The Hollwey Arms

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The Hollwey Arms
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the Hollwey Arms

Lamport Hills [54,6]

Costen Way Steeds Bank Muxlow Lane
Liddiard Towers the Hollwey Arms the Rothwell Hotel
a carpark wasteland a warehouse

Basic Info:

  • Pubs have no internal descriptions, apart from " abandoned pub."
  • Arms can be barricaded normally.

This arms is located in the southern part of Lamport Hills. Tagging it earns no XP. The Lamport Brewmasters wish to remain exempt from the barricade plan and keep their pub's barricades as secure as possible.




An old brewpub in southern Lamport Hills, this bar was a favorite of local Lamportians who wanted a quality ale after a hard day's work. Named after Frederick Hollwey, one of Malton's mayors who indulged in regular pints, this brewpub was established in early 1979. Before the outbreak, soccer fans came to support the bar's favorite squads: Arsenal and to an extent Sunderland, AC Fiorentina, Hannover 96, and Chelsea when the drunks came into town. As for other sports, the favorite NFL team was the Baltimore Ravens and despite the streak of bad seasons when it came to baseball a few locals supported the Baltimore Orioles.

The pub is somewhat modern with a Rathskeller more akin to Lamport's pubs in the 1900's.

Brewing continues in the pub since much of the ingredients were put in airtight containers or kept fresh in the cellar before the outbreak. Though brewing mostly ale, The Lamport Brewmasters will occasionally brew lagers to be kept in the beer cellar for themselves, survivors, and their comrades in the McCloud's Pub. The beer is tapped by a hand pump and carbonated in casks or bottles. The Brewmasters gather their ingredients from rooftop greenhouses set up around the suburb. This pub has occasional visits from travelers who find the barricades well kept and the neighborhood relatively safe from frequent zed attack.

The Hollwey Arms has a natural cellar allowing refrigeration of 55 degrees Fahrenheit year round. This is key for lagering and aging of beer which made the Hollwey arms a perfect location for a brewpub before and after the outbreak.

The Hollwey Arms is the newest location of McCloud's Pub.

Amnesty Policy

Patrons of the Hollwey Arms are now considered refugees and given amnesty without question. Only patrons who are not considered enemies of the McCloud's Pub and/or The Lamport Brewmasters may seek amnesty. People who attack, threaten, or jeopardize the safety of the patrons of The Hollwey Arms will be given only one warning. Any further violations will be followed by summary execution. If patrons have committed wrongs, the case may be presented before any member of The Lamport Brewmasters. If patrons are considered too dangerous or too unruly for amnesty they will be asked politely to vacate the premises. From that point that individual will be given five days to leave, unless player is inactive, or will be removed forcibly by the management.

Persona Non Grata


Janus Clarke


Beers On Tap

Year round brews

Lamport Gold: Our golden Kolsch style ale is both crisp and refreshing. One of our most popular beers!

Malton Brown: An English style brown ale. Inspired by the Food Network celebrity.

Headshot IPA: A surprisingly drinkable American style IPA.

Redshirt Ale: A well balanced American style Amber ale.

Grid Iron Stout: Our newest beer! Made for the Grid Iron Gang, Lamport's steel mill defenders. Thick, toasty, and good for starting a ruckus.

Seasonal Brews

Stark Wit: A Belgian style wheat beer spiced with coriander and a few secret ingredients. Sold in Spring.

Brewmaster's Hefeweizen: A Bavarian wheat beer made to cool you off after a hard day's slaughter. Sold in Summer.

Oktoberfest: A Munich style Marzen made especially for Oktoberfest.

Lights Out Imperial Stout: Made especially for the Smith Arms Regulars. These fine publicans prefer their beer in their dimly lit bar The Smith Arms. A jet black brew weighing in at 8.5% ABV, this beer will help you shrug off the coldest of Malton winters.

Brewmasters' Reserve

Three Pubs Tripel: A Belgian style Tripel. This beer is closely guarded and reserved for special customers and McCloud's Pub.

Hollwey Arms Barleywine: Our most exclusive beer. Brewed in 2006 when beer production was infrequent, this 12% ABV beer sits in the mysterious and well protected cellar of the Hollwey arms. Each bottle is dated and numbered. If the quarantine were lifted, each 750ml bottle would have an approximate retail value of $47 US.

Lamport Sour Ale: A spontaneously fermented ale. This gold musty brew has been aged in oak and brewed with cherries. A complex beer not suited for the numb of palate or the faint of heart.

Celebrated Events

January 1st: New Years Day

January 29th: Lamport Hills Conference Coalition Day

March 17th: St. Patrick's day

July 4th: American Independence Day (Yes Custos is an American)

September 26th: Foundation Day (beginning of Oktoberfest)

October 3rd: German Reunification

October 26th: Last Day of Oktoberfest

December 6th: St. Nicholas Day (Patron Saint of brewing)

December 25th: Christmas


September, 2009 The Lamport Brewmasters have opened the newest pub of McCloud's Pub

January, 2008 The Hollwey Arms is now under operation of The Lamport Brewmasters as a member of the the Lamport Hills Conference

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