United Territories Federation

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Clock.png Historical Group
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history.

United Territories Federation
Abbreviation: UTF
Group Numbers: DARIS, The Penny Heights OGs
Leadership: the General Representative (currently Katthew of DARIS)
Goals: Mutual protection of its members; destruction of the CoL
Recruitment Policy: Members must represent a large group that holds territory somewhere in Malton.
Contact: Katthew

Historical Significance Section

The United Territories Federation (UTF) is a coalition of existing human groups, and was founded on September 12th, 2005 by DARIS member Katthew. It was created with the intent of replacing the Council of Leaders, accusing the CoL of "only car[ing] for power." Some welcomed it, but it was rejected by prominent allies of the CoL as being a "DARIS ploy."

Since DARIS has been dislodged from Shearbank and appears to no longer have the interest or ability to retake it, the UTF currently consists of only the Penny Heights OGs, a group with little, if any, power.

The Senate

The UTF is comparable to the United Nations, consisting of separate sovereign territories. Actual discourse is done through Representatives to the UTF Senate. All Representatives hold equal standing, regardless of group size or strength. They are elected by their group, and can be replaced at any time if their performance is unsatisfactory. DARIS has a policy of changing its Representative once a month, to ensure that all members of the Populat get a chance to represent the needs of Shearbank.

Debate, discussion and voting all take place in public, so the various member groups can see how their Representative is voting and what is decided. On some occasions, other citizens of UTF territories are allowed to add their own discourse, but are officially considered as "guests" of their Representative, who is responsible for their actions.

The discussions are chaired by the General Representative, who is elected once every three months or when the majority calls for it. The General Representative has the power to veto any decision and to call emergency Senate meetings.