The Gentlemen

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The Gentlemen
Abbreviation: TG
Group Numbers: 18 (active)
Leadership: Caketopus
Goals: To have as many Wine & Cheese parties as humanly possible
Recruitment Policy: contact us to join
Contact: Add Caketopus as a contact and use a mobile phone to tell him he's always been a total insecure faggot. Then, speak to one of our members, we'll be happy to talk about it.

Before the outbreak, The Gentlemen was nothing more then a social club from Havercroft's Gilling University (also the The Gilling Museum) meeting every saturday night at either Wine Place or Ray Library. They believed in the finer things in life: wine, cheese, art, politics, philosphy and of course; hats and/or facial hair.


The Gentlemen is a private group consisting of 18 members. We plan to survive as long as possible, living off of cheese and wine. Anyone can join, just chat to one of our members and ask. Applicants should be classy and interested in fine dining and culture. Also try to have top class clothes(monocle,top hat, etc).


New strike team division, "Strike Team Bordeaux" [[1]] is operating currently.

  • Area of Operations: Currently Undecided
  • Duties and Responsibilities: Eat cheese, drink wine, look at tasteful decorations and enjoy our lives to the fullest. Oh, and survive and kill lots and lots of zombies.


Barricade Plan

All members still active, head to the Bees Building, Krookton for briefing on the new strike force team. We will be launching most operations from this location.


  • Howard Finch_____________________________________[Status: Alive]
  • Christian O'luggar (User:Christian O'Luggar)_____________[Status: Dead]
  • Caketopus________________________________________[Status: Alive]
  • Soim_____________________________________________[Status: Dead]
  • Thomas Slocombe__________________________________[Status: Alive]
  • ANICESHINYPENNY________________________________[Status: Alive]
  • fletch p___________________________________________[Status: Dead ]
  • the guy9990______________________________________[Status: Dead ]
  • Diablosis__________________________________________[Status: Dead ]
  • JakeRoboz________________________________________[Status: Dead ]
  • Gonzollia, the pet zombie.________________________[Status: 100% dead]
  • mcmcmc2_________________________________________[Status: Dead ]
  • slash mcgee_______________________________________[Status: Dead]
  • KingHeartless______________________________________[Status: Dead ]
  • Franky West_______________________________________[Status: Alive]
  • littlejuju___________________________________________[Status: Alive]
  • Paul Badman______________________________________[Status: Dead ]
  • Lord Sparky_______________________________________[Status: Dead]
                                                [GROUP STATUS: 33.33% Alive]
                                                [ This excludes Gonzollia]                              
                                                [     Sorry Gonzollia    ]
                                      [Last update done by littlejuju 11:16a.m 10th January 2010]


  • Currently roaming through: North Blythville
  • Heading for: Not specified.
  • Gonzollia, that lovable corpse is simply the pet zombie, but his constant travel and lack of a radio before death makes it difficult to give him any actual orders......


(Updates can also be found on our radio frequency, 28.40) 11 January, 2010 AD:: the new age of the Gentlemen campaing of survival has begun, with Strike team Bordeaux. If you are still playing that vist and sign up to

10 January, 2010: We are now establishing a new strike force team in Krookton to carry out specific missions. Please meet up at the our new base, the Bees Building, for briefing.

06 January, 2010: It has been so long since anyone has played. As the whole city is completely infested with zeds, our new meeting area will be the Nich Building, South Blythville.

18 November, 2008: Long time no see, boys. Holed up in Tompson Mall in Lockettside, if anyone is still active. Contact me on Tompson Mall frequency and/or Mobile, and we'll see if we can establish a new area of operations. Good Luck! - Caketopus

12th January, 2008: two zombies have managed to breach the barricade, so our current base is undecided. hoping to regroup soon.

14th January, 2008: Group Expansion is currently underway, New base is speculated to be near Greentown. Fabian Hernandez has been cast off and left for dead, to be replaced with ANICESHINYPENNY. A current wine drought has sent the group into a deep despair, but all members are still hopeful.

17th January, 2008: Mansman has fallen in battle, and has been cast off, bringing the group number back down to 6. Caketopus has succeeded in reaching the groups temporary safehouse, just in time for Christian O'luggard to leave, possibly in search of xp/items. His current location is unknown.

17th January, 2008: Howard Finch has also left group headquarters to take a holiday in Tapton. He will return

21st January, 2008: Howard Finch has returned to the group. Only Caketopus and the guy9990 are present.

26th January, 2008: Everyone is in different places all over greentown and possibly neighbouring suburbs. Other than that nothing too exciting has been happening.

30th January, 2008: Okay so howard finch narrowly avoided escape from a zombie and is now dead. but nobody panic its OKAY. Just dont attack the zombie out the front of the Dooley Building. revive it if you can.

31st January, 2008: TrishAle has graciously offered to help The Gentlemen, on behalf of AMC Victimization. We hope that she can help us find a suitable Barracks around this area.

1st February, 2008: Apparantly heading to Brooksville was a bad idea...both fletch p and Caketopus have been killed. Meanwhile Howard Finch was revived and healed up by Temno Krasnyj Korol. In fact no one is even at the base right now....most of us are either dead or in danger in Brooksville/North Blythville.

2nd of February, 2008; Christian's hide away in a Factory was destroyed last night. Using the last of what his body could muster, he crawled to his nearest revive point. Christian will rendevous with the group once his wits and energy are restored. Survival is vital, so as usual the expressed minimum amount of detail is required. Keep the streets classy.

3rd February, 2008: After a brief bout of dead on The guy9990's part he was revived by TrishAle. Many thanks.

  • Good evening, Gentlemen. I'm already at the Deed Museum: no zombies in sight, no survivors inside, and barricades are at EHB. I'll rest here for now... let me know if you need anything. I have two FAK's and can put up a tag for you guys although I see Cake already has the tagging skill. There's a factory and a fire department within 5 blocks of here so if you want a generator and radio transceiver, we can get the museum hooked up with those unless, of course, you already have them in possession. Get here safely and I'll see you guys soon.

-Geese Beater

8th February, 2008:After the Deed museum was struck by a player killer, Geese Beater and I have agreed to rendvous somewhere else in due time. For now Howard and I are heading to Shackleville. Stock up and load. you should know the rest. -lChristian

11 February, 2008: While hiding out in the Dixon Way PD, I was been killed by a PKer. Please come and revive me ASAP. Locale: a cemetery, (38,73) - Caketopus

13 February, 2008: I got a radio transmitter and ill bring it back to base when i get the chance. If anyone closer already has one too go ahead and set it up. - Howard Finch

16 February, 2008: Set up radio transmitter and tuned to gentlemens frequency. For some reason there are some non-group members in there and no members of the gentlemen....but whatever. Also i created a discussion page. Read through the plan and reply back with thoughts.

19 February, 2008: Caketopus has been voted group leader, so if you have any queries or suggestions, contact him. - Caketopus

21 February, 2008: Franky West has joined The Gentlemen...and spawned in Greentown. Currently hiding in Fire Station that is Very Strongly Barricaded. Started off as a scout so will rendeszvous at base shortly.

22 February, 2008: mcmcmc2 has died and is now making his way to Cemetery 38,73, and will await revivification. If in the area, please revive ASAP. - Caketopus

27 February, 2008: Healed you Christian O'luggar, so say thanks. -KingHeartless

28th February,2008: NO. LOLOLOL -Christian O'luggar

28 February, 2008:*crying* you're mean. =( -KingHeartless

29 February, 2008: If someone could revive me, that would be quite tasty. I got PKed and am now waiting outside the deed museum. Howard Finch

29 February, 2008: I see our pet zombie is in reganbank or w/e it is, i happen to be there too and have killed a zombie, sorry if it was you, our pet, also, im hoping u follow my orders of not attacking me... also, i made need reviving soon... being in a red town and all... The Guy9990...

1st March, 2008: Sorry, forgot to update. Gonzollia has roamed through to south blythville where he has taken a nap, and probably been attacked out of fear...AS HE SHOULD BE! HARHAHRHAHRHAH! KILL THE HARMANZ!!!......also, My Doctor Richard Fir informs me on a DNA scan run he did through Brooksville yesterday, at least one third of roaming zombies were from the second big bash. No Organized groups just yet, the biggest seen was 29. Advised we hold up in Marven Mall if things get ugly soon, as greentown has no real defensive focal points to defend from both zombies and player killers. - Christian O'Fucking'luggar

3rd March, 2008: we have our first level 20 member now. out best and finest Fletch p, stoner

5th March, 2008: AHHH CRAP 100+ zombies outside of Marven Mall(South Blythville's mall) SOMEBODY SAVE MEEEEE!!! -KingHeartless is in distress!

6th March, 2008: Most people are dead or will die (unless you were already dead or ran away). Anyway, South Bythville is red and most building are destroyed. i sugest we all stay and fight beacuse they will move on most likely to the south east. Marven Mall has about 250+ zombies either there or 1 block away but at 5:30pm the baracades were still holding them out. People there should keep baracading or run!!! -Soim

6th March, 2008: Whoever keeps saying Caketopus is not group leader, shut up. You're not proving a point, you're just being annoying. I'm doing a good job and no one else is complaining, so grow a pair, tell me who you are, and leave me alone. - Caketopus

7th March, 2008: The NW block of Marven Mall has been breeched. I've helped kill some zombies and barricade, but it wont last long. I implore all living Gentlemen to come and help fight and barricade, so they don't spread to the other wings of the mall. - Caketopus

8th March, 2008: Marven Mall has been broken through. All corners of the mall are filled with zombies. I am currently running away to somewhere I DO NOT KNOW.-KingHeartless

8th March, 2008: I'm running for my worthless life, currently holed up in Penny Heights, join me if you like. It has 2 active malls and manageable zed levels. Thinking about setting up a more permanent camp here if a few more people decide to come. -Jawn

12th March, 2008: I'm currently a zombie and slowly trudging to Penny Heights (Do not have move ap = 1). Somebody revive me when I arrive there please.-KingHeartless

16th March, 2008: Verylittlesuspension and ANICESHINYPENNY if you arent dead can you arrange to meet us at a currently green town. i agree with KingHeartless- Penny Heights has seemed to stay green for the duration of the attack. -Howard Finch

16th March, 2008: Uhh, just a few things Howard, Verylittlesuspension is no longer in The Gentlemen, Slocombe's back, and it was my idea to go to Penny Heights -.- -Jawn

18th March, 2008: Right you are Jawn and now i'm in Penny Heights, it is now red there but green up above so head somewhere there as the zombies are attacking the penny heights malls. I'm at a junkyard if you wish to revive me (Penny Heights Co-ords 98,76 and please revive me) -KingHeartless

19th March, 2008; I'm alive and well, and heading to the northwest corner of the city with McBride. As most of the area is already ghost town, we plan to rebuild a HQ within a location to be discussed later, as the zombies are unlikely to attack the area for a while, while the northwestern corner of the city is the next attack source, being the only green suburbs left. Keep your wits about you as you plan out your next moves. -O'luggar.

27th March, 2008: suggest we set up in a ghost town. many of us have tool boxes and can repair and reconstruct buildings and their barricades. and one of the last survibing members i shall gather syringes and bring them with me to revive ya'll -Howard Finch.

6th April, 2008: I got revived, i'm currently assisting in the restoration of Mockridge Heights, soon enough i'll meet up with the group, until then i'm going to level and help clear one of the PD's and gather supplies. -ANICESHINYPENNY

26 August, 2008: Diablosis killed me at a cemetery which is also a designated revive point. I say, bad form old chap.

Other Stuff

Broadcast Frequency: 28.40

The Gentlemen's Stats

  • Members: 18
  • Average Level: 8.8[at 9:30am 15th March]
  • Rating: 199
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