The Revolution

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The Revolution
Abbreviation: TR
Group Numbers: 5
Leadership: Ex-BBK
Goals: Kill People
Recruitment Policy: We Don't
Contact: MSN

Who We Are

The Revolution are a number of ex-BBK members. Where once we were proud survivors standing strong against the zombie hordes, we are now simply killers. We were angry at how such a strong group could turn to shit so quickly, despite the furious work of some very strong, experienced and dedicated members. So we decided to have some fun. Turn the tables. Now we kill people. Now we destroy buildings and suburbs. Now, The Revolution has begun.

Our Aims

  1. Kill the BBK. - Where once we fought for, now we seek to kill. Hopefully the BBK will retain some pride and be up to the challenge.
  2. Kill The Dribbling Beavers - They were our idols. Now they're our victims. Lets see if they can hold us off.
  3. Destory Santlerville - Should be fun. Bring some of the danger back to our peaceful little hometown.