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"Do not stand at my grave and forever weep. I am not there; I do not sleep."

  • Real name:Alvaro Adrian Mesa Gonzalez
  • birthdate:16/11/89
  • Character name: alvaromesa
  • characther join date:december 2008
  • Location:Bacardi Company, England
  • Group; Freelance
  • Rank:---------
Bacardismall.jpg Member of Bacardi Company
Alvaro Mesa is Bacardi Representant in Malton

Bacardistaff.jpg Bacardi Staff
This user work in Bacardi Staff and enjoy the partehh!!

Uruguay.jpg Uruguayan
This user is proud to be from Uruguay
Nacional.jpg NacionalFC
This user is proud to fan of the National Football Club Nacional

Survivor Diary(Spanish)/Diario de sobreviviente(Español)

Alvaro Mesa History

A young boy from Uruguay.He is 19 years old, wear a Baccardi shirt,jeans,black nikes and a White bag.

He come in December 2008 to a Barman championship but finnish in the middle of hell...Malton.

He was sponsored by Bacardi but after loose comunication he wander and try to survive around Malton.

After 6 months with a lot of histories to tell...The USAif give him a mail...BACARDI employ him and now is the representative of Bacardi here on Malton.

  • Working on "Mesa productions!"'

Baccardi Happy Hour!!

Bacardi Company

Bacardi Company To make Malton a better place!!

Mesa productions

  • New manager and Public Relations of Bacardi England.
  • Evento Bacardi.
Mesapro.jpg Mesa Production
My job is make you parteehh!!!

Begining in July...a travel arround malton with the better ladyes and the best partyes.

Actually:Free Lance

  • Realy i am not a mercenary but i dont want to work in any formal organization for now.

The Pole Mall Security Barman

  • June-2009:Was working with my friends of PMS as Barman...i love to work and have fun...and PMS is a nice group.

Commander of Fuerza Latina.

  • A lot of historyes wait please-

Private in UBCS

  • Was wandering with my friend Delta and we finnish in Santlerville working with them hehe.

Private in AZS

  • After some DP problems we(delta and me) decided to work in AZS.
  • Batlle in Pitneybank.

Sergeant in Dawn Patrol

  • A lot of historyes wait me.
  • Karma Elite Squad member.