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Mobile-Phone Mast Operational Levels
Maltel-active-small.jpg Maltel-activeold-small.jpg active /
The mast building has a generator that is running.
Maltel-nofuel-small.jpg Maltel-nofuelold-small.jpg nofuel /
The mast building has a generator set up, but it is out of fuel.
Maltel-destroyed-small.jpg Maltel-destroyedold-small.jpg destroyed /
No generator has been set up at the mast building.
Maltel-ruined-small.jpg Maltel-ruinedold-small.jpg ruined /
The mast building is ruined.
Maltel-occupied-small.jpg Maltel-occupiedold-small.jpg occupied /
One or more zombies have taken up residence in the mast building.
Maltel-inactive-small.jpg Maltel-inactiveold-small.jpg inactive /
There is no service in the suburb, but the condition of the mast building is unknown.
unknown The status of the mast building has not been checked in 10 days.
For any mast updated within the past five days, use the normal status. If it has been updated between 5 and 10 days ago, append 'old' to that status. If it was updated more than 10 days ago, use the unknown status.