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About Me, and my dabblings in UD.

I first joined Urban Dead at the end of August 2005. Back then, I started out with a Necrotech by the name of Lord Goober, which was soon put to rest by the creation of Lax Shoe. Unfortunately, Lord Goober never really made it, and I never had skill with a Necrotech. So Goober was soon superceded by Lax Shoe, another Necrotech. However, this Necrotech was built with reviving in mind, so he is never going to go past Level 2. However, at the same time, the firefighter Lord Aardvark came into play. Even today Lord Aardvark is active and killing zombies. However, Lord Aardvark is soon approaching the end of his life, and so "Dark Shines" was created to be his sucessor. However, Lord Aardvark still has a lot of zombie killing skill left in him, so Dark's progression has been slow these past days.

He once used the Desensitised forums but no longer uses those forums, and the ProBoards forum as Absolution.

Group membership backhistory

The Disgruntled Heroes

I joined the group in early November. I felt right at home with the DH, and the group and him shared one common intrest: turning zombies into slag.

For a while we held up in Crowbank. We were all sitting around, drinking beers and having a good time until a hoarde calling themselves the Hambargar Halparz descended upon our home, driving us away for the time being. My character Lord Aardvark was slain in combat. While there were few casualties, the defeat was crushing.

Kielo's Assault

I had made a mistake by letting the enemy know that the DH was on to their location and their doings. A day after this I am sentenced with a seven-day probation. However, this was not enough for a member of DH, named Kielo.

He proceeded to find my character Lord Aardvark and injure him, leaving him open game for zombies. Following this, I state that I is temporarily resigning from DH until further notice.

Ash, one of the leaders of DH is informed of this, and Kielo is kicked from the group. I then state that I will come back aboard as an ally. Soon after, I comes back as a member again.

Upon coming back, I stated in a gruff tone, "I'm back now. Let's not let this little war tear the group apart, eh?"

Now Kielo has returned with an apology, and all is well.

Grey Swiftaxe

Soon after, towards the end of December, a member named Grey Swiftaxe (Whitemantle) Joins the DH. Him and I get along, and end up becoming the strategic men for the Disgruntled Heroes. However, soon after the two were nominated, Grey made complaints about me bashing him on the Urbandead Forums because of how Grey acted like he was "Hurt" from what Jorm of the RRF said to him in a suggestion, and then backstabbed him by saying that "The worst players are Zombies and PKers". Of course I don't like this kind of stuff, and proceeded to say that Whitemantle was wrong.

Soon after, Grey raised a ton of hell on the DH forums, saying that I only bashed him to score points with his "RRF buddies"* and was more loyal towards the RRF than the DH, which was not true. Soon after, Grey left the group.

As of right now, one of the DH's leaders, GodCheese is on the A.R.S.E. List on the Desensitised forums. Could it have been Whitemantle? Could it have been Kielo? We will never know.

Hard Times

After the April Shining Ones massacre, the Disgruntled Heroes appear to be running out of life, fast. The group active membership is rapidly decreasing, the only active leader appears to have given up on the group, among other factors. The group's future looks grim at this point, unfortunately.


I joined the RRF with a zombie named "Death Is You". I never really cared too much for zombies, so my zombie found himself quickly retired. My zombie had signed up for the Department Of Homeland Security, for about a week at most.

Necrotech Alliance

Ah. My own group. Back in Sept 05, we were quite a fledging group. However after the DARIS incident, membership and intrest declined due to a shrinking number of zombies. Rather than face a slow death I declared the group dead in November. Since then we reopened for buisness in April 2006, and membership isn't as strong, but we are getting slight intrest.


Desensitised Fiasco: Apr '06

Now somewhat of an agreement is being talked about, and I agreed to remove some stuff I said about their forum and community.

Forum for the rest of us.

Well, After getting the grand boot from desensitised, and after spending some time on Proboards, I found the conditions unfavorable. Not many active members, taking days to get replies, etc.

So I founded the "Forum for the rest of us".

These forums are primarily for those who were banned from the two main forums, and need a third chance, or those who found that the policies for the two forums are not favorable for them.

This is NOT meant to compete with Proboards and Desensitised, but instead to run alongside them.