Tribe Park

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Tribe Park

Greentown [30, 70]

Glass Avenue
(North Blythville)
a warehouse
Lambley Square
Smallwood Cinema
(South Blythville)
Tribe Park wasteland
Athay Boulevard
(South Blythville)
a warehouse St. George's Hospital

Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.
Tribe Park before the outbreak

Tribe Park


  • "You are standing in Tribe Park."


Barricade Policy

Tribe Park cannot be barricaded, so it is not included in the Greentown barricade policy.


Before the outbreak, Tribe Park was simply a regular suburban park. Visitors and patients of nearby St. George's Hospital frequently got some fresh air here, and some people even buried the dead, although the council refused designating it a Cemetery. Just before the outbreak, in early 2003, it was the site of protests of the Invasion of Iraq, along with several other parks in Greentown. Post outbreak, Tribe Park is forgotten. People passing through Greentown forget about it's history, and usually are found passing through it on the way to the hospital.