extracting DNA from a Brain-Rotted zombie puts that zombie into a new class of enemy in all drop-downs under the name "Brain-rotted zombie". This works just like the "a zombie" pool does now. This makes it easier for people to target a rotter hiding among a horde.
  • The effect only lasts as long as a tag normally lasts.
  • Question: Should a Brain-Rotted zombie only be seen this way by the person who tagged it?
  • Question: Should a Brain-Rotted zombie become 'a zombie' again after dying?
Left Queue: 07:06, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Rocket Launcher

Timestamp: 18:31, 3 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Weapon
Scope: Zombies, helicopters.
Description: Basically i propose that Zombies be given rocket launchers to shoot down helicopters. Why? Because if idiots are going to keep suggesting air drop prejections then i better bloody well suggest a counter.

Rocket launchers and Rockets are found in Forts using a new button called "scavenge" for zombies, and can only be used to attack Helicopters. A Zombie has a base of 5% accuracy with it, but this is increased with Basic Rocket Launcher Proficency skill, to 30%, and by another 20% with Advanced Rocket Launcher Proficiency, and another 15% by Expert Rocket Launcher Proficiency. A Zombie would gain 50exp for taking out a helicopter, which would happen after two hits.

Basically the targetting would work like this: If a helicopter is heard overhead, a drop would be triggered an hour later. In that time a zombie has the opportunity to shoot the helicopter down, and this is accessed through the drop down menu if the zombie has a rocket launcher.

Left Queue: 07:06, 27 April 2006 (BST)

4th January 2006

Rocket Launcher

Timestamp: 18:31, 3 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Weapon
Scope: Zombies, helicopters.
Description: Basically i propose that Zombies be given rocket launchers to shoot down helicopters. Why? Because if idiots are going to keep suggesting air drop suggestions then i better bloody well suggest a counter.

Rocket launchers and Rockets are found in Forts using a new button called "scavenge" for zombies, and can only be used to attack Helicopters. A Zombie has a base of 5% accuracy with it, but this is increased with Basic Rocket Launcher Proficency skill, to 30%, and by another 20% with Advanced Rocket Launcher Proficiency, and another 15% by Expert Rocket Launcher Proficiency. A Zombie would gain 50exp for taking out a helicopter, which would happen after two hits.

Basically the targetting would work like this: If a helicopter is heard overhead, a drop would be triggered an hour later. In that time a zombie has the opportunity to shoot the helicopter down, and this is accessed through the drop down menu if the zombie has a rocket launcher.

Left Queue: 05:00, 4 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Remove vigour mortis

Timestamp: 02:04, 4 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Stat/skill alteration
Scope: Zombies
Description: It is my opinion that vigour mortis should not be in this game, and that all zombies should have the vigour mortis attack rates as a default. A full explanation of my reasons, as well as a discussion, can be found in this topic:, but basically the game was not made to be played without the skill. VM is the only skill zombies are allowed to start with, and zombies without vigour mortis are so pathetic that they'd be better off trying to get XP as a human exclusively by dumping bodies (and would accomplish more there too). Even a level 0 human can effectively heal people and gain XP at a reasonable rate, yet a level zero zombie, which is any survivor who is killed, can do nothing BUT go to a revive point. Thus, since all real zombies have the VM attack rate anyways, the only purpose it serves is to make it impossible for slain survivors to play dead unless they happened to be holding onto 100 XP they didn't want to save. This is part of why there's so few zombies and the main reason for revive points. Additionally, it forces Kevan to not let zombies start with another skill when making a character, since all classes only start with one skill, which makes zombies weaker and harder to level. New players should have a rough time getting powerful at first, but this makes it way rougher than it needs to be for one side and discourages people, especially dead survivors, from playing zombies.

I propose that Kevan remove the Vigour Mortis skill and give all zombies the attack rates of a zombie with VM as their base attack rate. He should instead either make some zombie classes in earnest or start zombies off with 100 XP to spend however they want (note--that choice wouldn't be unfair since at best it would balance out the advantage of humans starting out with a useful item or two that they would have spent part of their first day searching for). Any player who possesses Vigour Mortis at the time of the update will be refunded 100 XP, whether they're currently breathing or lurching, since that is what they had to have either spent it on or what they have to pay to get the skill they should have started with instead. Notice that the range of zombie attacks would be exactly the same as now, with the same rate for starters and the same rate for maxed as right now, but there would just be nobody stuck below the threshold of a decent attack in a class that has attacking as its only action. Edit: Seeing those votes, I feel compelled to point out that this does NOT punish anyone. At all. Anyone who bought the skill is getting a full refund of 100 XP, even if they're now a human, because that's exactly what they paid for it. You could say its helping them slightly since that refund is the equivalent of gaining another level overnight, although I suddenly fear stating it that way will make someone misread it and think this is a huge buff when its actually a recompense. I also must point out that the main effect of vigour mortis is that you CANNOT play a zombie unless you buy it. Even if you had every noncombat zombie skill in the game you'd still be almost worthless. And a revived zombie can in fact play as a human quite easily, he can probably level through healing faster than a doctor. Plus, the mere fact that they can jump out a window says Kevan didn't intend for them to feel obliged to play humans, while the fact that you can't revive yourself says the opposite of dead survivors.

ReEdit: I don't like having to make two edits, but READ THE prejection BEFORE YOU VOTE. At least half those kill votes are based off an assumption that I said in both the origional and the edit wasn't true, such as that this will hurt people who already have it, hurt newbie zombies or leave them without a starting skill. I don't want to do through and post ten RE comments, so just think of this as the universal RE: reread the prejection, specifically the second paragraph and first edit.

Left Queue: 07:07, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Let's Change Free Running!

Timestamp: 05:45, 4 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill change
Scope: Survivors
Description: So I went on Google video today and looked up 'Parkour'. Some awesome clips there of crazy ninja stunts and stuff, but there were also a few clips of 'missteps'. Such as missing a cat jump and falling on your arse in an alley. Or mistiming a jump and ramming your head into a metal bar. That sort of deal.

So lets put it into UD. Free Running would have a ~10% chance (this is NOT necessarily the number I'll go with, I just threw 10% as a placeholder) to fail, the survivor takes 2 or 3 damage and is tossed out into the outside of the building he was attempting to free run into. Obviously not applicable inside large buildings.

That's the prejection, but some other ideas I came up with was increasing the percentage chance to fail if the building was more heavily barricaded, decreasing that chance if the building was powered (better visibility), etc.

EDIT: After 5 minutes of thought I decided that the chance to 'fail' free running would be split into 2 sub-chances - 50% that you fail completely and are knocked out of the building as per above, 50% that you hit something and get a boo-boo but you still manage to get into the building you're going after. So a net 5% chance of either occurrance.

Left Queue: 07:07, 27 April 2006 (BST)

5th January 2006

Mutation (Or something)

Timestamp: 18:13, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: balance change
Scope: dedicated Zombies
Description: Alright, don't vote on the name, I know its been used before, but i just couldnt think of a good name for the moment, but anyway. The zombies have been slowly transforming after all Brain Functions Ceased (ie Brain Rot). Their muscles are getting bigger, their Claws longer, and their teeth sharper.

This skill would apply to zombies with brain rot, and as such be under that skill tree. It would be a buyable source of strength, that could be bought a predertermined set of times (6? maybe more) and would increase All physical damage dealt by 1 (because of course, it makes the difference of being slapped by a weak zombie and bulldozed by a powerhouse.) I don't know, please dont be too harsh if you can, and if it's been done before, show me and I'll delete it. I searched but didnt seem to find anything relevant. I'm just trying to even out the Zombie / Survivor levels of the game)

Left Queue: 00:32, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Fast Reload

Timestamp: 12:42, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: New Skill
Scope: Shutguns users
Description: A skill that allows survivors who have it to reload a shutgun with two shells in one AP. I'm thinking it will fit well under the zombie-hunter skill tree. Shotguns already require a huge amount of AP's to be functional (number of searches for each shell and the shotgun itself), the double AP's required for loading it are an additional pain in the ass, this skill should eash the pain.
Left Queue: 00:32, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Shotguns that fire shot

Timestamp: 00:33, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: weapon change
Scope: shotguns
Description: Currently, shotguns are calculated as a single attack that does 10 damage. I propose that this be changed to two attacks that do 5 damage each. The maths works out as follows:
          65%      | 55%      | 30%      | 5%
          new  old | new  old | new  old | new  old
10 damage 42%  65% | 30%  55% | 9%   30% | >1%  5%
5 damage  46%  0%  | 50%  0%  | 42%  0%  | 10%  0%
0 damage  12%  35% | 20%  45% | 49%  70% | 90%  95%

This will not affect the total average damage. What it will do is give the chance to simulate how a shotgun works better. A direct hit (10 damage) becomes less likely, but because of the scatter effect of a shotgun, the chance of getting a glancing blow good enough to do damage is much higher, much like a real shotgun firing shot.

Note that this is intended to reflect the scatter effect of the gun. It is NOT intended to reflect firing two rounds at once. The ammunition usage is not changed by this.

Edit: If you examine the maths, the average damage per AP spent is completely unchanged. The balancing factor remains the same - high AP requirements for searching. Equally, the damage potential remains the same. This shotgun change would effectively move the shotgun from the high damage/high variance position to the medium-high damage/low variance position. It's not the same tactical role as before, but it opens the gamespace for a new rifle weapon, should one ever be implemented.

Left Queue: 07:08, 27 April 2006 (BST)


Timestamp: 02:42, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Item
Scope: survivors
Description: Anyone who works in emergency services knows about carrying a pager. And if you have one, anytime there is an emergency/disaster/problem you get a page, usually with a little text blurb from the dispatch center and information about the call. In my village, we also get information about public works turning off water, road work, FYI, etc…

I'd like to see one-way "pagers" with 4 “dispatch centers” located inside 4 random PD/FD buildings (forts maybe?), each covering a 4th of the city.

What can they do? A dispatch center with a running generator can send messages (at a cost of "N"* AP per length message) and the pagers can receive those messages (along the lines of the mobile phone messages in terms of cost to read).

What can't they do? They wouldn't be fancy, large text block two-way pagers (you know, like the mobile phones we already have).

Why do it? Those dispatch centers could be great tools for organizing people IN GAME (I'm not a fan of groups that focus on meta-communication for organization). They could serve as “news center” for the truly altruistic folks. They might even become, dare I suggest, focal point for various factions fighting for control.

Who could send messages? Survivors in front of dispatch console.

Who couldn’t? Zombies, pets, survivors who aren't in front of the dispatch console...Lutherans maybe?

What can Zombies do to it? Let’s see..How about if zombies are in the building, messages can’t be sent? (“You try to send a message but a zombie appears to have stepped on the cord and unplugged it…message not sent”, “You try and send a message but the zombie in the room stumbles against a toggle switch and the screen flickers….message not sent”. I guess that zombies could also beat the hell out of the generator…or the operators. It would really be their choice.

Shouldn’t they be tied to the cell phone towers being powered? I’d say no. I’m modeling these after the ones that I’m use to using, and those are satellite based (I know, pretty silly for a pager that never leaves the village use a satellite provider, but I just work there!).

  • As far as the cost of sending a message, I’d ask for help there. If should be something that makes sending message from the dispatch center pretty expensive (“You type your message on the keyboard, patch dozens of cables and toggle several switches ….and your messages is sent!”) but not crippling. Any ideas?
Left Queue: 07:08, 27 April 2006 (BST)


Timestamp: Jason Killdare 21:46, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: New Skill
Scope: Zombies
Description: Tracking (Survivors and zombies that have been in blocks you can see on your map, within the last 24 hours, show as a tally (one for zombies and one for survivors) in each block.)
Left Queue: 07:08, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Change of "Fifty People Nearest to You" Speech Idea 1

Timestamp: 23:30, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Improvement
Scope: All
Description: Instead of having the speech affect only the fifty most recently active members, I suggest that speech is placed in the same style as a crowded building's member list: with a link you can click that shows the speech. It's either that or a small scroll-box that dosplays the text on a small space. Some members aren't very active, so they might miss an important message. Some people might want to message a person, but will be unable to. This would solve that problem. I rather liked having many people talking-- gave the game more life.
Left Queue: 07:08, 27 April 2006 (BST)

6th January, 2006


Timestamp: 05:44, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: New survivor skill
Description: This skill would be called "Robotics", and would be found under the Necro Tech skill tree under Lab Experience. A Survivor with this skill would be able to construct a droid.
  • What It Is.
A droid is constructed from robot parts, which would be found in Junkyards, Warehouses, Factories, and Tech Stores. It requires 5 generic "robot parts" to construct a droid, and 5 AP to build the droid out of those parts (There would be a button labeled "construct droid" available to those who have this skill). A droid has an inventory of 5 items - which can be filled upon its construction, with items from its builders inventory (These items can not be passed back and forth. once its builder puts an item in the droids inventory, it can not be given back). A droid has 10 HP, and can not be healed with FAK's (for obvious reasons); but its parts can be replaced by any survivor with a robot part and the robotics skill - at a repair value of +2 HP to the droid per part replaced. 10 XP is given to the player upon constructing a droid, and 1 XP per part replaced when repairing a droid. A player can only own and operate 1 droid at a time. Zombies attacking a droid receive standard XP, and Survivors attacking a droid receive 1/2 XP.
  • How It Works
Droids are not functional without a remote - which would be found in Junkyards, and Tech Stores. A droid operates by clicking on the remote button in the players inventory - this switches the play screen to that of the droid, and a button would be available on the droids screen to switch back to its controller. Actions made by the droid use its controllers AP, however switching the play screen from controller to droid does not cost an action. A player can control only a droid built by them, and the droid/remote radius is 5 blocks. If a player moves their droid outside of that radius, the screen automatically switches back to its controller, and the droid is inoperable until the player moves back within 5 blocks of their droid. The droids would appear on screen generic and anonymous like zombies, and grey or white in color.
  • What It Does
A droid can not enter a barricaded building; however it would be able to exit from such a building, open doors, and search for items. droids are able to speak (mechanism flavor translation = through a speaker by its controller). Droids have a melee weapon attack of 25%, and a ranged weapon attack of 55% - standard damage per weapon. A droid itself is unable to gain XP and levels, and does not collect XP for it's controller when making actions. All other standard actions (not already mentioned in this suggestion i.e. attack barricades, tag, etc.) that can be made by a level 0 Survivor, can be made by a droid.
  • Why This Skill?
To exponentially increase the flavor of the scientist class. Scientists are no doubt extremely intelligent and resourceful people, and would be thinking of new ways to approach the zombie situation. A droid is an optimal way for scientists to conduct their work from a small distance.
  • Preemptive Answers To Foreseen Questions.
The limited range of controller/droid would notify zombies of its controllers general area; and I believe this could not be used in other "cheap" or "unbalanced" ways, as i have given much thought to possible abuses when forming this suggestion - which is reflected in the details of it. This is a sincere suggestion with much thought put into it, much unlike the cyborg suggestion which sparked the idea for it - so to those who notice the similarities initially, please read this suggestion through fully before voting.
Left Queue: 06:31, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Howl of Frustration

Timestamp: 00:22, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: Zombies
Description: This goes under Feeding Groan in the skill tree. This is effectively Feeding Groan for barricades, and will work almost exactly like that skill. When a zombie is outside a barricaded building of Quite Strongly or better, it will have the Howl ability, able to summon a horde of zombies. Loosely/Lightly will have the same range as a Feeding Groan at 1 survivor, Quite Strongly same as 2, Very Strongly 3, Heavily 4, and VH/EH 5. A Howl will sound different than a Groan.
Left Queue: 07:10, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Skill Gain Locations

Timestamp: 03:52, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill, balance change
Scope: Survivors
Description: My prejection is this: To gain certain skills as a survivor, you need to be in a certain type of building. It's odd how you can just suddenly become a shotgun expert just like that. Here's a basic outline of what it'd be like. Of course, you still need the XP as well.

For basic arms training, pistol training and shotgun training, you need to be in either a police station, armoury or fort.

For advanced pistol and shotgun training an armoury or a fort.

Surgery and diagnosis need a hospital.

Lab experience needs a Necrotech building.

Shopping and bargain hunting (Maybe just bargain hunting) require a mall.

All other skills don't need a building. Zombie skills don't need them either since they're physical changes after all.

My reason for this skill is to stop those whose entire game is spent camped out in a single safehouse, requiring some sort of travel to get more skills. How can you become a zombie hunting master if you're sat in a single police station your entire life? My only doubt about this idea is that it'll be attacked for it's realism values.

Left Queue: 07:10, 27 April 2006 (BST)


Timestamp: 04:03, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Item/Game Addition
Scope: Survivors
Description: When you click a loaded weapon in your inventory, you are given a warning as you would recieve when jumping out a window, telling you that you are about to shoot yourself in the head. If you choose to you spend 1 AP and 1 bullet/shell and are immediately a corpse. Since this amounts to a shot-in-the-head, it will cost you the extra 5 AP to stand as a zombie above your normal cost for rising.

People already have buildings to jump out of, yes -- but this would be a flavorful addition that has a clear cost (a bullet, an AP, and you recieve a self-inflicted Headshot) and a clear gain (you can kill yourself in a building full of people and rise if you aren't thrown out).

Convinced that you can't take it anymore, you raise the barrel to your temple and pull the trigger, ending your life.

  • Option: Shooting yourself in the head doesn't kill you, it just deducts a hefty amount of HP so you can kill yourself in a few self-inflicted wounds.
Left Queue: 07:10, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Burn Corpse(s)

Timestamp: 05:21, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Balance change, ability, new use for item
Scope: Survivors
Description: This would allow a survivor with a gas can to burn one or several corpse/corpses laying in a square. The effect would be a loss of 5-10 XP. A corpse could be burned only once per death (ie: until it stands up and is killed again). I think this would add realism to the game and improve the feel of it. It would also give survivors incentive (other than XP) to hunt down zombies. As it is, survivors have no way to actually harm a zombie, only to delay it for a few hours. I think this solves the problem without harming zombies too much or changing the game drastically. Additionally, it could be changed to allow this only when no live zombies are present, thus allowing zombies to protect their fallen if they have the will and/or force to do so.
Left Queue: 07:10, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Weapons limit v.2.0

Timestamp: 14:24, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Flavor / mechanics change
Scope: Gun wielding survivors.
Description: Does carrying a dozen shotguns, let alone pistols, disturb you? Well, I can't says it disturbs me too often, but I still think this is worthy of consideration. Simply put, I sugest an arbitrary, optional limit on the amount of weapons you can carry - not a full inventory system (although it would be a nice idea if, say, the fire axe, although more powerful than other weapons, would take up much more space etc., but that's an idea for later), but merely a limit, in that you can carry one (1) shotgun and two (2) pistols. Maximum. What with the excess weapons you find? Well, the character would (all in one AP) pick them up, remove the ammo, and leave the empty weapon.
Left Queue: 07:10, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Different Holy Water prejection

Timestamp: 18:10, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Non-gettable Item
Scope: Survivors
Description: I was inspired by the prejection above, (And I hope you don't mind. This is totally different so I hope it's cool.)

In every Church there would be a font of Holy Water. (I may be using the wrong word there) It would exist in the room and would present a button to all in the room to use it. When used everyone sees a message like this:

Chumbly dips his fingers into the holy water and makes the sign of the cross over himself.

Costs 1 AP. Fluff.

  • Question: Should people be able to tip over the font by attacking it?
  • Question: Should people be able to replace and refill it for an AP cost if it is knocked over?
  • Question: Should the message only be seen by the person using it to prevent spam?

If a font is indeed knocked over, imagine the room description. "There is a Holy Water font tipped over on the damp floor."

Left Queue: 07:10, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Interactive Building Elements

Timestamp: 18:28, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Extensive game change
Scope: All Players
Description: I would like to see Building Elements in almost every building in Malton. These elements can be attacked and ruined by players and Zombies, or FIXED by players with the Construction skill or a Repair skill below Construction on the skill tree.

There could even be a Demolition skill for Zombies that gives a small XP bonus for destroying certain items.

All these elements could be included in the room description as opposed to being tagged on where a Generator would be.

There would be an all-purpose repair button for those with the Repair skill. When clicked you would work on an item in the room. "You begin repairing a desk, and make some good progress." (basically, this could be done in levels as with building barricades, until the items are totally fixed.)

Survivors could recieve small XP bonuses for fully repairing certain select items.

There could be a chance for failure in each attempt at repair. This would be great for flavor and would give people something to constantly war over. "Someone's been wrecking everything in the church next door. I put the barricades up, let's go restore it... those bastards!"

Elements could include:

Church Elements

  1. Holy Water fonts. Zombies can overturn it and spill its contents on the floor.
  2. Altar.
  3. Giant Crucifix, hung behind the altar. Zombies can tear it down and splinter the wood.


  1. Furniture.
  2. Staircases.
  3. Appliances.


  1. Desks and chairs.
  2. Computers.
  3. Blackboards.

(These are just three examples, not rock solid and not the only ones possible.)

When you destroy something, there could be a simple "the room" option in your attack area. When you select "the room" for attack, you would do damage to some part of the room, be it Furniture, Appliances, etc.

Some items, like the Holy Water font, could have a flavor/fluff use.

  • If I have left anything out, please let me know in your vote text and check back on this prejection.
Left Queue: 07:10, 27 April 2006 (BST)


Timestamp: 18:59, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: Scientists
Description: This is a Scientist skill that allows survivors to build cyborg helpers with their own HP and AP.
  • First you need a dead body because it's the base for every good cyborg
  • Things needed to build cyborgs are found in junkyards, maybe four or five parts with names like "cyborg head" and "cyborg legs" and of course a generator
  • The cyborg is assembled in a NT building with a generator because you need computers for the programming.
  • The cyborg needs one can of fuel for 10 AP
  • It can be controlled by the survivor if it's five blocks away or closer.
  • A cyborg has its own AP, the survivor doesn't waste AP by controlling it.
  • The cyborg is has only 10 HP because it's pretty sensitive.
  • The cyborg can find and use things like pistols and shotguns. The weapons have the max. accuracy of 65 % because its targeting computer won't miss (often)
Left Queue: 07:10, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Tracking 2

Timestamp: 20:32, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: Survivors, PKers in particular
Description: The one thing Malton lacks at this moment is a way of finding other players unless you use out of game communication. This can be a big no-no if you want to seriously role-play, or it could be hard if you want to find a particular person to get revenge on after they killed you.

So, I propose we should get a way of tracking survivors. In the Science skill group, there should be a skill that lets you find anyone with a GPS unit that you have met before provided that they are in a 2 suburb radius of you. This way, you can get revenge on that person who PK'ed you, or just find people you know and have worked with before.

EDIT: I'm not trying to promote griefing, I'm trying to let people get their own back on people who PK'ed them. Also, make this action cost around 5 AP or something like that, so you can't randomly track a ton of people and grief them.

Edit by Brizth: Changed the name as there's already 'Tracking' on the same page.

Left Queue: 07:10, 27 April 2006 (BST)

7th January, 2006

School Kid

Timestamp: 15:21 7 jan 2006
Type: new class
Scope: survivers
Description: a new class called school kid (or whatever kevin wants it to be)

it starts with tagging and a new skill called study-the student pays so much attention that it has a 40%(kevin can change it)chance of gaining xp. it also starts with 2 spray cans and a baseball bat. - astor 19

Left Queue: 17:04, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)

New Zombie Tree

Timestamp: 16:46 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: New Skills
Scope: Zombies
Description: Ok I'm suggesting a new Zombie skill tree, Mutations, The Virus has evolved and new forms of zombie have started springing up all over the city. The idea below are just suggestions feel free to change some and add others.

Tentacle: the Zombie has mutated an extra tentacle, this will auto attack for 1 damage at a hit percentage of 5% as it is a newly mutated tentacle and the zombie can't control it, you can buy skills to increase the hit percentage to 20%. before killing it on this point, look at figures a level 3 human with all shotgun skills and enough guns can kill a zed in 8 ap, the best a zed can do is 34 ap (i think this is right) Armadillo hide: the zombie mutates an armadillo like tough shell, this acts like a flack jacket, not stackable with flack jacket Insect strenght: mutates to have strength like a bug ie: can lift 50* it's weight, acts like body building, not stackable with body building

Left Queue: 17:08, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Advanced NecroTech Equipment Use

Timestamp: 03:57, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: Survivors
Description: Pre-req: Lab Experience. This skill represents the ability of a trained NecroTech employee to operate the lab equipment to create the revivification syringes from stored DNA samples (as is done making antivenom from stored venom samples). After successfully gathering 10 DNA samples from zombies (the count will be stored on the player's extractor in a manner similiar to ammo on weapons) the player can return to a NecroTech building powered by an active generator and convert the DNA samples into one syringe. (Not sold on the 10 samples number -- this is up to Kevan's statistical analysis. I picked it because it was lower than the current 21 AP needed to search one in a NT building right now, and adding in APs for generator, fuel for the generator, walking to the zombies to sample them, sampling them, it seems like it would be approximately balanced. Anyone Killing on the number alone will be farted upon. Anyone Killing on the "i kill anything with variable numbers" excuse will be farted upon twice: the big K decides the final numbers on anything he choses to implement, and killing a decent prejection for slightly off numbers is dumb)
Left Queue: 07:12, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Ammo Belt

Timestamp: 22:17, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Item
Scope: Survivors
Description: Found primarily in armories.

Item takes 2 item slots. If you use a shell or pistol clip while your weapons are all FULL, the bullets or shells are placed into the Ammo Belt.

Ammo Belt holds 6 shells and 24 bullets. This allows you to carry ammo at the ready without item slots being taken up by a ton of Clips and Shells.

You would only have to click that one "Ammo Belt" button to reload your weapons in battle. It simplifies your gameplay by keeping you from having to look through your inventory buttons for your shells and clips.

  • Optional: Clicking "Ammo Belt" could fill all completely empty pistols and shotgun slots, providing you have enough ammo in the belt, so this also saves you some Reloading AP.
Left Queue: 07:12, 27 April 2006 (BST)

8th January, 2006


Timestamp: 18:42, 8 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Classes
Scope: Survivors/Zombies
Description: Urban Dead has a disturbing lack of realism and political correctness. Why aren't there any midgets in Malton? It's clear that midgets wouldn't be able to flee the city by foot because they are too slow, so the "midgets: normal people"-ratio would be way over average. There's only one solution: A new midget class.
  • Midget zombies start with Ankle Grab because their arms are closer to the ankles.
  • They can't be stopped by closed doors because there's always a hole where a midget can pass through.
  • They need to spend 3 AP per square because they are pretty slow.
  • New zombie midget skill "Knee bite", sub-skill of "Digestion": A succesful knee bite slows the bitten survivor down (2 AP per square) until he gets healed with a FAK.

Midget survivors/revived midgets have also special strengths and weaknesses:

  • They can pass through heavy barricades because they are small
  • They need to spend 2 AP per square because they are slow
  • Midget survivors can't use shotguns for obvious reasons.
  • Midgets have 65 HP because they are pretty tough (see Frodo, that little guy beat the mighty Sauron and destroyed his damn ring).
Left Queue: 23:20, 8 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Dossier/Database Experience

Timestamp: 00:59, 8 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: Survivors
Description: Players with this skill,(Beneath the existing NT skills on the tree) will be able to use a "Dossier" item found in NT buildings. With a Dossier, you will be able to use a drop-down to select a survivor in the room with you. When you use it on them, you effectively look through the palm-pilot style Dossier looking for their listing.

Dossiers of Malton citizens and nearby military officals were compiled by NecroTech before the "Incident" for highly questionable reasons.

This would tell you the player's original character class. (Cop, Zombie, Scientist, etc.) This would allow you to better recognize those around you and their possible intentions. NT Compiled the list keeping track of those who died early in the event, so they thusly can keep track of players who selected "Corpse" as their class. It may also tell you if the target has been scanned recently.

This would require a working cell phone tower to work, since you are able to access the living database through an uplink.

This item needs a better name. Feel free to suggest some.

Left Queue: 07:15, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Knock Back (Revised)

Timestamp: 06:20, 8 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: Suvivors
Description: It's possible for a suvivor to kill a zombie and have them stand up again before they can toss them from a safehouse, essentially dooming the inhabitants if the suvivor is out of AP. I suggest a skill to allow suvivors to force a zombie outside automatically upon a killing blow with a bat or length of pipe. In real world terms you'd force the zombie back through the barricades by striking at them the same way you'd be forced backwards if someone hit you with a blunt object (not by hitting them out of the building homerun style). The zombie would still be dead and have to stand up again as normal, but be outside on the street instead of in the building. This would be a useful skill to have if you ever get in a live back and forth fight with a zombie indoors and are worried they will stand up inside as soon as you kill them. This wouldn't save AP since the AP a suvivor didn't spend on dumping bodies would likely be spent swinging twice to make up for the bat's maximum 25% hit rate compared to the axe's 40%. Not something for every situation obviously but could mean the difference between life and death sometimes. I don't think this is unbalancing in the least considering that it only prevents active zombies from instantly rising indoors. P.S. It would not affect any corpses lying on the floor of a building. Killing and forcing a standing zombie outside would not move them as well, those would have to be dumped. Suvivors would also not get any xp for knocking the zombies out this way.

Edit: It would make sense for this skill not to work if the building was barricaded too heavily for suvivors to enter since that would mean there we no body-sized openings.

Left Queue: 07:15, 27 April 2006 (BST)


Timestamp: 09:10, 8 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: Survivors, Zombies
Description: Idea shamelessly lifted from Guild Wars.

First I'd like to propose that we add a new item, the Sledgehammer, which would be IDENTICAL to the current fire axe, with its own prerequisite skill that gives it a boost (identical to axe proficiency but renamed to hammer proficiency) So 10% base hit rate, to 25% with basic hand to hand, to 40% with hammer proficiency. Findable wherever you can find axes.

Now, we modify the Fire Axe. I propose that Axe Proficiency, instead of raising the hit percentage by 15%, raise it instead by only 5% with a new chance of inflicting a 'dismembering' wound on whatever you're attacking. Whatever's been dismembered takes a -10 penalty in maximum HP, with their health at the time never exceeding their max (ex: dismember a survivor at 50/50 puts them at 40/40 instead of 47/40.) Dismembers can only stack twice (so minimum max hp would be 30), and upon a successful dismember an additional 3 exp is yielded. The chance to dismember on an axe attack is 25% of every normal attack, so thus with a 30% hit rate with the Fire Axe you would execute a dismember 7.5% of the time. Note that a dismembering attack still does normal damage also (-3 to health, -10 to max health).

Zombies get a change to Rend Flesh. Rend Flesh does not execute its +1 damage bonus all of the time. Instead, there is a 25% chance that a successful zombie Claw attack will inflict a dismemberment in the same way that I've already stated, instead of a +1 damage boost. The same 3xp boost applies here.

To cure dismemberment? Zombies will regenerate their lost limbs upon eating people - every successful 'digestive' attack will remove one condition of dismemberment. Thus if a zombie has been dismembered twice but left active it can bite a survivor twice to restore itself. Survivors have it a bit less lucky, as they will have to find a powered hospital for Surgery to be performed to remove the status (note however that Surgery would remove all 'dismemberment' conditions in one go). Of course, both can simply die and have the dismembered condition erased.

Please comment on how this can be improved if you feel it has some merit.

EDIT: I could have sworn I 'filled in' the scope and type entries.

Left Queue: 07:15, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Enemy List

Timestamp: 20:17, 8 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Improvement
Scope: Survivors
Description: I suggest that a list be added to the game that has the names of other survivors who have attacked you when you were a survivor.


  • When another survivor attacks you (when you are a survivor) their name is added to your list.
  • You may then remove their name whenever you want.
  • Survivors on your list show up with a some kind of marking next to their name in room descriptions.


  1. Attacking an Enemy provides full XP gain, whereas it would ordinarily provide none.
  2. The list of Enemies also includes where it was that you last saw each one.
  3. Zombies with the memories of life skill could have access to this list.
  • When voting, please indicated which, if any, of the possibilites you like or if you think some could be added or changed.

I think this list makes sense because I think it adds realism to the game. Many evolutionist scientists now believe that creating reputations is a means of survival in groups of social animals, namely humans. So I think this would discourage grieving no more than it encourages it. I believe that humans fighting is an important part of a zombie outbreak, as shown in the movie 28 Days Later that could be developed a little more in the game. I think that this will make people consider the consequences of their actions more seriously, but I also think that this will make some interesting character interation.

Left Queue: 07:15, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Barricading Prevention

Timestamp: 4:00, 8 Jan 2006
Type: improvement/skill
Scope: Zombies
Description: When zombies attack in a group they have to spend a large number of APs collectively to remove the barricades. Before opening the doors and letting the hungry hoardes in.

This is good and adds a nice bit of teamwork to the game. Unfortunately it can easily be undone by one survivor who can barricade the building while zombies are inside, often leaving the remnants of the attackers behind. This is in an imbalance in the number of APs spent for attacking/defending.

I propose adjusting barricading so that a building can only be barricaded while no zombies are inside. Alternatively allow there to be a skill for zombies who are inside a building to easily dismantle barricades. This provides a proper reward besides the feasting on survivors to an attacking hoarde. It also means that a building will have to be properly cleansed before it can be used as a safe house.

Although this gives an advantage to zombies and nothing to survivors I believe it will help with the flow and balance of the game.

Left Queue: 07:15, 27 April 2006 (BST)

9th January, 2006


Timestamp: 11:07, 9 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Weapon/skill
Scope: Zombies
Description: A zombie with this skill would be able to vomit at survivors. This attack would have a chance of being infectious but it would also slow the survivor as they clear the vomit from the eyes. This would make moving double the Ap required but wears off after random number of moves. As for ap required to vomit and hit %, im not sure but it should be low.
Left Queue: 12:45, 9 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Remote Bombs

Timestamp: 18:24, 9 Jan 2006
Type: Weapon
Scope: Survivors
Description: The Remote Bomb can be found in armories. When it is place in a square (inside or outside a building) you keep a "remote." The remote can be used to detonate the bomb anywhere in a 1 square radius. A use for it would be to throw a few bombs outside a safehouse and use them to weaken zombies when they attack. When a bomb detonates it has a 20% chance to hit anybody in the square for 2 damage. OPTIONAL: When the bomb explodes it destroys all other bombs doing an extra 1 damage.
Left Queue: 18:38, 9 Jan 2006

Interior Barricading

Timestamp: 19:42, 9 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Change of mechanics
Scope: Malls, stadiums, other multi-square buildings
Description: This really seems like it ought to have already been suggested, but I've looked throught the Previous Days page and haven't seen anything like it since the 30th when the change was implemented. It is a well-known fact that the recent change to barricading mechanics made it much harder to hold a multi-square building than it is to hold a normal, single-square one--the change helps zombies much more than it helps survivors. In this situation there will never be another Caiger. There is an obvious solution to this--if escalators and hallways have finally been cleared, let the people re-block them again. I propose that in multi-square buildings players with Construction see a new button--in addition to "barricade the building," we have "barricade the section." This allows you to erect a new and completely separate barricade, that would have the exact same effects as normal barricades, but against people indoors in the adjacent rooms of the large building instead of outside on the same square. To represent the more constrained space and so that zombies will find it a bit easier to take the rest of a mall once they're inside one section, these barricades cannot go above VS+2.
Left Queue: 03:00, 10 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Automated Revivification Terminal

Timestamp: 13:50pm EST, Jan 9
Type: Item, Improvement
Scope: Zombies, Survivors
Description: With zombie numbers on the now gradual increase, the already long queues at revivification points can only become longer. Could Necrotech have fabricated a simple device for employees, should the unthinkable happen in isolated research areas? Well, maybe.

The Automated Revivification Terminal is a portable device... well, as portable as a portable generator, at least. It requires no power to function, translating the movement of pulling a sturdy lever into that of thusting forward a heavy-duty needle and squeezing a measure of serum into whatever should be standing in front of it. However, we are talking about zombies here - even this simple action would require some skill; the undead therfore require an extra 'Memory of Life' sub skill to use the Terminal.

Found in Necrotech offices (only by employees with Lab Experience), a Terminal can be placed anywhere (ideally in an area easily accessible to the undead). It will obviously require serum from revivification syringes to be inserted, in the same way that fuel is used in portable generators. Terminals can be likewise be destroyed.

With the automation comes precision; Terminals can stetch a single syringe's content to 3 uses, and can accomodate the total serum from 3 syringes, giving each Terminal a maximum of 9 revives. Not a great deal, but enough to make some difference.

Setting up a Terminal awards 5 XP, and 'charging' with a syringe (as with finding a Terminal, also only done by employees with Lab Experience) will award 3 XP, 2 point less than actually using the syringe on a zombie. Once the Terminal is full, syringes will be refused, but not wasted. There is no way to tell how much serum a terminal contains.

For zombies, there is no difference in the result of using an ART as opposed to being injected manually. Brain Rot infected zombies attempting to use one will waste a dose of serum in the same way.

Game-wise, there should probably be a maximum number of Terminals available - certainly less than 1 per suberb. Once one is destroyed, another would 'become available' at a random Necrotech office in Malton.

All values are open to prejections of change.

Left Queue: 07:16, 27 April 2006 (BST)

10th January 2006

Getting to know one better...

Timestamp: 01:23, 10 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Game Improvement, making friend
Scope: Everybody
Description: We should have in the change in the Edit Your Profile. It should be optional of course, but it should let you for all who looks at your stat page see a email, webpage, msn screen name, and aol screen name. This is so we could contact each other (and maybe stop the spam on the wall of a persons webpage address got like 5 of them in my notebook -_-.) It shouldn't be too hard to put it on so... all I can say is I'M FULL! I mean why not?
Left Queue: 07:46, 27 April 2006 (BST)


Penalize search in crowded buildings

Timestamp: 02:49, 10 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: balance change, strategy, items
Scope: survivors
Description: Decrease the chance of finding an item in a crowded building. This encourages survivors to spread out, and also automatically balances power between zombies and survivors: as the number of survivors increase, each of them will have a harder time finding items, and as the number decreases, each will have an easier time finding items.

Clarification: By "penalize", I mean relative to the odds given in an empty building, not relative to the odds that exist right now. This prejection also includes making search more rewarding in empty buildings. Perhaps a better title/description would have been "make search odds dependent upon the number of survivors in the building, with it being more difficult to find items in crowded buildings and easier to find items in empty buildings.

Left Queue: 07:46, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Group/Clan Bonuses

Timestamp: 08:42, 10 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Combat tweak
Scope: Everyone
Description: In order to implement this prejection the pre-prejection must be made that you may only change your 'group' once every 24 hours, with a possible confirmation box placed to help prevent mistakes.

Part One: People who are in the same 'group' (i.e. RRF, Caiger Survivors, On Strike) do not have their fellow members listed in the attack list, i.e. they will be non-attackable by their fellow group members. This is to prevent accidental attacks mainly though I admit this feature is mostly flavor. Addendum - if you attack another player you cannot change your group to the same group as that player for 24 hours.

Part Two: General combat bonuses for groups, both offense and defense. Ex: If 50 RRF zeds attack a fire station barricade there will be a hit rate bonus applied based on the number of 'allied' zeds in the same block, for each zed's attack. I figure a *maximum* bonus of 1.25 the rate of normal attack would suffice (i.e. a 25 percent increase of a hit rate, example being a 40% attack now going to 50%), with this maximum perhaps being achieved at 100 attackers and the bonus scaling linearly. This rewards coordination and promotes grouping.

As for defense, the hit rate for a person attacking a mob of people in the same group will go down. Ex: 100 Caiger Mall Survivors in Caiger Mall. An independent unaffiliated feral in the mall would suffer a reduced chance to hit any of those survivors, with a maximum accuracy decrease of 25% of their hit rate (40% hit rate going to 30%). This defense bonus scales linearly and the 25% defense bonus is achieved at 100 defenders. This bonus does NOT apply to barricades, only the people inside. This defense bonus and the offense bonus stated above would work against each other, with a perfect balance having the same net result as complete unaffiliation.

Makes sense to me in regards to flavor since I would assume allied group members would 'cover' each other in raids and defenses. Also encourages formation of groups, joining larger groups, rewarding coordination (especially among zeds since they're generally better organized).

I've seen the prejections about mob bonuses be shot down but an implementation in this fashion seems more reasonable.

Left Queue: 07:46, 27 April 2006 (BST)


Another Taser prejection

Timestamp: Mattiator 20:41, 10 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Weaponry
Scope: Defensive weapons
Description: Yes I know this has been suggested before. But most were poorly thought out and removed AP. this one is different. This taser has a very low damage/AP rate. It does 1 damage at 10 percent chance to hit. That sounds useless, but the taser has both rates doubled if there is a generator in a building. It is also affected by Basic firearms training, which adds 15% accuracy. The ammunition would be in the form of batteries. Batteries have 10 ammunition, and can be found in malls in hardware stores and police stations. Tasers can be found in police stations. At maximum capability the Taser has a 1dmg per AP rate. With a generator and firearms training it does 2 damage at 50% to hit

When you reload a taser, you get an item, called a Dead Battery. Dead batteries can be recharged for 6 AP. Please do not spam this because Tasers have been suggested before.

Left Queue: 07:46, 27 April 2006 (BST)

11th January, 2006

Acid Spit

Timestamp: GregM 00:18, 11 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: Zombies
Description: Expansive swelling in the intestinal tract of the zombie, and effects of zombification on the saliva have caused the zombies' spit to become acidic. Instead of biting or clawing their adversary, the zombie can choose to spit his (or her) acidic saliva at a target, for 5 damage at %20. It is affected normally by Flak jackets, and cannot damage barriers, although there is a chance of infection.
  • 5 damage @ 20% to hit = 1 HP/AP
  • Subset of Digestion
Left Queue: 01:09, 11 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Stun Gun

Timestamp: 01:17, 11 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Weapon
Scope: Survivors
Description: *No This is nothing like the Tazer Above, thats coincidence, i came here to enter it and that happened to be there. Tazers and Stun guns are different, stun guns must be pressed against the body at close proximity*

As a Last Ditch effort, a survivor may attempt to utilize a Stun Gun (found in police Stations and Arms shops (and maybe hardware stores?) with a 15-25% chance for a successful strike, the stungun will jolt a zombie with a powerful blast of electricity and make them vulnerable to be tossed from a building for a few turns. Stun Guns are a one use tool, and are thrown away after use. The % is low so they are not unbalanced, and are best used as a last shot, probably from survivors near death or low on AP. (and suggestions are highly Welcomed. I'm not sure what is respected in terms of what a weapon can do, but I'm trying to think of a good Last defense weapon)

Left Queue: 06:57, 12 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Corpse destruction

Timestamp: 14:28, 12 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Balance change
Scope: All corpses
Description: You can attack corpses. Hit in melee is automatic, hit in shooting is calculated normally.

Thus, corpses can be taken to negative HP. When a corpse reaches -50 HP, it disappears from its current location and is dropped in a random suburb, exactly like a new player would be, with its HP set to 0. If it is not reduced to -50 HP before the player stands up, the rising zombie will be given 1 HP. No XP is gained through blasting a corpse to pieces. This is not permadeath - as you can see - but allows to at least temporarily dispose of some threats and annoyances. Just something to deal with the rotters at reviv points and PK'ers. --The Fifth Horseman 14:40, 12 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Left Queue: 07:03, 12 Jan 2006 (GMT). Originally moved by Mattiator, fixed up by The Fifth Horseman

PS: No matter how useless my suggestion might have been, it didn't make Mattiator's remark "Pitiful" any less rude.

Heightened Awareness

Timestamp: 01:47, 11 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: All players
Description: A player with this Skill will see a map view with slightly different BUTTONS. The player has been around long enough to recognize things from a distance, and to recognize other things EASIER than they did before.

This skill crosses over to Zombies.

Right now all location buttons are white with red text. (at least in my browser?)

I propose that, through CSS, the buttons displaying each location's name could be altered by in-game events.

For example:

All normal locations with nothing special listed below would remain white with red text, as they currently are.

  1. NecroTech Building buttons would be Dark Purple when you aquire the necissary skill to identify NT buildings that already exists.
  2. Buildings with a running generator would have Gold text.
  3. Buildings Barricaded ABOVE Very Strong would have BOLD text.
  4. Buildings whose doors are wide open would have ITALIC text.
  5. Locations with a Horde of Zombies (IE: the large number required to qualify as a horde) would have a Dark Red button. (This trumps the NT purple.)
  6. Buildings with a Cell Phone tower that is operational would have UNDERLINED text.
  • There are more possibilities, which will come to you as you read this. Right now I want to keep this brief and I think that the above are the best examples I can put forth, and if you like or don't like this prejection by now, rattling off more wouldn't change that.
  • As far as I know, changing it around so that certain buttons have different CSS styles wouldn't be too huge a problem with code or server requirements.
  • This would greatly increase a player's ease of identification and will tell players what buildings are Barricaded above VS and which are Wide Open from a distance. I think that these facts by themselves make this a skill a lot of folks would love to buy.
  • There would of course need to be a SMALL key to the color schemes and text attributes below the map view. As I've set this up, there would be no problem with multiple styles on one location. (An NT building with doors wide open and a running generator would be a Dark purple button with italic, gold text.)
  • It is entirely realistic that a survivor or zombie could see that the next building over has its doors open, or has so much crap in its doors that it's Heavily Barricaded.
Left Queue: 07:48, 27 April 2006 (BST)

The Last Taser prejection You'll Ever Need

Timestamp: 04:03, 11 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Item
Scope: Survivors
Description: Tasers will be found in Police Departments and Malls in Gun Stores. Their search chances will be 10% of current "you find nothing" messages (it doesn't affect the search rates of other items at all). It will have three charges and be unable to recharge afterwards. The effect it has will be as follows:

You zap the zombie with the Taser. It doesn't notice.

You zap SurvivorName with the Taser. (The following three sentences are at random.) SurvivorName flinches slightly, as if jolted mildly by static electricity. SurvivorName giggles a bit- that tickles! SurvivorName just looks at you- exactly what were you expecting to happen?

That's right- it does NOTHING. It takes five direct shotgun blasts to kill a human being in this game, what the hell do you think a Taser is going to do? This item can be used to get someone's attention, not to mention confuse the hell out of newbies. Demonstrates the harsh realities of Urban Dead.

Left Queue: 07:48, 27 April 2006 (BST)

12th January 2006

Desperation Attempt (Pending Title)

Timestamp: 01:54, 12 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: Zombies
Description: The Zombies seemed to be gaining knowledge about how hard the doors need to open. They now can learn to break through the windows now and attack the survivors. Now now I know that it is nice to attack only in groups... or to attack only n00bs who wander in the streets... but I guess I am not one of them. This skill would only be used if you are a level 10 zombie and if the building is very strongly barracaded or higher. The zombie will use 1 AP point to use this skill. Once used, he has a 30% chance of breaking in. If he fails, then he is automatically knocked down and looses 10 hp and it will cost an extra ap to stand up. (this might be a little too high write in keep/kill change hp/ap cost ______ (higher or lower)). This way the zombie won't be forced to stay in groups just to break into a building, but having only 30% chance to break in with a costly cost will be even then.

Note: IF you complain about realism, think about that in other movies zombies are breaking in. IF you are complaining about ap cost to stand up after being knocked down, REMEMBER that this is only applies to level 10, and most likely unless cheated and started out as survivor, you arn't going to have problems with standing up (even though the 10 hp will be a lil problem, but I think it balances it out)

Left Queue: 07:49, 27 April 2006 (BST)

equipment faliure

Timestamp: 03:34 Jan 12 2006 (GMT)
Type: improvement
Scope: DNA Scanners
Description: After repetitive use the DNA extractor should wear out, break, be contaminated, or otherwise become unusable and be auto-dropped (like the book sometimes is). This does not grief scientists, any respectable scientist spends plenty of time searching the Necrotech buildings and excess scanners just take up space and time to drop (I just dropped 8); this makes that process part of the game. Ideally I’d like to see a scanner last 25 successful scans before it wears out. If that’s too much tracking give it a basic 2.5% chance of breaking.
Left Queue: 07:49, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Personal Traits

Timestamp: 01:24, 12 Jan 2006 (EST)
Type: New but optional feature
Scope: All players
Description: Okay, this idea is semi-ripped off the Fallout series, but I like it.

Put simply, when you start a new game and/or purchase a new skill called "Personal Growth" or whatever, you can pick and/or drop up to two traits which are, put simply, a buff and a weaken. Each trait gives a bonus or advantage while also giving a disadvantage at something else. You DO NOT have to pick ANY AT ALL AT ANY POINT IN THE GAME, YOU ARE FREE TO JUST IGNORE THEM IF YOU DO NOT CARE FOR THEM. These are simply options open to players to add a more specialised approach to the game and added flavour.

Also, Zombie can have their own set of traits. The set of zombie traits and human traits will be separate and you will not have zombie traits while human and vice-versa, e.g. a zombie trait you chose can not affect you if you are revived but you can get human traits, when/if you die, your zombie traits will take over and your human traits will not be active.

I don't think any of these should affect skills cost, as that pro/con would then vanish once the character has maxed out. You'd then have a character with a con and no pro, or worse for game balance, a pro and no con. No trait should affect the EXP number needed to buy a skill, this has the upside of forcing the player to make good decisions on what skills they buy, as so they will be advantaged by a trait more then they are disadvantaged.

If you want to modify your traits after starting the game, you have to spend 25 EXP (50 EXP if you're above level 5) to access Personal Growth (human) or Viral Changes (zombie) from your buy skills menu. THIS DOES NOT COUNT AS A SKILL PURCHASED OR A LEVEL GAINED. After you hit level 7, you can gain an extra 3rd trait, due to the fact the zombie crisis has made your personality more extreme. By spending the EXP, you can drop, change and take traits as you see fit, IF YOU WANT TO. Gaining levels past 5 can also open up new, more advanced traits to get, with new traits opening up with level 6, 7, 8 and 9 and such.

Any extra or decreased damage inflicted as a result of your/your target's traits do NOT influence the amount of EXP you gain. The EXP you gain is the same as if you and your target have no traits. Unless specified by the trait description.

If this is implemented, you can suggest traits as well, in a similar style to skills.

Some prejections for traits are:

Open Minded

Pro: You can take in the ideas and thoughts of others well, +15% to gain EXP when using a book and +1 EXP gained by using a book.

Con: You're less forceful in conversion, it costs 2 AP to speak.

Mutated Metabolism

Pro: Your undead innards have shifted biologically and now you can heal naturally at a faster rate. Each time you do an action that isn't speaking you have a 15% chance of being healed 1 HP.

Con: The virus you harbour has been weakened by your strong bodily systems. Every infectious bite attack you hit with has a 10% chance of dealing 1 less point of damage and a 4% chance of not infecting the target.

Any more prejections would be appreciated.

Left Queue: 07:49, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Flak Jacket Wear (Not a dupe of Nov 13 sug, read below)

Timestamp: 08:57, 12 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Item Change
Scope: Everyone
Description: To be more precise, this combines that earlier prejection with the 'callous skin' prejection for zombie flesh protection.

Flak Jacket. All flak jackets currently in-game and newly found will be tagged as Flak Jacket (50). The counter goes down as the jacket takes damage, i.e. absorbing a shotgun blast would tick it down to Flak Jacket (48). Multiple flak jackets at this point would now have a purpose.

Now, the main reason why some people rejected the last prejection was that it would screw rotters. Now comes the prejection that there be a new skill under Brain Rot that gives the same protection as a flak jacket, i.e. calloused skin.

This may, however, be construed as unfair to survivors. Why should survivors be forced to keep searching up flak jackets while rotters enjoy permanent protection? For this, I suggest a few more changes -

1. 'Calloused Skin' (bad name, I know) may only be bought after all other zombie skills have been bought. That is, it would be the last skill in the zombie tech tree.

2. This is probably going to be the contested part of this prejection. Calloused skin would work as a different type of skill, and wear off. Here's how it would work - instead of outright buying the skill, you put a certain number of exp points into it, to 'buff up', at the rate of 1 exp to 1 protection point. Ex. a zombie could sink 50 spare exp they had to get the calloused skin counter of 50 - the same practical effect as a brand new flak jacket.

3. Jackets and Callouses won't stack, and if a rotter has a flak jacket the jacket will take the beating before the zombie's calloused skin does.

Net effects? It's one less thing a zombie has to do as a survivor to be effective (search up a flak jacket), the rotters who missed out on the flak jacket could get an equivalent effect, a touch of added realism, multiple copies of a flak jacket would become useful, and veteran rotters have a place to sink otherwise useless exp into.

Please discuss why you voted the way you did, and point at things that can be improved.

Left Queue: 07:49, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Interior Barricades

Timestamp: 14:38, 12 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Big Building tweak
Scope: Everyone
Description: Okay, we all know what the Big Building upgrade did, right? It cleared the insides of stadiums, malls, mansions and the like so that survivors and zombies alike could move around freely - no stepping outside and back in for zombies and survivors without Free Running.

What I propose is this: that survivors could create barricades between sections of malls and other large buildings, using whatever they had available (food-court tables, arcade machines, trash barrels, et cetera). However, the main differences between interior barricades and exterior ones are as follows:

  • Interior barricades can only go up to Very Strong.
  • Interior barricades don't completely block zombies from accessing other sections of the mall. They can attempt to climb over the piled junk, but have a 5-25% chance of losing their footing, depending upon how heavy the internal barricade is - for example, a Loose internal barricade (consisting, let's say, of empty wastebaskets and cardboard boxes) would be easier to scramble over than, say a Strong barricade made of tipped-over arcade machines and food-court tables.

Also, if a zombie lost its footing, there's a chance that it was a loose item on the barricade that caused it to lose it's footing, with a 10% chance that the item in question falls off the barricade.

Possible success/failure messages could be:


  • Zombie falls, barricade weakens: You see a barricade to the (north/south/east/west) and try to climb over it, but step on a loose (item). The (item) tumbles off the barricades, and so do you.
  • Zombie falls, barricade does not weaken: You see a barricade to the (north/south/east/west) and try to climb over it. However, you step on a loose (item) and lose your footing. The item wobbles precariously, and you fall off.

Success: You see a barricade to the (north/south/east/west) and climb over it.

N.B. - The entire interior of large buildings can still be seen by anyone inside. This prejection does NOT eliminate the recent Big Building modification, it is merely a logical extension of it. Nor does it completely block zombies from accessing other sections of the mall, as a previous prejection would have - at most, it reduces the chance of successful zombie movement from one mall section to another from 100% to 75%, with a 10% chance per failed attempt of weakening the barricade.

Left Queue: 07:49, 27 April 2006 (BST)

13th January, 2006

Timestamp: 16:41, 13 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: All players, one way or another
Description: A tamer version of the "Corpse Destruction" idea I posted yesterday.

Players can already target corpses who are recognized by their Contact list, but cannot attack them. The idea is to allow them to do so, but within limits.

This should be a Zombie Hunter skill, possibly a second tier to Headshot.

    • Each attack against a corpse has normal to-hit chances
    • Corpses can be taken to negative HP (up to -49)
    • Attacking a corpse gives no XP to the attacker (thus to a degree wasting your AP and ammo)
    • When the corpse rises (either as a Zombie or a revivified human), its initial HP is lowered by the damage it was dealt (that's why -49 should be the limit - standing up and falling back down isn't nice to anyone)

--The Fifth Horseman 16:54, 13 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Left Queue: 00:53, 14 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Viral Resistance

Timestamp: 23:14, 13 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: Survivors mostly zombie hunters
Description: This will be a new skill that goes under Zombie Hunter
This will be a new skill that goes under Zombie Hunter 

The description is: For some reason or another fighting off the zombie horde has made you resist to becoming them giving you a -1050% chance of becoming human each time you get stuck with a syringe. Note: the Percentage is debatable

Me personally I'm an idiot and i hate searching for people with syringes. This way not only does it counter the zombie’s brain rot but also still has a 50% chance you'll rise as a zombie to not completely eliminate that atmosphere of fear

So you must be level idiot to use this fucking skill. If you're level idiot you must love your survivor enough to want him to live

Left Queue: 00:53, 14 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Change "Stand Up" to "Pay Death Penalty" or "Wake Up"

Timestamp: 15:19, 13 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Game Mechanic
Scope: Zombies and Survivors
PREFACE - This is not a duplicate prejection. It is a breakdown of a former large, 4-point prejection into 3 separate prejections. This prejection does not require a reset of the game to implement.

CURRENT STATE - When any character, Survivor or Zombie, dies or is revived, they are penalized by a 1, 6, 10, or 15 AP cost to stand up depending on whether they have Ankle Grab or were killed by a Head Shot. This gives them anywhere from 35-49 AP to spend for the rest of the day. When the player clicks "Stand Up", the AP cost is subtracted from their character and they are standing up and vulnerable.
PROPOSED CHANGE - Instead of seeing a "Stand Up" button, the player is presented with a "Pay Penalty" button. This button subtracts the AP cost (1, 6, 10, 15) from the player's AP total. The key here is that the character is not standing up after the button is pressed. The character is still a body and therefore is NOT vulnerable. His next move, whatever it is, is treated as a normal move; he will no longer appear as a body and may move around. This gives the player the option to stay as a body for the time it takes to re-acquire the lost APs he just spent paying the penalty for dying without the threat of getting killed again and penalized again.
WHAT THIS MEANS - Someone can get killed. Then he can sign in and pay the penalty and not worry about getting to a safehouse. Then he can sign in later and play with his full 50 APs. All death becomes then is simply a delay from gameplay. NOTES - The option of raising the AP limit of the dead is not a better solution: APs are a factor used for game usage, not an aspect of any character, and should be treated as such.

Left Queue: 07:50, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Base the XP Bonus for Killing on the Target's Level

Timestamp: 15:19, 13 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Game Mechanic
Scope: Zombies and Survivors
Description: PREFACE - This is not a duplicate prejection. It is a breakdown of a former large, 4-point prejection into 3 separate prejections. This prejection does not require a reset of the game to implement.

CURRENT STATE - XP is gained through damage caused, and if a target is killed, the attacker gains a flat +10 XP bonus. Other than a target having a different defense, there is no incentive to attack a higher level character vs. a lower level character.
PROPOSED CHANGE - The XP bonus for killing is based on ONE HALF of the target's Level, rounded up. If a Zombie kills a Level 5 Survivor, he gains an additional +3XP. A PK'er does not get any bonus for killing one of his own. If a Survivor kills a Level 5 Survivor, he gains 0 additional XP.
WHAT THIS MEANS - Higher level characters become valuable targets. Attackers will go after those targets who have the highest level in a group, rather than just joe-blow target. PK'ers are also curbed. Overall, the gain is less XP, but since Separate Zombie/Survivor levels are not implemented, this bonus could be up to 15 or 16 XP for killing a maxxed-out character, who should know better than to get killed.
ZOMBIE INDIVIDUALITY ISSUE - This is more of a bonus for Zombies than Survivors, since Zombies are not individually selectable. Zombies would need to be made distinguishable in order for this to be more beneficial to Survivors.

Left Queue: 07:50, 27 April 2006 (BST)


Timestamp: 15:34, 13 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: Suvivors
Description: This subskill of Bodybuilding would increase the chance of landing a punch to 50%. This makes it less useful than the axe in all situations except when the target has 1hp left. Then it'd make sense to switch to punches for an additional 10% chance of success. Since death for a zombie is merely getting knocked down and stunned for a while think of this as a weakened zombie being knocked off its feet by a strong blow. Note there is another prejection that has this same skill and numbers but it is tied to a seperate skill called Martial Arts. This is different in that it is seperating Boxing and having it be voted on alone.
Left Queue: 07:50, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Assess threat

Timestamp: 16:41, 13 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: Zombie Hunters
Description: Requires Diagnosis skill. HP's of recognized Zombies (ie in your contact list) are displayed next to ther names just like with Diagnosis, and so are the HP of the topmost zed in the "stack"

Alternatively, would not require Diagnosis but have two tiers like in Scent Fear/Scent Blood Zombie skills. (Tier 1: Recognized Zombies below 25 HP are displayed as "falling apart" in the location description, Tier 2 displays HP information.)

--The Fifth Horseman 16:59, 13 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Left Queue: 07:50, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Throw Knife

Timestamp: 21:32, 13 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Survivor Skill
Scope: Survivors
Description: We all know knives are useless when compared to the fire axe. Rather than adding a new knife type (leaving the kitchen knife just as useless) or adjusting the current knife's hit rate/damage, why not add a new skill that allows the knife to be used as consumable ammo? This would be a subskill of knife combat, and would appear under the attack menu as knife (throw). The survivor would then lose the knife but get the chance to do triple damage (6) for that attack with the same hit rate (40%); about as effective as a single pistol shot. This would make kitchen knives uniquely useful in their ability to be used as a slightly dumbed down melee weapon or a consumable thrown weapon.
Left Queue: 07:50, 27 April 2006 (BST)

14th January 2006

mini server

Timestamp: 10:00, 14 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Sales
Scope: The Game Itself
Description: I have turned on a few friends of mine to Urban Dead, and we enjoy the day-to-day quickplay style. (It's a great timewaster for work!) However, there's a general concensus that 1) We're not fans of the limited AP and, 2) We're selfish bastards and want a select group of players. (This is no offense to any other players out there. I've met some cool ones in game.) But, instead of trying to get the game for thousands to change for a few, how about the option to buy a private version of the game to facilite the tastes of those few?

What I am suggesting is a miniature version of Urban Dead that is stylized for the game play of a few hundred characters instead of thousands. Arbitrarily, I would suggest a mini-map of four neighborhoods, each the regular 10x10 grid size. The main feature would be customizitions of the game. The admin can change AP, maximum hits per IP address, number of characters per user, XP costs, weapon chances, etc, according to his group's tastes. This would also have the secondary benefit of saving bandwidth for the original Urban Dead site.

I would be more than willing to spend $50 or more for such a program I can add to my website, and dedicate to just friends. If a buddy wanted to build their own survivor group or zombie horde, fine. If I wanted, as an admin, to make axes do more damage, sure. Ultimately, we would be able to cater the game to our tastes, as others could do with their own version of the game.

A secondary prejection is to sell the Mini Urban Dead game for cheap (or free), but anyone who wants to play must donate to Urban Dead, and get a key code to play on another server. Whether the first or latter option, this would help assure money continues to make its way to the creators.

Left Queue: 07:51, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Possible Headshot Revision prejection

Timestamp: 18:03, 14 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Headshot Penalty Change
Scope: Headshots
Description: The problem I have with headshots is that they, you know, should kill a zombie. You take out the brain and the zombie dies, the movies tell us this, as do other games and books and so forth.

So, here's my prejection. Headshots kill zombies. Don't confuse this with removing a zombie completely from the game, I have a different idea than that: Why not make Headshots move a zombie in a random direction a few blocks away, possibly towards less-zombie dense block? The game would print a message when this happens along the line of "You took a Headshot from <name of killer> the Zombie Hunter! Your world goes black as your brains splatter on the pavement." followed by "You awaken as a newly risen zombie." The new zombie, for all intensive purposes, would be functionally identical to your old one. Same skills, same description, same amount of AP and XP same everything. Have the corpse leave a body that will vanish after a set period of time, a corpse that is indistinguishable from other, normal zombie corpses. Normal deaths would function as normal, as the way I see it, non-Headshot zombie deaths are inexpert hits that don't take out the zombie permanently.

So, remove or (more likely) reduce the AP penalty. The penalty becomes suddenly finding yourself down on the ground some random number of blocks away (not too large as to completely throw the player off, but not too small as to make it very easy to stand up and get right back into a horde attack with minimal inconvenience). The normal death penalty should still apply, of course. This way, the game becomes more realistic too, as when fighting off a horde of zombies, the expertly Headshotted ones fall and die off, and are replaced by new (the same player's) zombies rambling in from another block.--Hamelin 18:03, 14 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Left Queue: 07:51, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Scaled Skills

Timestamp: 18:55, 14 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skills
Scope: Maxed-out or high-level Survivors and Zombies
Description: There are an increasing number of characters out there with vast amounts of unused XP (in the hundreds and thousands of XP) for one reason or another. With this prejection, being level 15+ opens up a new class of skills that alter the fundamental statistics of a character. Each skill would cost 200XP or more, and cross over between human and zombie characters. a maximum of 5 skills from this section may be taken - :

Fortitude: The character gains +5 maximum HP every time this is purchased, to a maximum of +20 (yes, I know this allows HP80 characters - but they can still be taken down (given the right circumstances) in a day, and they become an immediate target for the other side during a siege - slightly favours zombies, but that I will address with another prejection)

Agility: Every time this is purchased, the character's maximum AP is increased by 5, up to +10 (I was going to increase the rate at which AP are generated, but that would be vastly unfair to people who only log in once a day)

Eagle-Eyed: +5% to search chances (crosses over, technically, but dosen't do any good as Zombies can't search. Maximum of +20% to search chances)

"But...Why?" - Because this forces (or rather, allows) people to choose how they want their character to develop - do you go for the straight +25 HP, or +15 and an extra 10 max AP? or +5HP, +10 max AP and +10 to search odds? they all have their advantages (a healer with Agility (II) and Eagle-Eyed (III) would be very, very efficient, especially assuming a mall and a maxed out Shopping skill subtree. Likewise, military types can choose between being a tank, a high-speed killer, or someone vastly more efficient at finding ammo

Left Queue: 07:51, 27 April 2006 (BST)


Timestamp: 21:25, 14 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Zombie Hunter Skill
Scope: Zombie Hunters
Description: Allows survivors with this skill the option to squint in an cardinal direction (i.e. North, East, South or West) at a cost of 1 AP. The total number of survivors and zombies in the three block outside of the normal range of view in the direction you squinted at will be totaled, and a descriptive output message will be displayed. Actual totals will not be displayed. This would help survivors decide on which direction they should move. This should be an advanced survival skill, because it requires lots of on the ground experience to be able to decifer which shadowy figures in the distance are zombies and which ones are survivors. This skill should not cross over to zombies, because it is a vision based skill and not a olfactory one. Zombies already have a couple of tracking type skills under the scent fear tree, so it should not change the game balance terribly.

Possible output message may include:

"Squinting to the north/east/south/west, you see a couple/few/several/many/hordes of zombies and a few a couple/few/several/many/army of survivors far away."

"After surveying the lands you realize how truly alone you are."

"With a sigh of relief you see that there is/are a couple/few/several/many/army of fellow survivors to the north/east/south/west."

"Your blood quickens as you realize there is/are a couple/few/several/many/hordes of zombies to the north/east/south/west."

Left Queue: 07:51, 27 April 2006 (BST)

15th January 2006

Item Crafting

Timestamp: Jan 15th, 5AM GMT
Type: Skill
Scope: Humans and zombies
Description: Allright. I tossed this idea around in my head a bit, and finally decided to suggest it. Why not have a game feature that allowed you to make your own items? How this would work, is through randomly searching a place, like a Police Department, you will find something like, for example, a SHOTGUN BARREL, and a SHOTGUN TRIGGER (Sorry, I don't know the exact parts of a shotgun). Combine these and get a SHOTGUN. Combined items may have better attributes than pre-made items, such as slightly higher accuracy, or slightly higher damage, or WORSE attributes.. For weapons, there could be addons, such as combining a flashlight with a firearm would give it a temporary boost in Accuracy. Also, another proposed use for this is to fix broken weapons that can be randomly found in a PD/Mall. Such as a broken Pistol. The game would tell you what part is needed to fix the weapon, and once fixed, would have the same properties as something that was crafted (random attributes), but the boost/degrade wouldn't be as high as something that was crafted from scratch. This would give both zombies and humans something to do, as in constantly searching for items and trying to make the items with the best attributes.DarkShines
Left Queue: 07:52, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Basic Skill Increase for Zombies

Timestamp: 11:55, 15 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill Increase
Scope: Zombies, Class
Description: Basically, zombies are an inferior class that a lot of people complain about openly. I think one of the easiest ways to deal with 'Zombies on strike' and other such groups would be to allow them to level up faster so that they can get access to skills like lurching gait more quickly. I turned to a zombie recently and ecided to stay that way for a bit. Because I did not start off as a zombie I find that it ussually takes 15 AP to stand up, 2 AP to move one square, Hundreds of AP to break down a barricade (very rare to just find people wandering the street now-a-days) and even then I have only a 20% chance to hit with my best weapon. That isn't balanced at all, obviously. I realise the value of a slower zombie and that barricades force the Zeds to work together but only a 20% chance to hit is awful. I've been a zombie for about a week now and have been attacking other zombies and what survivors I can find for pretty much all that time and still have only garnished 50 or so XP. Then I'll get Vigour Mortis and only go up to a 40% chance to hit. As a survivor, I can go up a level a day if I'm lucky. I think the best way to balance the Zeds is to allow them the ability to try and level up just as fast as a survivor, either in that they only need 50XP for a new skill (but skills remain the same) or that it takes 100XP to buy a skill but a fresh zombie starts with at least a 35% chance to hit with HANDS. This makes them a lot more like weakened Firemen and therefore more capable.
Left Queue: 07:52, 27 April 2006 (BST)


Timestamp: 17:56, 15 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Game Change
Scope: Survivors, Zombies
Description: Your body is made up of billions of cells. In order to make more of themselves, cells undergo asexual reproduction where they divide. This is called mitosis. This process required energy, as well as the materials required for the cell to grow and reproduce its organelles. Your cells divide in order to replace dead or missing cells and to allow you to grow. When part of your body is damaged, your cells reproduce to replace the lost cells. When you are cold, your body needs to use more energy to maintain your regular body temperature, about 98.6 degrees farenheit. Therefore, your body cannot heal itself as quickly. This is one of the many reasons why fire was so important to humans.

I suggest that survivors are able to heal slowly, at a rate of 1 HP every half hour. I suggest that survivors that are outside do not heal like this, seeing as their body needs to spend more energy to keep itselt warm. When a portable generator is set up and is running in the building they are in they gain two HP every half hour instead of one.

This would apply to zombies, as well, however, only after they have gained the skill "mitosis". Mitosis would need to be a skill for a zombie seeing as the cells of a regular dead body do not divide because they are dead.

Left Queue: 07:52, 27 April 2006 (BST)

16th January, 2006

Variable AP for Searches

Timestamp: 20:26, 16 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: UI improvement
Scope: Survivors
Description: An option to increase the AP used to perform a search so that the search is performed multiple times with one click of the button, rather than clicking the button for each search. Note that this does not increase the success rate of a search, it just allows you to search multiple times with a single click.
Left Queue: 21:16, 16 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Exhausted Lurch

Timestamp: 03:52, 16 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: innate ability
Scope: All Survivors
Description: When I first made a charachter, way back whenever, it was killed off immediately because it got dropped in a highly infected area, and I ran out of AP searching for a place to hide. I can't be the only one to get slightly annoyed when they miscalculate (or the only one to miscalculate) and land infront of a building that would otherwise be a safehouse before passing out. My prejection is an innate ability that would allow low-level survivors who, say, get dropped in a completely infected area, with one building that has barricades anywhere nearby, and they spend their entire stock of AP finding it, only to pass out and get eaten right infront of it. If a player passes out in front of a building, they're given the "Exhausted Lurch" or "Last Chance" or whatever option to have their charachter exhaustedly scramble over the barricades and pass out on the floor
Left Queue: 07:53, 27 April 2006 (BST)


Timestamp: 04:42, 16 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Innate Ability and a bit of realism?
Scope: Everyone
Description: It always struck me as odd how even in buildings with doors wide open, survivors would be standing in plain view. Anything with a brain would probably try to find some place to hide, wouldn’t they?

Add an innate ability for survivors to hide in buildings. A command such as ‘Find hiding place’ (or a plainer ‘Hide’) will allow survivors to look for places to hide while resting. Hiding spots are not guaranteed, maybe a 20-30% chance of finding one with a cost of 2AP. Heavily barricaded and populated buildings will not allow players to hide in them, or all buildings have a set number of hiding places. Using an action will result in the survivor being revealed.

In order to prevent survivors from being completely immune to zombie attacks while logged out, these hiding places can be found multiple ways. There would be a 20-ish % chance that a hidden survivor will be spotted by a zombie when they enter a building. [i.e. You find someone snoring under a pile of rubble.] Also, add a search command costing 1AP for zombies that allow them to find hidden survivors with a 30-40-ish % success rate. Scent fear, scent blood and scent trail will all raise the chances of finding hiding spots. Maybe each of the skills could be for different uses, such as scent fear spots survivors who recently engaged with a zombie, blood spots those under a certain HP. Or just adding 5-10% for each skill owned.

This prejection is for beginner survivors who cannot find a safe house to stay the night at, allowing them a larger chance for survival. This shouldn’t be unbalanced, atleast from what I can think of, as zombies can find hidden survivors pretty easily, just not as much.

Left Queue: 07:53, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Shotgun Shell to Shotgun Slug

Timestamp: 06:49, 16 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Name Change
Scope: Shotgun Shell
Description: Seeing the prejections about shotguns actually firing shot (a good idea, imo), why don't we just rename all currently ingame 'shotgun shells' to 'shotgun slugs'? Makes more sense, doesn't affect gameplay as it's a simple name change. Slugs are more an 'all or nothing' deal whereas a shot shell fires a spread of shot.

So, in summation:

What is done - Renames an item.

Good Effects - A bit more realistic, 'slug' is one character shorter than 'shell'.

Bad Effects - Time of implementation. Which kind of applies to every prejection.

Vote away.

Left Queue: 07:53, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Zombie speech, Human Speech

Timestamp: 015:20, 16 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: speech
Scope: Zombies and Humans
Description: This prejection would represent a fundimental change to the game. Simply put, I don't think that a reanimated corpse would have the ability to understand human speech and be able to read human writing.

At the same time, I also believe that zombies, like any other simple creature would be able to talk to each other with out the harmans understanding them.

As for the Human side of this prejection: Zombies would only hear gibberish when in the same room as a speaking Human. Example: "A Human spoke gibberish." or "A Survivor has written strange symbols on the wall before you." This would give the survivors a little bit of an advantage, being able to direct operations without Zombies being able to simply read the details. This of course would do nothing to stop Zombie spies who would simply relay the messages back anyways, but I believe it adds a taste of realism.

Now the Zombies also would benifit from this. Just like dogs or any other creature, Zeds could speak to each other with out the dirty Harmans understanding. They would be able to speak full sentences, just like humans, but a survivor in the room would simply hear: "Ghaarr! Ghrrr Mhr? Garrrr Ahhhh!" It would be unreconisable to human ears. This would give the Zeds a chance to organize in the game, the same way surviviors do. Speaking of course would still cost 1 AP.

The last peice to this prejection, would be a new skill for Zombies that would allow them to understand Harman speech. Under the Zombie skill tree "Memories of Life" would be the skill "Understanding Human Speech" this would allow Zeds to start to understand the gibberish, but not completely. It would translate a sentance, but skip every fourth word. For example: "20 Zeds outside of the P.D. 50+ nearby vicinity, and the hospital is overrun!" would become: "20 Zeds outside .. the P.D. 50+ ...... vicinity, and the ........ is overrun!" This would give the Zombies a little bit of the puzzle, but not the whole thing (This should be fun in itself, just trying to decifer the messages!)

There would be no Human skill that translate Zombie speech, until we can understand dogs and cats, we cant understand Zombies either!

Left Queue: 07:53, 27 April 2006 (BST)

17th January, 2006

Profile Picture

Timestamp: 16:15, 17 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Improvement
Scope: Zombies and Survivors
Description: I think it would be great is players were able to post a picture/drawing of their character in their characters profile. Sometimes players are curious as to whom they are fighting against or along side with, and some people are just curious as to what other characters look like.
Left Queue: 16:36, 17 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Antidote Vial

Timestamp: 21:35, 17 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Item / Balance change
Scope: Survivor
Description: Antidote is an item used to cure infection in a single use, it can only be found in Necrotech Labs and when used on other infected survivors, the administer earns 10XP. Using FAKs (First Aid Kits) no longer cures infection in a single use (perhaps multiple uses, say 3 FAKS?) The use of a FAK will hold off the HP damage caused by infection for 10 or 15 moves/action point usage (excluding speech) This would help balance up the NecroTech Lab Assistant character class, as one of the harder starting character classes because of their vunerability at lower levels. Because they start the game with the ability to identify NecroTech Labs. This gives them an advantage in being more likely to find antidote vials. But perhaps, to help balance things, restrict all characters to being able to carry a maximum of 5 Antidote vials or restrict the use of the DNA Extracter to one use per zombie. This should prevent NecroTech Lab Assistants in getting too much of an XP advantage. But would help their vunerability to attacks (infection in particular), if they can easily cure themselves.
Left Queue: 07:56, 27 April 2006 (BST)

18th January, 2006

Even heavier level of barricades

Timestamp: 03:53, 18 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: w/e
Scope: It affects everyone. EVERYONE!
Description: Basically, a proposition for an even heavier level of barricades that can be only accessed by going outside to barricade the building.
Left Queue: 10:11, 18 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Urban Dead Wiki Skin

Timestamp: 00:09, 18 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Visual change
Scope: The Wiki
Description: Make an available Wiki skin the pink-on-grey Urban Dead color scheme.

This will be an OPTION. Nobody will be forced to use the skin. Skins are already selectable in Preferences.

Left Queue: 07:56, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Chains and Wirecutters

Timestamp: 08:08, 18 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Item
Scope: Survivors
Description: The idea of chains has been suggested before but here's a new way of using them. I suggest adding an item to the game called chains, which can be found in hardware stores, warehouses, and junkyards. These can be used to chain a door shut which can been seen in the building description as "The building has been (barricade level) barricaded and is chained shut." Chaining a door does absolutely nothing to a zombie's ability to break through it. When a zombie completely breaks down a barricade (the door need not be opened) the chain automatically snaps off under the pressure, the chain at no point impedes zombies. What it would do is this: survivors would be unable to attack the barricades of a chained building if they are at very strongly or lower. The chains simply impede them too much once the barricades are that small, larger barricades can be attacked because they are too large for the chains to cover. The barricades themselves are being chained down to add extra support, the door itself is not chained shut which explains why survivors can still enter. A malicious survivor would be able to remove chains with wirecutters, costing 1AP and only usable from within the building. Using wirecutters on chains would leave this message for other survivors: "There is a loud noise as [survivorname] walks up to the door and cuts the chains off it." Once the chains are gone the barricades could be attacked as normal. Chains would have the effect of revealing barricade destroyers among survivors, they would not hurt zombies nor mark survivors that only attack barricades to allow entry. You could still barricade a building with chains. I know you can fire a shotgun in a building and nobody else will hear it but since they're guarding the front door vigilantly it makes sense they'd be able to spot someone making an obvious racket as they try to cut through chains on it. Why should people be able to attack their peers in completely anonymous ways? This way if someone wants to destroy barricades for some roleplay reason they still can and they can also roleplay getting enemies in the process. I doubt this would result in spam since PKers (and BKers) are a minority and only gives one message per chain destroyed and only when destroyed with wirecutters. They wouldn't be replaced and destroyed quickly enough for most people to see one more than one of these messages once in a while.
Left Queue: 07:56, 27 April 2006 (BST)


Timestamp: 13:31, 18 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: Humans and Zombies
Description: Sorry about the rather boring name for this skill, but I had to call it something.

This prejection comes from the experiences I have had playing both human and zombie characters. There are times when the game map will display the name of a survivor/s and a zombie/s in the same square, and at present there is no way to be certain what the nature of their interaction is - a sample being extracted, a zombie attacking the survivor etc. Obviously different players and characters would have different reasons for wanting to know what is happening, which is why a skill available for purchase that would allow a player to 'see' what is happening would be valuable (to humans and zombies).

In the event that the characters are fighting, I don't think that any kind of information about HP should be relayed, although if weapons/teeth were involved it would add some flavour to the game if this were included in the information. The text could run along the lines of "You see Human X swing their fire axe at Zombie Y" or "You see Zombie Y lunge at Human X with their claws", and so as not to reveal the amount of HP lost, this text could appear everytime a move is made. Obviously if one of the characters were to be killed then this would be clearly visible, just as it is already, but by not revealing HP, characters with Scent Blood/Diagnosis would not lose the edge that these skills give them.

The range for this skill could extend as far as every adjacent block, but the block into which the player wishes to see would have to be selected, so only the action in one block would be visible at a time. It could cost 1AP to use, rather than being an inate ability once purchased, as having to choose to use it would cut down on any problems associated with text spam.

Whether or not this skill could be used if there were a group consisting only of humans or zombies is worth considering, as it could both encourage and discourage PKing and ZKing. Having said that, the mechanics of the game already allow for such acts to be committed, so in the same way that a human with the Diagnosis skill could use it to PK or heal more effectively, I don't think it is any more open to abuse than any other skill currently available.

Left Queue: 07:56, 27 April 2006 (BST)

19th January, 2006

Induce Coma

Timestamp: 19 Jan (missing from orig, added when moved)
Type: Item/Skill Addition
Scope: Survivors
Description: Survivors are able to enter a deep coma that makes their characters appear as corpses to any onlookers. This would be accomplished through a syringe found in hospitals or via a new skill in the first aid tree. Only usable inside hospitals. Waking from the Coma may require 25AP. This is primarily to offset the disadvantage survivors have when unable to check their accounts for a few days due to whatever and almost always checking back and discovering their death. By entering a comatose state, players can effectively remove themselves from the game for small absences of time.
Left Queue: 11:56, 31 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Walkie Talkies - Redux

Timestamp: 03:14, 19 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Item
Scope: Military, Police Officers, Firemen & Doctors
Description: This item, the walkie-talkie, would be found in Police Departments, Fire Departments, Hospitals, Armouries and Electronic Stores in Malls. Essentially, this item would allow players to communicate via an active chat with other players on-line at the time. Rather than the current mobile-phone network which is the equivalent of a very unreliable e-mail system, the walkie-talkie system allows constant chat whilst on-line, with no off-line message system. Different channels can be used to allow private conversations between survivors.

This 'chat' system would, obviously, take up players AP (say 1 AP per scan through frequencies and 1 AP to talk, same as talking to a player in the same vicinity), with regards to the player scanning frequencies for conversations and also talking through the walkie-talkie. The item itself could be either solar powered (thus forcing the player to spend a certain amount of turns outside of a building to charge the walkie-talkie fully) or powered through a cable/adaptor (seperate item - possibly available from hardware/electronics stores within malls) from a portable generator.

The max characters within each chat message would remian constant, i.e., as it is with talking to survivors within a room/area

This system essentially would allow for survivors to access conversations from a set area (say a 4x4 suburb area), thus enabling the location of other survivors or to request for help.

To add fairness, zombies on-line who possessed this item before they died and were converted would be able to listen in on the conversations (the idea is that the walkie-talkies would be on constantly) but not able to hear a set number of words out of a larger set (say only 1/4 of the words) NB - This would merely be to add balance, as well as the fact that zombies would not be able to operate such equipment i.e., scanning through frequencies, etc. This adds a level of fairness as some zombies may learn peoples locations. Also they then know that survivors are within the set broadcast area.

Left Queue: 05:44, 9 Feb 2006 (GMT)

Ease Human-Zombie/Zombie-Human Conversions

Timestamp: 08:22, 19 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Balance change
Scope: This applies to zombies who wish to become human, and humans who wish to become zombies. Specifically, this eases the transition a bit.
Description: It's nearly impossible for "newly converted" characters (i.e. surivors-turned-zombies, and zombies-turned-survivors) to progress at any reasonable pace without any skills to aid them. This ultimately leads to characters stockpiling XP, whereupon they switch sides and suddenly gain several new skills. This, of course, does not encourage newly-slain/revived survivors/zombies to behave as their current race--their utter lack of abilities tends to make them seek out revive points (or ways to die, as the case may be).

This suggestion aims to ease the pain felt by new converts, which should encourage players to behave in manners more becoming their respective life.

  • As zombies, characters with no zombie skills gain small amounts of XP (say, 3 XP) for successfully damaging barricades--but only until they gain 100 XP. This will allow these newly-converted players to buy a skill without spending weeks upon weeks tediously and ineffectually hunting for victims with a pathetic 20%, 2 damage attack.
  • As survivors, characters with no survivor skills gain small amounts of XP (say, 3 XP) for successfully searching for items--but only until they gain 100 XP. This allows newly-revived zombies to buy crucial survivor skills such as Free Running, Hand-to-Hand combat, Shopping, etc., without having to spend weeks upon weeks tediously searching for First Aid Kits and others to heal, or attacking zombies with pitifully ineffectual weapons.

Obviously, as soon as the player has both a survivor and zombie skill, or has 100 unspent XP as a skill-less zombie/survivor, this benefit permanently disappears for that character. This suggestion is intended to encourage players to behave in a more appropriate manner for their current state of being (brain-eater, or warm-blooded biped) instead of stockpiling XP and suddenly converting from one side to another.

To preemptively address concerns such as "This would allow players to level up more quickly, by gaining 100 XP and switching to the other side before they spend it, thereby defeating the '...with no skills' limitation.'" To this, I say no, it wouldn't--it would still take a reasonable amount of time to gain the XP--more time than gaining XP "normally", but much less than gaining XP as a skill-less character. Plus, the benefit disappears as soon as they've aquired 100 unspent XP, making it a one-time-only bonus anyway.

Left Queue: 05:47, 9 Feb 2006 (GMT)

20th January 2006


Timestamp: 18:26, January 20th 2006 (GMT)
Type: item
Scope: survivors
Description: Fires are used like portable generators. They provide small light, can cook food, and can just be used for role-playing purposes. Zombies can identify it by the flickering light or the rising smoke. Fire may also spread, and can damage your character by one point.
Left Queue: 03:27, 20 Jan 2006 (GMT)

EDITED: single target menu for all non-weapon items in return for full list of survivors

Timestamp: 21:08, 20 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: interface change
Scope: item organization + list of survivors
Description: I suggest to bring back the list of all survivors and instead remove drop-down menus from items that require a target(first aid kits, DNA extractors, syringes) and combine them similar to Attack line. It would look like this:

[Apply] [list of items] to [list of targets]

This way list of targets would not be repeated again and again, which would save some traffic. Is it a fair trade-off? This would also make the interface more organized.

Left Queue: 08:00, 27 April 2006 (BST)

21st January 2006

Rotten Meat

Timestamp: 12:53, 20 January 2006
Type: Item
Scope: Zombies
Description: A piece of torn rotten meat, possible came from a corpse. While useless (and disgusting) to survivors, zombies can eat the rotten meat to heal 1 hit point. Rotten meat can be most likely found in hospitals, graveyards, and the city zoo.
Left Queue: 05:15, 21 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Knife Mastery

Timestamp: 06:31, 21 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: Survivors, Military
Description: Knives are currently useless in game. Previous prejection that raise the damage per AP spent to the point that it surpasses the axe would make the axe useless. Therefore I don't think the way to improve knives is with a skill that improves either damage dealt or hit ratio. Knife Mastery would be a subskill of Knife Combat and would take advantage of knives being a far faster weapon to use than an axe. A person with knife mastery could either attack normally with a knife or could spend 5AP and attack 5 times with a single click, normal attack percentages applying to each attack. Now I know what you're thinking: "Woah! Woah! Hold on! A skill that let's you do multiple attacks with a single click? This would make combat unbalanced! You could click and kill off enemies before they had a chance to respond!" It's a valid concern but consider this: the average damage per 5AP spent with a knife is only 4hp. The maximum damage you could do in a day would be 40hp and it would still take 10 clicks, giving your opponent time to respond or flee. Knives would be useful in live combat but come with a steep price. If you could weaken a foe with a shotgun or fight an already wounded zombie a survivor would have a fighting chance at expelling them from their safehouse by dealing more damage in a shorter period of time with the knife at the cost of doing far less damage overall than they would have if they used the axe. This would make knives useful but keep the axe as the preferred melee weapon except in rare situations when encountering an active foe that needs to be defeated ASAP.
Left Queue: 08:01, 27 April 2006 (BST)


22nd January 2006

Return full list of survivors in overcrowded blocks

Timestamp: 05:41, 22 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: interface change
Scope: players in blocks with 50+ survivors
Description: What to change: Return full list of survivors in overcrowded(50+ survivors) blocks

Why this change is needed: The full list allows players:

  • who has diagnosis/scent blood/scent fear skill to identify wounded survivors
  • to find familiar survivors easily
  • to find most recently active survivors


  • This suggestion opposes a recent change, that is claimed to reduce server load. But I noticed that we still get the full list of survivors in every drop-down menu. If it is a DB issue then that change didn't make any differense, because the server still needs to get all names in the block. On the other hand, if it is a traffic issue, then somebody should consider removing duplicate survivor lists from item drop-down menus and combining them into more compact form.

Edited: Please, argument your votes. Say what YOU think about this suggestion, not Kevan.

Left Queue: 08:12, 22 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Show HP in FAK drop-down

Timestamp: 03:36, 22 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Interface
Scope: Survivors with diagnosis and FAK(s)
Description: For players who have diagnosis, show the HP of survivors in the First Aid Kit drop-down menu.
Left Queue: 08:01, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Increase size of shotgun in the inventory

Timestamp: 18:26, 22 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: W/e
Scope: Survivors
Description: Increase shotgun size to at least 3 slots.
Left Queue: 08:01, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Lessen Search Percent in the dark

Timestamp: 23:11, 22 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Realistic Values
Scope: Survivors
Description: When survivors search in the darkness, lesson the search percentages to find an object by 15% unless it is day (From 6:00 am to 8:00 pm in-game time) or if there is a working generator in the same room to turn on the lights. *edit* I changed the bloody o in lesson to e to make lessen >_>. And yea I do see your point about it... I'm going to in like 2 days revise this to make it better.
Left Queue: 08:01, 27 April 2006 (BST)

23rd January 2006

Use For Wirecutters?

Timestamp: 22:09, 22 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Improvement
Scope: Portable Generators
Description: Well, everyone knows that wirecutters are completely useless items. But, what if they could be used to cut off connections from a generator to something important, like Necronet? Of course, there would be a very high chance (80%) that you would cut the wire needed to keep the lights on instead, resulting instead in some very disgruntled librarians. Speaking of which, what about having buildings without a working portable generator that provides light make you unable to read? I doubt that'd be too much of an issue, just more of a flavor text thing. "Didn't your mother ever tell you not to read with the lights out?"
Left Queue: 04:41, 23 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Coagulated Zombies

Timestamp: 08:56, 23 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: Zombies
Description: Skill under Brain Rot. The skill allows a zombie to adhere itself to another zombie and boosting that zombie's maximum health by 40, but ONLY maximum health, and costs 40 AP to activate. In addition, the zombie that has been adhered to splits exp earned amongst all adhered zombies.

So therefore, if the zombies chose to, 10 zombies with 40 spare AP could adhere to a single zombie to create one gargantuan zombie with 450 HP, but otherwise unchanged battle statistics. When that zombie dies, all the zombies adhered also die and fall off, creating a pile of 11 bodies.

Why? Good question, actually. This came to mind after attempting to beat the zombie beast giant in RE4 and losing (again!). I suppose if you don't have time to play UD one day as a zed you could quickly adhere yourself to another zombie.

On a side note adhered zombies still must login within 5 days (i.e. remain active) or else I'd assume they would slough off.

Left Queue: 13:52, 23 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Horde Mentality

Timestamp: 08:37, 23 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: Zombies
Description: This is a prejection following the "give zombies fun ways to play that don't make them directly more powerful" philosophy. A zombie with Horde Mentality is a classic zombie drone, going along with the crowd. They tend to stick together (as the zombie's in Kevan's simulator do) and attack around the same time. Here's the mechanics of it: A zombie with this skill would have a button labeled "Hunting Cycle". Clicking it would cost 1AP and permanently record the time the zombie player clicked it. Zombies with this skill would have another button: "Horde Mentality" which would also cost 1AP to click. Clicking this button would give you how long until the average time the other zombies with Horde Mentality in that location set their Hunting Cycle for, to the half hour. It might appear like this: "You sense that of X zombies many will be active in around eight and a half hours." A zombie would be able to change the time of their Hunting Cycle. After pressing hunting cycle that button would replaced by one labeled "Feral", also costing 1AP. Clicking it would clear their Hunting Cycle and leave them out of the average calculated with the "Horde Mentality" button. This would replace the "Feral" with the "Hunting Cycle" button and allow them to reset it again at their will.

What would this do? It would allow feral zombies and zombies not organized out of game to conduct rudimentary planning with each other. A zombie player outside a safehouse might waste their efforts weakening the safehouse at a time far from the active hours of most of the horde, and have it rebuilt before anyone else logs on. This way if the player sees that their efforts would do the most good in five hours they could save their AP for that time. It would not penalize people in any one time zone because it's based off of the availability of the players, not any selective way of reading time. It would also not penalize people unable to log in at a later time because they would not be forced to follow the horde mentality and could attack whenever they want or find a horde that suits their schedule better. If zombie players also suspected human spies or didn't want their hour of activity known they could turn their Hunting Cycle off and on at will. I think this would greatly add the zombie cause with the power of information, not brute force. At the same time it only provides an average time between many players coming on at different hours so while it'd make zombie timing far better it wouldn't provide a precise moment for barricades to be overrun by all the zombies at once. Feeding Groan should be a prerequisite skill.

Left Queue: 08:03, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Calloused Claw

Timestamp: 16:27, 23 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill and Ballance
Scope: Zombie
Description: This would be a skill for zombies that would give them an additional 15% chance to knock down barricades. You first must purchase the Rend Flesh skill (so Calloused Claw is a third tier skill.)This skill is a very simple balance change as barricades are too powerful as they stand. While it makes sense that it would be the strongest survivor skill, on average it takes 4 AP of a Zombie to knock down 1 AP worth of barricade. This makes an Extremely Heavily barricade building take approximately 50 AP to knock down to secure doors.

The motivation for this skill is that as it currently stands, a lone zombie has a very difficult time making experience, and must either wait for the stranded survivor or wait until a horde cracks open a building. If this skill was implemented then instead of 50 AP it would take on average 32 AP to knock down the barricades, making it possible for the lone zombie to gain some small experience. Hordes, which already have no problem breaking down barricades, would find this skill of little help as an additional 18 AP for one member is not important. This skill would also address the growing practice of dummy barricades that is taking place in several of the contested suburbs.

P.S. A better name then Calloused Claw would be helpful if anybody has any prejections.

Left Queue: 08:03, 27 April 2006 (BST)

24th January, 2006

Familiar Scent 2.0

Timestamp: 15:38, 24 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: Sub-skill to scent trail
Description: To aid with hording zombies, this skill have a better index of smells they can identify including some they knew in life. Any Zombie with this skill is notified of the location of all zombies or bodies on their contacts list as long as they are within 10 squares (5 if they are indoors) and all survivors on their contacts list, as long as they are within 1 square, in the same square if inside. This aids in being revived by friends, hording, and finding delicious gray matter. (May still be abused by zombie spies, but only to show what are dummy barricades and what arn?t.) To avoid Spam, names at the same locations would be grouped. NOTE: the player would not be able to tell whether they were going to a survivor, zombie, or body and would not cross over to survivors.
Left Queue: 08:04, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Window Watching

Timestamp: 23:31, 24 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: Survivor
Description: This new skill, either a civillian skill or under free running, would allow a survivor to look athe the conditions outside of his or her block, and some surrounding ones. With this skill, you would be able to, for one AP, see.

On your block and two chosen surrounding ones:

  • Number of survivors and zombies

On your block only

  • The past four things said by survivors
  • The past two things said by zombies
  • Who was attacking the barricades (survivor or zombie) and how many of each

This skill would not give any xp, it would simply allow a survivor to get outside information during a battle or seige. It would also stop someone from having to leave a heavily barricaded building.

Possible changes to the prejection:

  • Instead of the player choosing the other two blocks to vewi, they are chosen randomly
  • One or three extra blocks are shown isntead of two
  • You would only got an aprozimate number of people attacking the barricades
  • The higher barricaded the building you are in is, the more tries it takes to be able to see outside
    • Alternatively, it could make the numbers less accurate or restrict the number of extra blocks visible.

Sorry if there are any mistakes, thsi is my first prejection. All additions, changes, etc. are appreciated. Name sugegstions would also be appreciated.

Left Queue: 08:04, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Zombies and Axes

Timestamp: 23:37, 24 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Easier game experience/ realistic gameplay
Scope: Zombies
Description: Zombies should be able to use axe. The reason behind it is that zombies, just like how you see them with baseball bats (wait... when DID zombies have baseball bats?), crowbars, and pipe, has been seen with axes. This will not unbalance the game a bit considering that humans can use fireaxe too. Besides, with fully upgraded in EITHER skills, the experienced zombie would rather use the healing, yet infectious bite, or the higher attacking hands. So why use it? Simple, it helps the survivors that has decided to switch to zombies (or for worse times, accedently get killed and want to kill while waiting to revived) get a little more experience than the crummy .4 damage per ap. Also all axe skills gained as survivors carry on as zombie.
  • edit: *sigh* People arn't aparantly, in their reason why this shouldn't be made,not reading the whole thing. to answer a couple questions to help others to what I already explained. 1) Yes, axe skills will carry over. 2)Zombies can use blunt weapon if holding it when dead. 3)If zombies can use body building (survivor skill), then they can carry an axe. 4)It is not for experienced zombies, who like others said, has better skills. It is for survivors who want to carry over without waiting for the experience or has suffered a horrible fate and must wait as a zombie to be revived. 5 (which is the only arguable opinion that I could find))I can only admit that I have only played Resident Evil Outbreak and Resident Evil 4, but I know enough about the game industry that they were only changing zombies to normal people with leeches in their head because they were wanting a "twist" to interest gamers. They still pretty much do the same thing as a zombie (except for the fact that leeches pop out of their head sometime). To my knowledge: They do have weapons

Anymore need for explanation and I'll be happy to explain.

Left Queue: 08:04, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Factory Production

Timestamp: 19:04, 24 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: Survivor
Description: Seeing as it is now possible to use Necronet Access to produce syringes, why not open up some factories to the production of ammunition?

With the prevalence of PD's and Malls within the city, the ammo had to be made somewhere, so why not in some of the factories? This would help out as it would reduce the need for the creation of a trade system, seeing as the only things left that can be desperately traded is the ammo. This could also come with the new skill 'Factory Production', an expansion of the consumer skill set. The AP costs for production would be 20AP for a clip and 20AP for two shotgun shells.

Left Queue: 08:04, 27 April 2006 (BST)

25th January, 2006


Timestamp: 01:57, 25 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Spam Remover
Scope: Survivors since they do the searching
Description: After so long in the city of Malton, newspaper business are closed and all newspapers are nearly out of existance to this day. (This is just an example of what kevan should say, as this isn't the best description that has been, and kevan seems to be better at putting news on there than I).

I call that, even though newspaper provides realism, that they should just get rid of the newspapers. The reason being that newspapers provide absolutely no help (and I am not trying to say to get rid of all because at least they provide some methodes of help; books could give you 1 exp, weapons under fireaxe at least have a chance to do damage) to this city. Notice that this does not increase the search percentage of the other items you would see there, as this is only to stop picking up trash, not to give a higher chance of finding a FAK or something.

Left Queue: 02:35, 25 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Quickened Search

Timestamp: 16:03, 25 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: improvement
Scope: Survivors, server load
Description: When searching, instead of clicking 10 times for 1 AP to find a newspaper, it would be simpler if one clicked 1 time for 11 AP to find the same newspaper. This is the suggestion - i hope it is not a repetition, i couldn't find something like this in a quick glance:

A new civilian skill is added which allows a "quick search". This search costs the average AP (rounded up) that are necessary to find an item plus an extra AP. It is always successful, but has no influence on what is found then. It just reduces the amount of clicks needed to find something. This is win-win-win situation for survivors, zombies and the server: The server load would be decreased extremely. The survivors would have more fun as the annoying search procedure is shortened - though more costly. The zeds win because the survivors will have -on average- less AP available as they spend more on searching.

Left Queue: 17:33, 25 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Off The Roof

Timestamp: 09:45, 25 Jan 2006 (GMT -5)
Type: Improvement
Scope: Survivors
Description: Lets say your in a mall, or a police station, or a hospital, or any other place that would conceivably have roof access. For one AP you can click, go to roof. Once on the roof you can see the total number of standing bodies at the bottom. Possibly being able to identify amount human and amount zombie. You can then chuck debris off the roof. The chance of you hitting anything is equal to the number of bodies standing down there, maxing at 60%, so if your in a tower with 8 zombies at the bottom, its just a waste of your precious AP, but if ur in a mall, with 38 zombies at the bottom, and a sufficient number of humans, you can effectivley crack a few skulls. It would deal about 3 damage, and give an equal amount of xp. If you were barricaded in a mall surronded by zombies, wouldnt YOU throw stuff at them?
Left Queue: 05:58, 26 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Zombie Grab

Timestamp: 22:00, 25 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: Zombies
Description: I propose a new attack called "Grab" which has a 20% to hit and maybe 2 damage. To add to this, upon a successful attack, your to hit percentage for a Teeth attack would increase by 5%, or maybe 10%.

This would improve the usefullness of teeth, but not make it great, since you need to perform a 20% chance "Grab" first. It mainly adds more variation of attack for zombies.

This will not prevent an online survivor from running away.

Left Queue: 08:05, 27 April 2006 (BST)

26 Jan 2006

Using Guns

Timestamp: 17:48 26 Jan 2006
Type: Skill and balance change
Scope: All
Description: Now I know what people say when they read about a new gun, but just hear me out first.

Automatic Rifles should be introduced in the game for level 10 players to find, players needs 200XPs and has a low finding percentage like about 2% and it could be found in Armories only. The Automatic Rifles has a 30 bullets clip and it fires 3 bullets every turn, each bullet does 1 damage, So when a person fires its has 5% of 1 bullet hitting the target or 2 bullets or all 3. Now at the start accuracy is at 5% and the accuracy of this weapon can only be upgraded to 20%.

I also purpose that all gun jam, now a Pistol has a 10% chance of jamming, A shotgun has a 20% chance of jamming and the Automatic Rifle has a 30% chance of jamming. Now once a jam occurs a player can clear it or drop it, Pistols takes 1AP to clear the gun, shotguns takes 2APs and an Automatic Rifle takes 3 APs to clear.

Now I know after reading this you might still think that it?s unfair for the zombies. So I also think that zombies who have bought all the skills should be able to learn how to use guns, now zombies can only use pistols and Automatic Riles and they also need 200XP to buy this skill, and once the gun has jammed or run out of bullets they can not reload or clear it so it can not be reused and need to find another gun. For zombies at the start they have a 5% accuracy for both guns they can upgrade the pistol can only go up to 20% and the Automatic Rifle can only go up to 10%.(or 10% for pistols and the Automatic has only 5% accuracy and can not be upgraded).

I?m happy for any suggestions or changes to this.

Left Queue: 10:13, 26 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Cross-Species Skills

Timestamp: 17:47 26th January (GMT)
Type: general game balance
Scope: All Players
Description: One of the most enjoyable parts of Urban Dead is that you need to play both as a human and a zombie to reach the highest levels of both. Body Building can't be gotten as a Zombie. Ankle Grab can't be gotten as a human. However, there's a certain move towards full seperation of the classes in some suggestions (e.g. ) that'd basically eliminate the need to play both halves of the game.

]I'd like to suggest that Zombie and Human are further tied together, through the addition of more skills that affect both, instead of having the human skill that isn't partially replicated by zombies (Diagnosis/Scent tree) removed. ...Forgive me if this commenting on what type of things should be done in the game is inappropriate, but, well...

Left Queue: 18:53, 26 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Last Login

Timestamp: 18:01, 26 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Organisational Improvement
Scope: Profile
Description: Simply put, a category on the profile page that states when the character was last active. The data is already stored, so there would be very little work to implement.
Left Queue: 08:06, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Improved searching

Timestamp: 21:28 26 January, 2006 (GMT)
Type: Improvement
Scope: Humans
Description: I think that humans should have the option of begin more selective when searching a building. If you have 6 DNA extractors and are searching a Necrotech building for syringes, you wouldn't pick up another DNA extractor if you found it: you would just leave it alone. So, I suggest that when searching, humans have the option of only looking for certain items. The way it would work is: you could either do a general search of a building, in which you could find anything that the building holds, or you can specify a certain item that you want to look for. You'd only be able to look for items that you've found in that type of building before (So you wouldn't be able to look for first aid kits in hospitals until you had found one in a general search). The probability of finding that item wouldn't have to increase: I just think this would help reduce the frustration of having to either drop every item you don't want one by one, or leave it in your inventory to clog your screen.
Left Queue: 08:06, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Attacking Generator Without Wire Cutters More Difficult

Timestamp: 23:14, 26 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: New Item Use/Balance Tweak
Scope: Wire Cutters
Description: Looking at the response to the last version of my prejection, it looks like it's generally thought that destroying a generator is too easy, so no way of making it easier is needed. Therefore, might I suggest that wirecutters now do about the same damage to a generator as is currently done by weapons now, but all other attacks on a fairly sturdy, iron machine do less damage than currently? It'd give wirecutters a use and somewhat balance generator destruction problems.
  • Optional addition: Slight chance of receiving an electrical shock when using wire cutters on a powered generator
Left Queue: 08:06, 27 April 2006 (BST)

27th January 2006

Pack Instinct

Timestamp: 15:28, 27 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: Zombies
Description: It seems to me that the most powerful aspect of a group of zombies is that they can act as a horde. In game it's quite possible to be standing in a group of hundreds of zombies while just standing there. I'm trying to develop an idea to incorporate this aspect into the game. Here's basically what I was thinking:
  • Pack instinct is skill which pre-requires Lurching Gait
  • A zombie with pack instinct has a 1% chance of mimicing the action of another zombie in the same position without spending an AP. So if a zombie in the area uses a claw attack (successful or not) your zombie would also strike with its claws (success/failure is not tied to the first zombie's result in any way). Likewise, if a zombie on your square moves NW, there is a chance you'll follow.

What this does:

  • The skill is advantageous because it can result in extra hits without costing extra AP
  • The skill is disadvantageous because it can result in your zombie being several spaces away from where you want to be requiring AP to be spent to return.
Left Queue: 17:45, 27 Jan 2006 (GMT)

A working car!

Timestamp: 07:57, 27 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: New Item
Scope: Survivors
Description: A very rare and special discovery on a search in carparks only.

When searching in a carpark, there is a very small chance that one of the remaining cars is still in working condition. Arbitrarily, somewhere around 1 out of 200 chance of finding one (maybe 1 in 100, or as hard as 1 in 500). If you find one, you must immediately use it, any other action, and you will 'lose sight' of the car.

If the survivor decides to use the car, it only has enough life for one trip before breaking down. The survivor may choose one of nine other pre-determined parking lots, spread across the entire city of Malton. The car parks are in the Suburbs of Judgewood, Millen Hills, Rolt Heights, Molebank, Galbraith Hills, Pegton, Ruddlebank, West Grayside, and Pennville.

Benefit: A unique opportunity to relocate to a new part of the city, even several neighborhoods away. Moving across the city safely could take many days on foot.

Drawback: Could spend entire 50 AP searching and not find a working car, maybe even your full 50 AP two or three times in a row. You may have been better off just walking after all.

So in summary, this new item is a bit of a gamble for those who want to a chance to move to a new region quickly. Yes, you may get lucky and fnd a car in just a few searches. Or, you may wind up just wasting time. But I believe this would be a fun and simple addition to the game with some use, but nothing that could throw anything off balance.

Left Queue: Uncle Willy 23:56, 27 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Contact Communication

Timestamp: 14:29, 27 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Improvement
Scope: Everyone
Description: Right now if someone in the same building as you talks you might not hear them if you're not in the "50 people closest to them". This can be a problem for allies that want to communicate or if you want to give a specific person a message; there's no way to reach them. I suggest allowing people to definitely hear anything their contacts say in the same building. It makes sense you'd listen to the people you know and it would improve gameplay.
Left Queue: 08:07, 27 April 2006 (BST)


Timestamp: 17:08, 27 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill change
Scope: Zombies and Survivors
Description: When attacking a zombie as a survivor you get the message 'You attack a zombie for 5 damage. It's health falls to 45 Hp'. When attacking a survivor as a zombie with Digestion you get the message 'You attack Mr Survivor for 4 damage. It's health falls to 45 Hp. You regain 4 Hp'. I would like to see when a zombie with Digestion bites you, you can then see it's health at the time of the bite. It makes as much sense as seeing it's health when you attack it, and would allow you to know when it would be a good time to retreat.
Left Queue: 08:07, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Factory Operation

Timestamp: 18:00, 27 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: New skill/building alteration
Scope: Survivors
Description: With the advent of the NecroNet Access skill, it has been mentioned (by Shaft121 23:57, 27 Jan 2006 (GMT))that a similar skill should be implemented for ammunition manufacture. Therefore, I suggest the following:
  • One - That a certain number of factories (for example, perhaps one-quarter to one-half of the current number) be designated as ammunition factories. The descriptive text of these buildings could be altered to have the following line (or one similar) added:
As you look over the defunct machinery, you recognize the faint tang of gunpowder in the air, and realize that this factory was used to produce ammunition. However, the machinery is silent.

In a powered ammunition factory, the flavor text would be changed to read as follows:

Someone has set up a generator here. It is running, providing power to the machinery, which hums quietly on standby.
  • Two - That a new skill, Factory Operation, be implemented, possibly as a subskill of Construction, allowing survivors to operate the machinery in powered ammunition factories.
  • Three' - That, in a powered ammunition factory, characters with the Factory Operation skill be presented with two options:
Manufacture Pistol Clip (10 AP)
Manufacture Shotgun Shells (20 AP)

Choosing Maufacture Pistol Clip would provide a character with one pistol clip, and Manufacture Shotgun Shells would provide two shotgun shells (enough for a character to fully reload one pistol or one shotgun).

Now, to cover three issues that are probably going to be the first ones in people's minds after reading this prejection:

  • Q: Why is a pistol clip cheaper than shotgun shells?
  • A: The answer lies in the amount of AP it takes to find ammunition in general - on average 14 AP for one piece of ammunition (pistol clip or shotgun shell) in a police station, and 9 AP in a mall gun store with Bargain Hunting. Thus, it takes twice as many AP on average to fully reload a shotgun as it does to reload a pistol.
  • Q: Okay, so why an average of 10 AP for each piece of ammunition?
  • A: This answer is twofold. First off, the overall average AP for finding ammunition in commonly-used areas is 11.5 AP (14 AP + 9 AP = 23 AP, which - divided between the two most common ammunition sources - is 11.5 AP). Secondly, as there appears to a general consensus prohibiting the use of fractional AP costs in prejections, I decided to round down to 10 AP, as I thought it was a good balance. However, this number is open to revision, as I had originally considered a cost of 12 AP for each piece of ammunition (12 AP for a single clip, and 24 for two shotgun shells).
  • Q: But doesn't this overpower survivors?
  • A: I don't think so. Keep in mind that all you're doing with Factory Operation is manufacturing ammunition. You don't automatically load the ammunition into your weapons as soon as it's manufactured, plus it's not currently possible to give other people items. Because of that, you can't have ammunition-farming drones doing nothing but hanging out in factories, manufacturing ammunition and giving it away.

If there are any other issues/questions/comments, please mention them in your vote and I'll address them as best I can.

Left Queue: 08:07, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Feeding Frenzy

Timestamp: 18:13, 27 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: Zombies
Description: This skill would be added as a sub-skill for Vigour Mortis, perhaps even for Neck Lurch.

When a zombie who has this skill successfully strikes a target with a bite attack it'll have around a 20-30% chance of entering a state of Feeding Frenzy, thus striking an extra X-1 times with a bite attack on the same turn (where X is the current number of AP divided by 10, rounded down), each extra attack costing an extra AP. As such, if the zombie has 50 AP and it strikes with a bite attack it might attack 5 consecutive times for 20 damage (16 with a flak jacket), costing 5 AP, while if the zombie has 32 AP it might attack 3 consecutive times, dealing 12 damage (10 with a flak jacket). A zombie with Digestion will receive HP based on the final damage output (ignoring damage blocked by the flak jacket). Infection isn't really affected, as multiple infections don't stack. The extra attacks can't miss.

This can be explained by the zombie, motivated by the fresh taste of flesh, quickly strikes a number of times before the target can correctly react to the assault. Since a zombie with less AP has less vigor and has a weaker hold on its undead body, it causes it to slow down, and as such it can't act as quickly before whoever it attacks can move away or block the onslaught.

This skill has two objectives:

1. Add a bit more strategy to the game by awarding zombies for waiting until they regain higher amounts of AP (and by giving the zombie a choice between both of its attacks even for pure damage-dealing for a long term and not just for a per-hit basis) and survivors for wasting a zombie's AP (to weaken its potential with Feeding Frenzy).

2. To make the flak jacket useful for survivors in a way that won't harm zombies too much if at all (I know that I'd rather have a chance of dealing 16 damage at the cost of 5 AP, or 13 damage at the cost of 4 AP, as it's still a higher chance than usual, but now the survivor's flak jacket won't be just for protection against PK'ers).

Left Queue: 08:07, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Group Communication

Timestamp: 23:11, 27 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Improvement
Scope: Groups
Description: Note: This is not a dupe of Contact communication. This is for groups, regardless of whether they're on your contact list or not.

Simply put, this allows communication between large groups. Currently on 50 people will see a message you send. While this is usually enough to convey your message, this falls short in a key area: Communication in a group.

What This Will Do: If you are with members of your group (Meaning MT06, MFD, CMS, ect.) all your group members will automatically see what you say. This will improve co-ordination between groups traveling with a common objective like taking down a mall or relocating to a new safehouse.

What This Will Not Do: Give free AP actions. Talking still costs 1 AP. Give privacy to groups. If you say something in an area with 50 people, 10 of which are in your group, 40 other people will still see your message. Stack. If you have 100 group members with you and 50 other people, those 50 WILL NOT see your message.

This prejection works for both survivors and zombies, aiding zombies more (As zombies as more likely to be traveling and working in groups over 50 people).

Optional: Group members could or could not have to be on your contacts list. If you have a strong feeling either way, please specify so (although you don't have to).

Left Queue: 08:07, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Scent Rot

Timestamp: 23:08, 27 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Zombie Skill, subset of Scent Fear
Scope: Zombies
Description: Zombies aren't individual killing machines; Their greatest strength is in high numbers. But often in certain suburbs it can be hard to find friends to feed with. This prejection tries to take an older idea to help zombies do this, but does it in a workable and elegant fashion.

Scent Rot works in a similar manner as to how the NecroNet shows tagged zombies. With this skill, a zombie would have a new button ability: [[Scent Rot]] . Upon clicking on this and thus spending 3 AP (Open to debate), a 9x9 map (similar to one that NecroNet brings up) would pop up with the player's current position at the center, perhaps with an action tagline: "Your dead lungs heave, drinking in the smells nearby..." or somesuch.

(Note: The AP cost and size of the map are open to debate. If you like the general idea but would prefer different costs, mention so in your vote or in the Talk area. )

UNLIKE NecroNet, Scent Rot shows the number of dead bodies in the immediate area, which includes standing zombies as well as fallen/revivivfied corpses. The inability to distinguish between a mob of feeding friends to hide admist and a pile of recently Headshot fellows to stand out like a sore thumb against keeps this skill from being over powered. This gives zombies at least some vauge idea where to shamble off to: Something metagaming doesn't always do very well. This does NOT carry over to human characters: It'd make the NecroNet rather impotent if it did.

However, this guide can help a recently killed survivor or lost newbie zombie see in active time where is a good idea to find friends; While Feeding Groan services as a great dinner bell if a survivor is present, Scent Rot can help newbies and pro zombies alike in "live" time. Pun intended.

Left Queue: 08:07, 27 April 2006 (BST)

28th January 2006

Communications Improvement

Timestamp: 01:34, 28 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Improvement
Scope: Everyone
Description: It's currently possible to not reach the person you want to talk to if they're not in the first 50 people in the room. Here's an idea. Next to every name on your contact list there would be a small checkable box. You can check up to ten names. When in a building with one of those ten people you will hear everything they say, even if you are not in the fifty. You could check and uncheck names as needed. It would allow groups and friends to communicate but wouldn't increase server load greatly because of the ten person maximum. I think being able to choose 10 people you want to listen to is fair.
Left Queue: 18:31, 28 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Vaccine Syringe

Timestamp: 3:51, 28 Jan 2006 (EST)
Type: Item
Scope: Survivors
Description: I suggest that a Vaccine Syringe can be made that prevents a survivor from getting an infection from a zombie with the Infectious Bite skill. To create a syringe:

1. First, you need a scientist, or doctor skill (for instance "Vaccination".
2. Second you need to DNA scan a zombie with the Infectious Bite skill, or a survivor with an infection.
3. Third, you need to bring the DNA sample to a Necrotech Building running NecroNet, or a Hospital running a portable generator. Use 10 AP to create a syringe (similar to creating a revivification syringe).
4. Once created, any survivor it is used on can't get an infection from a zombie with the Infectious Bite skill. This effect wears off after a certain amount of AP is used, and the survivor needs to get re-vaccinated.
Note: This does NOT cure an Infection. The Vaccine Syringe does not work on a survivor with an infection. It simply prevents infection.

Left Queue: 08:08, 27 April 2006 (BST)

29th January 2006

Flashlight & Batteries

Timestamp: 18:40, 29 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Items
Scope: Survivors Searching
Description: Flashlights would use 1 AP to turn on and 1 AP to turn off. Whilst turned on it makes it easier to find items by increasing the successful search ratio (something along the lines of +5% or +10%) not too high. But they would require 2 batteries to work. Which have to be found seperately and used seperately. Thus, you have to use AP's searching for both a flashlight and batteries and then use more AP's loading the batteries into the flashlight. This, I feel makes up for the advantage of increased luck with searching. Batteries would last for about 20 searches (variable) and if the flashlight is left on the remaining battery power is drained 50% per hour. This means if you turn on the flashlight and log out, if you log back in 2 hours later they will be drained.

Flashlights can be found in: Malls, Junkyards, Fire Stations, Police Departments, Armories.

Batteries can be found in: Malls, Junkyards, Auto Repair Shops, Armories.

But using them to search in either malls, armories or buildings with generators will have no effect. This way it can be ensured that people who hog the malls and armories will not gain any benefit as they will be able to find both flashlights and batteries in the same building. The idea behind this is the only place where someone can find both and have increased luck searching using them is in a Junkyard, which is outside and exposed.

Batteries could also open new possibilities, ie; using batteries to power mobile phones. Or other new battery powered items. (not electric toothbrushes or dildo's)

Left Queue: 08:10, 27 April 2006 (BST)

Introduction of some kind of plot

Timestamp: 22:34, 29 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Game shift
Scope: Everything
Description: Right, so when I was looking over the discussion page someone was wondering about the lack of plot in the game. 1

Therefore I came up with this.

Urban Dead would be restructured into a phase-based game. The game would reset every 3 months, with profiles being cleared of skills (but accounts and character names left reserved). There'd of course be a notice of the next reset so people wouldn't start an account the day before the reset.

Now, to the crux of the matter:

Every month in each 3 month period is a distinct period in the life of a 'zombie outbreak'. The underlying game remains the same throughout the months but some world-encompassing rules are changed on the month changeover.

Month/Phase One. 'Outbreak'. During this month, because the zombie outbreak has just started, evacuation has also just started. A random suburb will be the 'start' suburb for all zombies, and all new zombies will start there. The main difference here: the evacuation isn't over yet, some buildings will be populated. Buildings across Malton have a chance to be 'populated', and cannot be searched or barricaded(cops will look at you funny if you start looting their armories), though POSSIBLY populated buildings could yield aid. (I.E. a populated hospital could automatically heal survivors within). Every day over the 30 day period 1/30th of the buildings in Malton will be evacuated and reverted to the status they are now - emptied and ready for looting and barricading. If zombies break into a populated building the building is permanently converted to unpopulated status.

So thus, zombies get a 'starting suburb' to begin easily horde-ing and survivors are unable to effectively mass supplies or get to safehouses quickly, though their ability to search up items improves as the month passes.

Month/Phase Two. 'Survival'. This is *exactly* the same way UD is now. No changes over the month, just a pitched battle between the leftover survivors and the zombies.

Month/Phase Three. 'Cleansing'. The 'winning faction' gains skills or abilities that allow them to exterminate the other more quickly. The winning faction is determined by the 'survival' phase - I do not know a way for this to be determined. Number in the faction? Damage dealt? Total kills? Total deaths? Damage received? This part is prone to griefing and such so I'm not entirely sure how to determine which faction is the 'winner'.

If survivors are the winner, airdrops will occur frequently and on a regular basis, containing military grade weapons that unbalance the game towards the survivor. Zombies get a total of thirty 'stand ups' during this month - after being killed 30 times, they won't be able to play until the end of month reset. This basically amounts to being killed 30 times, so it shouldn't be too hard for a zombie to last until month-end. Zombies that were created before the month started, were active throughout the whole month, and did not exhaust their lives get a place of honor on a trophy list.

If zombies are the winner, zombies get zerg powers. Any of those random overpowering zombie prejections can fit here. Survivors in this instance CANNOT be revived. Survivors that are still survivors at the end of the month get their names on a trophy list too.

These are really big changes, but I feel that they give some sort of directed purpose to the game for both factions. The first month is a basic 'run for your life' and 'kill kill kill', the second would be both factions working towards being the winning faction, and the third would be determining who gets on the trophy list.

Left Queue: 08:10, 27 April 2006 (BST)

30th January 2006

Dispose of bodies in the sewers

Timestamp: 02:25, 30 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: Survivors and zombies
Description: There's a slight zombie build-up problem with zombies. Y'see, everytime a mob of zombies is "siegeing" a tactical building, simply killing the zombies never does much since they just keep rising. I suggest placing manholes in certain squares and, if a survivor bought the ability, can dispose of the body in the nearby sewers for X AP points, X being 2 + 2 x [number of blocks between your current position and the nearest manhole]. Manholes would be found in every street square and maybe in front of certain buildings like factories. The zombie who is disposed of will respawn in a random block with a manhole. To get up, it will cost an additional 2 AP if you have memories of life (50% chance of failling if you don't) since the zombie will have to climb up the ladder. Of course, the respawn site could be limited to the current suburb and maybe up to the adjacent suburbs.

I don't think it gives anyone a big advantage to either party since it could cost a lot to move a single body and doesn't take a lot more to return to the game for zombies. The skill could need Body Building and have a certain percentage of chances to fail (can't the the manhole open) which would be halved with the possession of a crowbar.

Left Queue: 02:31, 30 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Guard (James suggestion)

Timestamp: 02:35, 30 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill (restricted to 15th lvl)
Scope: Survivors
Description: Allows high level survivors to sacrifice themselves to protect important things

Ok this was the idea I originally mooted and I present it in a full form now for voting as a total package

Guard is a skill restricted to level 15 survivors and does not transfer after death. This is so that noone could zerg a character easily for this purpose.

Once acquired a player could choose from the drop down menu the person or object to be protected. In short all hits directed at the target will hit the player on guard first. People trying to hit a guarded object will be prompted " XXXXXX is being guarded by XXXXXX do you wish to continue? if they do attack then all attacks are directed at the guarding player until death. No one else in the room gets to see this except the player killed and the attacker, however it will show that the player was attacking the barricade, generator, person to the guarding player. If the player attacking the guarded object kills the guard then they may proceed with destroying their target even if there are multiple people on guard.

If a new attacker strikes they would have to defeat another guard ( if any remain)before being able to attack the target.

The skill is designed so people can act as body guards, they get no free actions they simply become the target for the sake of the client.

I envisage that this skill would be used to help protect people being hunted by bounty hunters too.

Left Queue: 03:09, 30 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Psychic Rampage v.2 (At least this time it's not overpowered)

Timestamp: 11:35, 30 January 2006
Type: Skill
Scope: Still for everyone (yay!)
Description: OK no long suggestion(see my earlier suggestions), a skill tree for everyone, especially newbies:

Soul harvest(50 XP) : You can harvest a portion of one's soul, increasing your knowledge of life and dead . Translation: You use this on a body and you get 2 XP, a body can only be gathered once for a portion of time (12 hours, perhaps?), unless it springs back to life. You still waste your Ap if it's used, you do receive a message telling you that it's used, however. This is another DNA collector, only that it works on a body. A great way for people to earn XP early on. Later on, there are so many more way to earn XP that this skill looks unwanted.

Soul Combustion(50 XP): You combusted one's soul, burning their stamina. Translation: You gain an attack that burn 5 AP for a rate of 50%. Literally, instead of doing damage, you cut others' AP, preventing them form doing anything.

Soul Leech(50 XP) : You suck one's life force out and add it to yours. Translation: A weakened version of Digestion (50% of done damage), works both for firearm and melee attack and has a working rate of 25%. This is a passive skill, you don't have to do anything to active it.

Blackout (50 XP) (I know the skills up there was suck so I put something here to worth the amount of XP you have to put on this tree) : You put one in a darkened state, causing them to attack their fellows. Translation: You gain an attack that blinded an enemy (for a percentage of 20%) for their next 50 actions that cost AP, causing his attack to randomly hit anyone in sight, but he can't hit himself. You can only hold one player in this state at any time given. In both huge breakouts and small fight, this is going to be helpful since it balance a fight: A huge army can blinded the smaller one, however the small one has more percentage to hit since you have greater number of target, a zombie will hit someone else and burn their APs out while not killing anyone AND engaging them all to a fight. On one-on-one situation, this is not a desirable action since you only have one target so high-level player can't use this on an inexperience one.

Mental Enhancement (100 XP) : (This skill stands alone in the tree and acts as a passive) You received an enhancement in your way of mind-bending. Translation: You gain 5% to hit for any attack ( melee and firearm), an extra 1 XP for Soul Harvest, 25% to hit for Soul Combustion and Soul Leech and a reading of where is your current victim of Blackout

Left Queue: 12:40, 30 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Throw Pistol

Timestamp: 06:29, 30 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: ability, and possible skill addition for survivors
Scope: survivors
Description: After a survivor empties his/her pistol, s/he can then throw it at the target. Damage is 1; to-hit probability is the same as their basic HTH probability, i.e. 10%, or 25% if trained in Hand-to-Hand Combat. The pistol is of course lost from the thrower's inventory.

Variant: "thrown objects" is added as a (long-overdue) new skill for survivors. add 20% to to-hit roll. Damage is still only 1.

The rationale for this rule change is mostly flavor: in most any action or horror movie you ever see, otherwise-intelligent people are always throwing their guns at attackers.

Left Queue: 12:51, 30 Jan 2006 (GMT)


Timestamp: 16:57, 30 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Civilian
Scope: humans
Description: if a human is not in a building, or the doors are open it allows humans to be hidden on the map after they go to sleep. They cannot be seen unless a zombie has all Scent Fear abilities.
Left Queue: 18:21, 30 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Zombie Hide Skill

Timestamp: 19:39, 29 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Zombie skill
Scope: Zombie and Human Tactics, game mentality
Description: As of right now, Urbandead is primarily a straight forward urban combat game. The human objective is to hold buildings and establish support infastructure that limits the zombies' ability to harm them. The zombie objective is to break into buildings, kill humans and destroy any infastructure, creating havoc and making overall resistance against zombies more difficult. An excellent premise, but let's add a new dynamic common in all urban warfare, ambushes.

Note. Before I go on, I respectfully request that you read the entire suggestion before voting. This is directed at survivor voters who are inclined to veto anything that sounds as if it could hurt them. Not an unreasonable reaction, but I want you to know, that this skill wouldn't nessasarily be an "upgrade" for zombies, it would be a dynamic change that would make them more frightening, and require more courage to be a survivor. Indeed, if this was implemented in its entirety, it would actually be an AP boost in favor of survivors.

Secondly, this is a big suggestion, and I have not mapped this out with a fine tooth comb, so I'm sure there may be some problems with the details. If you don't like a detail, don't vote kill on the whole thing, vote change and say what needs to be tweaked. Okay I'll stop bitching now. : P Thank you for reading this, I thought about this a considerable amount and I only want a fair vote.

Zombies gain a new skill, "Hide." When bought, zombies have the option to, for 10 AP, hide themselves within the nooks and crannies of any of Malton's derelict buildings. When clicking hide, the text would go something like this

"You bury yourself under a pile of garbage, and wait." or "you crawl behind some old furniture, and wait."

When in hiding, the zombie is in "lying down" mode. It is lying on the ground like it would after being pumped full of lead or axed to death. But there is one key difference, survivors nor other zombies would be able to see the dead body in the room description as you normally would. The inside of a building with a hiding zombie would have no dead bodies to hurl out.

Now, say the hiding zombie logs back on later, and behold, a human has wandered in, barricaded, and gone to sleep. The zombie has the option to "stand up," costing 1 AP. To humans or other zombies in the room, this action would be indicated with text like

"A zombie emerges from the shadows"

The zombie then has the option to attack and kill the survivors who thought their safehouse was safe.

Now how, you outraged survivors ask, could we possibly counter this powerful new skill. Simple, when zombies are hiding in a building, a 10% chance of finding one is added to the search percentages. It must be noted that the 10% will be integrated into the chances of not finding anything, so search rates will in no way be affected. For example

In building A, there is a 50% chance of finding item A, and a 50% chance of not finding anthing

In building A with one or more hiding zombies, there is a 50% chance of finding item A, 40% chance of not finding anything, and a 10% chance of finding a hiding zombie

When found, the hiding zombies is automatically thrown out of the building, and must stand up outside for one AP.

The text for finding a hiding zombie would be something like this

"You search and find a hiding zombie! You throw its prone form out the window"

Two last details. When a generator is running and light fills the building, the chances of finding any hiding zombies increases to 20%.

Secondly, any building can hold no more than 10 hiding zombies. After all, there are only so many hiding places. When a zombie tries to hide in a building with 10 zombies, the text would say something like this

"You try to hide, but cannot find a space"

Why should we implement this? It would add fear, excitement, and TERROR to this apocolypse. The survivors would now have to live with the uncertainity that their seemingly safe building could be hiding a zombie, or even a small mob of them! Furthermore, the new dynamic does not seriously alter anything, it fits nicely into the current system of search rates. Indeed, for worried survivors, this new skill is actually AP balanced in your favor! Without a generator, it takes a zombie 11 AP to hide (10 to hide, 1 to stand) for every 10 AP it takes to find one. And with a generator, the advantage becomes more than 2 to 1, (11 vs. 5). Of course, with a generator running, zombies now know that there is someone inside. And there lies the true objective of this change, not to make zombies more powerful nessasarily, but too make them seem psychologically more dangerous. And that's how it should be, survivors should need courage to be survivors, and zombies should have the power to make people afraid. This is an apocolypse.

--Stare 19:46, 29 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Left Queue: 19:05, 30 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Machine Gun

Timestamp: 22:56, 30 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Weapon w/ Skill
Scope: Survivors
Description: Give the survivors a new gun called the Machine Gun. The gun can only be found at the armory and gun shop. There is a 1.84% change of finding a Machine Gun in the Gun Shop and a 4.62% of finding a machine gun in the armory. Each ammo find will have 24 ammo per clip. This may sound unbalanced at first, but it will have a burst fire that has weak damage that consumes 6 ammo each. Of course the damage is way tuned down compared to the ammo ratio. The ammo find ratio will be 7.08% in armory and in gun stores 3.06%. This gun technically go through flak jackets so I guess it has built in armor piercing bullets. Yes, this isn't realistic for the small machine guns, but the flak jacket's effect is that it takes 20% of the damage of guns that does 5 damage or more, so rules are rules. This gun does 3 damage 6 times with each shot having a percent to hit of 10%. There is 2 skills named "Basic Machine gun Training" that will make the Machine gun's accuracy increased by 10% The 2nd will increase the guns attack by 5% further. Damage will be negotiable, but this, by math, looks like it would be balanced. The math for damage by each ap (when fully upgraded) = .25*6*3=4.5 in which pistols are = 3.9 WITHOUT considering the -1 damage from armor 2.6 considering the -1 damage from armor and shotgun will be 6.5 considering without vest and 5.2 with vest. The message will appear 1 time, not 6 saying You fire at (person) x times for x damage total. They drop to x HP. or You fire at the zombie 6 times and miss.

Edited: Forgot to mention that the amount of ammo you find for the machine gun when you first find it will be random at multiple of 6's (to keep it simple for kevan) and it takes only 1 clip to fully load the machine gun.

Left Queue: 23:50, 30 Jan 2006 (GMT)

31st January 2006

Rifles,laser pointers and scopes

Timestamp: 02:40, 31 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Weapons and weapon related items
Scope: humans
Description: The first thing I want to suggest is a new weapon, a rifle. It would deal 5-8 damage, have a 3 or 4 shot clip and would have the same skill set as the shotgun and pistol (rifle training, advance rifle training). It would be found in fort armouries, mall gun stores and police departments. I also have an idea for weapon addons. The first would be a laser pointer which you could add to pistols and shotguns. You would find it in police departments, malls, and fort armouries. You would apply it like a first aid kit, and you would select pistol or shotgun from the little drop-down menu assuming you have a pistol or shotgun. It would randomly apply it to one of the weapons in your possesion of the type you selected. The laser pointer would provide an accuracy boost, I was thinking from 5-15%. The scope would be the same as the laser pointer with the expeptions that it can only be used on rifles and in addition to the accuracy boost, maybe it could grant free use of the headshot feat, even if you didnt have it. The weapons would be renamed (scoped rifle, pistol with laser sight). Also you could add batteries to the game and make it so the laser pointers could run out, forcing you to replace the batteries. Personally I really think the one thing that this game lacks is it's number of weapons, and a rifle seems to be a pretty obious choice. Another thing you could implement with the rifle is that you can shoot someone who has a block between you and him. You could make it so a scoped rifle shoots very accuratly when there is a block between you and your opponent but gets an accuaracy penalty when at the regular engagment range. Okay, enough ranting. Any suggestions would be great.
Left Queue: 03:08, 31 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Psychic Rampage v.3: Point for originality

Timestamp: 05:30, 31 January 2006
Type: Skill
Scope: Everyone
Description: It's for everyone, Zeds and Survivors alike. It's cheap and it's not powerful. It's for newbies. It's psychic.(And for everyone to know, they're my own invention and if you did see it, I didn't copy it)

Feeble mind: You are alone in this world and you're scared. You are desperate for help. Survivor starting skill (You don't have to put XP to gain this skill and it's survivors only. It can be passed if you become a Zed. A Zed become a survivor won't have this skill. It doesn't count as a level up). Translation: You will have an extra XP everytime you gain XP until you're level 5. This will help those newbie to gain XP faster.

Mind of sins: You are a newborn and you thirst for flesh. You will do anything for it. Zombie starting skill (You don't have to put XP to gain this skill and it's zombies only. It can be passed if you become a survivor. A survivor bocome a Zed won't have this skill. It doesn't count as a level up). Translation: You have an extra 10% to hit for your hand attack (or punch if you're a human) until you're level 5. This will help those "newborn" to fight more effectively, and it balance hand attack with bite when you have the starting skill Vigour Mortis.

Empathy (50 XP) : You can sense others' pain and are willing to share it. Translation: You can sense if there is an assault on nearby fellows in the the 3*3 area around you. You can also see other zombies' name (as an extra and is not necessery to be on the skill).

Psychokinetic-Telekinesis(50 XP): You can move things with your mind. Translation: You can attack an enemy (you can still attack your own type however so don't furiously type random names, it's AP waste and you may attack a high level Human Bounty Hunter or Zombie Feral) just by typing in his name (like bite: ABCD for example). You can only attack using melee attacks (firearms are off limit for balance reasons).

Pyrokinesis(50 XP): You burst your enemy to flame, causing them great pain. Translation: The pinpoint of the tree. You gain an attack that has 30% to hit and cause 3 damage (equal to fire axe). For every action that takes AP for the next 50 AP, your target has a 50% to suffer 1 damage(which is approx. 10 damage in average. A weakened version of Infectious Bite. DO stack with it. Can be cured by FAKs just like Infection and will be healed along with Infection (Mean you can heal both with just 1 FAK);

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Psychic Rampage v.4.1: Sound, light, action -- PLEASE DO NOT SPAMINATED ME!!!

Timestamp: 07:11, 31 Jan 2006
Type: Skill
Description: OK no long descriptions: Skill tree, cheap, for both survivors and Zeds, for noobs:

-Sound: Used for survivors mostly to get out of a fight and flee, especially noobs:

  • Psychic whisper(Free) : You sent out a silent whisper that can be heard only by one you desired. Explanation: This is exacly like the whisper action in other MMORPG, for chatting purpose.
  • Psychic hearing(50 XP): You can hear others' cry of pain. Explanation: Exactly like my old Empathy. You can see if anyone got hit in an area of 3*3 around you.
    • Psychic echo(50 XP) : You sent multiple cry onto an opponent, confusing him for a moment. Explanation: You has an attack that cause an enemy to stop attacking you, he'll be unabled to target or even see you on the map for the next 5 AP that he spent. Excelent running technique when you got a zombie who follow you using Scent Trail. It has a 75% chance to hit.
      • Psychic Scream(I know, I know, I'm a fan of WOW too)(50 XP) : You sent a scream of terror(maybe the terror is yours or someone else's) and cause an opponent to be stunned in his position.Explanation: The last skill down the tree and the only one which has an attacking purpose. You gain an attack that cause an enemy to be "stunned". He has to pay 5 AP to get out of the stun and during that time he can't do anything. Exactly like my old Soul Combustion. It has a 50% chance to hit
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Psychic Rampage v.4.2: Sound, light, action -- PLEASE DO NOT SPAMINATED ME!!!

Timestamp: 07:25, 31 Jan 2006
Type: Skill
Description: OK no long descriptions: Skill tree, cheap, for both survivors and Zeds, for noobs:

-Light: This skill tree is mostly for zombies who want to gain advantage in his fight. Zombie HUnters can also make use of this tree.

  • Aura(50 XP):
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Psychic Rampage v.5.1: Reality -- PLEASE DO NOT SPAMINATED ME!!!

Timestamp: 09:11, 31 Jan 2006
Type: Skill
Description: OK no long descriptions: Skill tree, cheap, for both survivors and Zeds, for noobs. And this time the adventage you gain from it can be explained by weird experiments that the NecroLab uses on both human and zombies. This tree has nothing to do with psychic I just like the name:

-Body enhencement: This skill tree is mostly for zombies who want to gain advantage in his fight. Zombie Hunters can also make use of this tree. Because of that, the XP required to max out this tree keeps getting higher.

  • Dodging technique(50 XP): You learn from your mistake and won't do it again . Explanation: You can decrease your opponent's chance to hit you for 5% for his next 5 AP. It may not sound high but in low level fight with chances like 10% a hit, decreasing that much can weaken your opponent very much. In high level fight, however, 5% won't do much so it's for noobs mainly. However, this skill is a passive and won't stack up. It has an activating chance of 30%.
    • Energy Absorbtion(100 XP): You absorb an enemy's attack's momentum, healing you . Explanation: This skill is originally from the Action line but I instead put it here since it's similar to the passives of the tree . Basically, everytime anyone hit you, you have a chance of 4% to recover the exact amount that he hit you plus one. So it's like having a free hit along with a 1 HP recovery in every 25 hit. Misses DO count. Basically this will help a high-level player from getting "buzzed off" from a mass of low leveler.
      • Lightened mind(150 XP): Your mind is clear of what to hit. Explanation: You gain an additional 50% chance to hit of your original chance to attack. Ex: An attack that has 60% to hit will have an additional 50%*60=30% when a 10% one will only have an addition of 50%*10=5%. The chance cannot go over 100%. Being this high on the tree this skill is very useful for fully stocked player to gain tremendous addition to hit while discourage low leveler to max up on this tree before master any kind of attack.
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NON-Psychic Rampage v.6: Pick your poison, any poison -- I HATE YOU GRIM S

Timestamp: 09:40
Type: Skill
Scope: Still everyone
Description: First of all, I HATE YOU GRIM S, YOU AND YOUR *&(*ING FRIENDS HAVE ALREADY SPAM MY FIRST 5 VERSION OF THE GAME. DON'T YOU DARE TO DO IT THIS TIME. Ahem,(temperature lowered), this is an all-friendly skill tree (Well, not so friendly when you're dieing in agony) which can be used by any player, provide he's a survivor or a zombie. It's pretty much cheap 'cause it's for noobs. It's for melee attacks entirely so snipers don't look at here. OK enough for the chit chat and let's start viewing the tree:
  • Slow Poison(50 XP): You have a 30% chance of poison an enemy when you attack them using a melee weapon. Stack up with the other poison but can only activate once each attack. Enemy has a chance of 20% to suffer another 1 damage for every sucessful attack that you can put on them for your next 20 attacks.
    • Blinding Poison(50 XP): You have a 30% chance of poison an enemy when you attack them using a melee weapon. Stack up with the other poison but can only activate once each attack. You blind an enemy, making his chance to successfully attack 5% lower for their next 20 AP.
      • Corruptive Poison(50 XP): You have a 30% chance of poison an enemy when you attack them using a melee weapon. Stack up with the other poison but can only activate once each attack. You corrupt an enemy's blood, making healing 50% less effective and he has a chance of 50% to become corrupted at dead, making raising back to cost a 5 AP more. Stack up with Headshot
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PSYCHIC RAMPAGE v. 13.112: This time, it's just ridiculous!

Timestamp: 12:23, 31 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: people
Description: How about skills that use the laent psychic powers everyone has and convieniently forgot until now!

kill people using pshychic attacks
Description: Kill someone with your psychic attacks. Has 1% chance of success, 1.00003% against zombies (so no PK will use it on humans).
psychic flying
desc: use your magic psychic-ity to fly, acts like free-running, you can move 5 squares for one AP! but you have 80% chance of falling for every block, falling kills you automaticly.
Psychic explosion of people
desc: makes a random zombie explode, hurting everything on the block. you can use it from inside a building to attack outside zombies. a random zombie dies and explodes (perma-death) and all the others get 62 damage... or 2 damage 31 times.
Psychic revive
Desc: Using your magic skills, you can revive one hero per day free
God powers
Desc: Using your powers of psychicness, you make people believe you're god and get free money.
Desc: Destroys barricade and hurts everyone on the other side for 4 damage/level of barricade. Can be used by zombies.

I hope you won't spaminate me, lol.

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Zombie Quick Kill

Timestamp: 21:30, 31 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Type: Zombie Skill
Scope: Zombies
Description: Why not just give the Zombies, an equally lethal kill skill?...make it an elevated AP cost to "rip the survivor limb from limb" give it a decent % to hit(say 25%) and also cost the Survivor the irritating 10XP per level...Seems only fair to me...Sorry if you guys think this is dumb.
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