The Rhodenbank Warriors

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The Rhodenbank Warriors

Abbreviation: RW

Group Numbers: 8 and rising.

Leadership: cj2007.

Goals: to occupy the starr building and matain its glory of witch it had when we were once living. and to kill all harmanz in rhodenbank.

Recruitment policy: just be a zombie of any sort and chances are, ill say yes.

Contact: go to the UD forum and find us in clan recruitment. or email me at


list your UD user name here if you wish to join, or if you are already a warrior.

 cj2007 (leader-deceased)
 Duke Ashley (MIA)
 teddy2 (deceased)
 dr marclar (deceased)
 atlanta kid (MIA)
 rj6423 (MIA)
 zom die (MIA)
 ruby soho2 (deceased)


to be a RW, be outside of the the Starr Building in Rhodenbank ask me about recrutment by saying Mrh? then Brhnr. or Graaaagh! and chances are, ill say yes.


nov. 18, 2006- we will rize again and we are going to distroy the Ablett Arms

may 1, 2006- We have won the war with the RCDC!!!!!!!!!! from this point on, our plan is to chill and bask in the silence of victory...

april 1, 2006- the Rhodenbank Civil Defense Corps are sending out squad teams to get rid of us. so we are Officially at WAR with the RCDC!

mar. 10, 2006- to celibrate our 1 month anniversiry, we are going out for a Rhodenbank human munch-out! this month it will happen at... 7:30! so come on up for a feeding friendzee!

mar. 09, 2006- as a group of 4 zombie hunters marched through, we thought that we were gonners! but we pulled our selfs together litteraly to take them out! dr marclar bit and infected one of them. and atlanta kid and i killed another! with an exeption of teddy2 getting a head shot, we all came out able to walk again as the three remaining ones fled. RW4D!

mar. 03, 2006- the rhodenbank warriors have officialy terned into a zombie group.

feb. 24, 2006- the bounty on dr2007s head is off. it turns out he jumped out of a window because he wanted to be a zombie.

feb. 10, 2006- the Rhodenbank warriors officialy form