The Order of Longinus

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The Order of Longinus
Abbreviation: TOoL
Group Numbers: Classified
Leadership: Classified
Goals: To assist those suffering from the plagued and end the scourge of the supernatural/undead in all its forms.
Recruitment Policy: Forum
Contact: Speak to the shadows, some listen...


  • Regular upkeep and management of designated Revive Points
  • Maintaining a NecroTech presence for the Lukinswood/Havercroft area
  • The Security of all survivors in the greater Lukinswood area
  • Immediate enforcement of posted Lukinswood (Optimal Defense Diagram)
  • Supplying generators to power necessary Resource Buildings
  • Assisting other survivor groups to ensure safety for all survivors
  • Upholding the tradition of immediate containment of any and all supernatural phenomena


Any who work toward the improvement of Malton and the Preservation of it's artifacts.