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I wonder why no one has discussed in here before. Anyway, GOOD JOB KEVAN! YOU ROCK!

Should the high lvl players be Awarded?

Having 6 friends playing in this game, we came to the conclusion that this game gets tiresome with time. For its always the same once you buy all skills. That would be normal for most of the games, but the problem here is that a lvl 7 survivor PK, could kill a lvl 21 survival in a heart beat. This makes the game balanced (agreed) but not playable for a long time. People get tired of it, for lack of power. A high lvl should have some status, and for that I would like to expose the follow: - With the passing of every lvl we should get +1 in HP, DMG, and Searching.

It looks small, yet the difference is huge with time. EG: A 21 lvl would deal a shot of 5 dmg plus 21 points of dmg. His HP would be 81(60 + 21) meaning harder to be killed. And above all would a lvl 7 try to kill him knowing that in sigle shot of "shotgum" would take almost half of his total hp? With this adjustments, people would urge for having high lvl in their group, or reaching high lvls. This would make ppl pround of their character, imagine one a player that took down 10 low lvl zombies. Or the opposit, a zombie that took a mall with his other 4 high lvl zombies. This would be great!!

It looks strange, but it is a logic. Imagine in real life a white belt kicking the crap out of the black belt. Strange? Well this is what happen in here.

'Death to all roten brains!!!'

i'm so glad this bad idea wasn't implimented... Son of Sin 05:58, 13 October 2011 (BST)