The Plague

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The Plague
Abbreviation: =P=
Group Numbers: 7
Leadership: None
Goals: Keeping the Southwest Human Free
Recruitment Policy: Open

Rumour has it that they were part of a huge group of survivors. One day, they were separated and slaughtered in the middle of the night. Now, the uncontrollable urge to feed overrides anything else. They have made it their only goal to rid Malton of all life there. They combine their efforts with the growing feral count to open up buildings and spill the blood of the innocents.


This group has no leadership. They coordinate attacks by a series of grunting and pointing. If you see their trademark insignia, =P=, scratched onto your safehouse, it means you're the next target, and it would be a wise move to evacuate immediately. They apparently love to "ZAMBAH MAMBA"; it is not yet confirmed why. The lack of food has driven some of the older members of the Plague away and the group numbers have halved in recent times, but wherever there are harmanz we will be there.

Group Rules and Regulations

Here is a small list of dos and don’ts.

1) The Plague's ranks were condemned to shamble only in the following suburbs: Nixbank, Wykewood, Foulkes Village, Ruddlebank, New Arkham and Old Arkham. We operated in that small southwest corner of the map only, and as long as your zombie wore tags, he was confined to those suburbs. However, the Plague now wanders the whole of Malton, on specific courses set by its older members.

2) We do not take part in major sieges. We are still CDF members, and we take great pride in protecting survivors. This zombie group is just to show what life on the other side is like. Seeing as this is in the corner of the map, far away from malls and points of interest, human casualties should be low.

3) Zombie Killing is allowed, whether it be within the ranks, or out. If you get revived, you shall not harm a human. Just wait outside for a zombie to eat you or, if you’re lazy, jump out of a window. IF you get combat-revived, though, and decide to mosey around as a human, scouting safehouses, so be it. This shall be considered in-game zombie spying and we as a group allow this.

4) As the horde grows, so will our missions, and this board. Try and be active for timed sieges. Hell, we might even be one of the most organized groups in all of Malton eventually.

5) Revive point camping is considered griefing and was voted illegal by the Plague. No Plague member shall camp at a revive point to block revives, or to get themselves revived for spying.


Any zombies who want to join the Plague should contact us at our forum

Kill Total

Kill Total (Since the group’s creation on 12/4/05) - At least 350+ accounted for.


This is journal of se7eral dead souls moving across Malton on row se7en.

It starts out with a loose confederation of se7en flesh eaters from "The Plague". Who may join them we do not know. What feast or famine they enjoy will be chronicled in this space.

Buildings Sieged

The Stapleton Arms. The Penguin Mafia put up a good fight but were no match for the plague.

The Sheppard Building.

Martha General Hospital

Cradock Row Fire Station. After more than two weeks of rattling at the doors of Cradock Row the harmanz finally caved in and have lost control of the building. =P=

You could be next...

The Survivor/Zombie Ratio

It is The Plague's combined thought that, while the zombies are outnumbered, they are not underpowered. We as a close knit group do just fine attacking our police departments in a secluded area and wiping them out. The new Headshot addition allows low levels to level faster. It also makes more need for Ankle Grab. Once Ankle Grab is acquired, we can level at will, starting our day with 44 out of 50 AP. We, as a group are more than happy hearing the screams of 20 or so odd policemen and doctors...

In an RP sense, zombies attack the easiest place to acquire food. It is much easier to eat the ripe flesh of an orange, then the hard shell of a nut. The malls are nuts, the PDs/hospitals are nice, juicy oranges

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.