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Proud 2 be a noob.PNG "When you're a noob, anything's possible."

United Noob Survivers
Abbreviation: UNS
Group Numbers: 1+
Leadership: Ethan Rocks
Goals: Survive and purge evil from Malton
Recruitment Policy: Recruiting
Contact: CoolGreenApple (Wiki) and/or post in the discussion page


The United Noob Survivers group is a single person looking to join up with fellow players who may or may not know exactly what's going on. A noob himself, he is searching for survivers to help him purge the streets and buildings of Malton of zombies while helping people and having as much fun as possible.


Our mission is to survive and to destroy ALL hostile zombies. Our mission is a mission shared with many other groups throughout the world. These groups are officially asked for an alliance. Which leads us to our next heading...


Our current alliances are with:


Current Objectives/Operations

Right now our current objective is to recruit as many people as possible so we can launch attacks on known Zombie bases.

Rules and Requirements

The rules of this group are as follows:

1. You must be a surviver looking to kill some zombies or just to generally help people out. (Building barricades, reviving anyone who wants to be revived, protecting people, etc.)

2. NO murdering fellow group members.

3. DO NOT be rude to ANYONE. (I probably won't be able to tell if you are rude to anyone, but it's just common courtesy.) This is just basically following the game rules anyway.

4. PKing is almost NEVER necessary. Take this action ONLY when repeatedly attacked by another player. Don't forget to add the attacker to you contacts list so you can report them as a PKer.

That's about all the rules I can think of. Just be courteous (beyond killing hostile zombies).

How to Join

To join, put "United Noob Survivers" under "Group Name" in your profile and post a little bit about yourself/your reasons for joining on the discussion page located at the top of this page. You don't have to have a reason for joining. If you don't, I COMPLETELY know how you feel.


These are the current members in this group.



When you join and post in the discussion page, your name will be added here. (You can also add it yourself, if you feel like it isn't being added fast enough.)


If you are a surviver looking to destroy evil while having as much fun as the game can allow, you should join The United Noob Survivers, whether you're a noob or an experienced player looking to help out some people.

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