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List of Discussions started in UDWiki:Open Discussion, in chronological order (most recently closed first)


  • Discussion about whether we should have enforced rules for the Urban Dead Wiki Discord channel.
A discussion related to creativity, safehouses, and retirement.
  • Community Portal News Usage
    • A discussion into the possible uses for the Community Portal Template on the Main Page, for in-game and metagame uses.
  • Wiki Status
    • A discussion on the status of the wiki and possible areas to be worked on.
  • Ignore all rules
    • A rule for ignoring rules that hinder the improvement or maintenance of the Urban Dead wiki.
discussion between Akule, Grim s and several others about civility and the behavior a SysOp should have in this wiki.
Discussion on the validity of democracy as a process on which to base this wikis decision making processes.
Discussion on the state of the game.
A proposal for a new way of organizing sysop archives and a request for feedback.
A culmination of discussion points and proposed ideas for an improved DangerMap system.
what about adding categories in the user page of the administration staff ?
A discussion on the ownership of content submitted by users of UDWiki.
An attempt to redevelop NPOV on the wiki to better meet user's needs.
A discussion about whether the 'current status' section should be removed from location pages.
A discussion related to holding an Urban Dead convention.
A discussion related to maximising the helpfulness of the "WN" template.
A discussion related to copyrights, copyrighted information, and the use of citations.
A place say were the safest safe houses are or where there are the least zombies.
An open discussion about making amendments to the Wiki's voting guidelines
A discussion regarding the age-old art of griefing.