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Abbreviation: TERMINATORS
Group Numbers: Consider each Terminator a One-Machine Group
Leadership: THE TERMINATOR made the decision, but there is no true leader.
Goals: Varies depending on Terminator
Recruitment Policy: Must be a Terminator

Not a true group. Inspired by the solo group Feral Survivors, the Terminators are simply a loose alliance of Terminators. To be considered a Terminator, you MUST be a cybernetic organism (Terminator), with TERMINATOR in your name. Series 800, T-101's are the primary Terminators.

The point of view of a Terminator as it patrols the filthy streets of Malton.
The point of view of a Terminator as it encounters multiple targets.
A Terminator as it pursues moving targets.

The Mission

The general objective of most Terminators is simple. While in the survivor class, terminate zombies and ensure the survival of humankind. However, upon being transformed into the zombie class, the mission instantly reverses. So, most Terminators are desired by both classes. However, each Terminator has its own suburbs to patrol in Malton and each Terminator may have a different mission. The objective can vary by a great deal. The objective can be the obvious, to terminate zombies and survivors, such as PKers who have a bounty on their heads. A Terminator may even turn out to be a PKer themselves. In the near future, a Terminator may be hired to terminate a subject. Even though there are multiple Terminators in Malton, it is rare for them to cross paths.

Example Mission

Below are examples of how a particular Terminator (in this case, a T-850), carries out a mission.

A T-101 after completing a successful mission.

Official Terminators

Official Terminators are currently unlisted. If a Terminator is in your area, you will most likely be aware. The profile links will not be listed due to security reasons.


All Terminators acknowledge that Skynet Defense Network has entered Malton and is now self-aware.