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My name is Amber.

I'm old enough to know better, Australian and currently studying Multimedia.

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I'm also a card carrying Subgenius and a Discordian saint.

I've been playing Urban Dead (properly) for almost 6 years now. It's my first MMORPG experience. Friends tried to seduce me into Second Life, but I'm quite happy with my first life, thank you very much. I did sign up to Nexus War but have only ever played sporatically.

I particularly enjoy the low-fi aspect of Urban Dead. It's not like I'm a luddite, as I also enjoy several other games with rather spiffy graphics and engines. But Urban Dead is pretty much available to everyone with a connection and a browser. Since connection speeds are still not quite up to par in Australia, I'm snubbing other MMOs until either we get faster speeds, or these games become less Americocentric.

When I first started playing Urban Dead, I was rather adamantly pro-survivor. But gradually I've come to realize that the term "pro-survivor" is really just "pro-how I want things to happen." In this respect, I totally support things like PKing, Fundamentalist Zombie groups, as well as Dual Naturists and even Death Culting to a certain extent. After all, this is a game, and games are meant to be fun. Where is the fun in getting eaten without a word? What's fun in shambling around for days looking for a needle because you've spawned in the North West? Most survivors tend to come off as anal retentive, mean spirited, twats with nothing better to do than ruin a zombie's day by headshotting him/her at a revive point or making ridiculous suggestions about perma-death on the wiki. Most survivors want to "win," by killing all zombies without ever having to use a syringe. Some zombies are the same way, but they're usually more realistic. I don't claim to be pro-zombie or pro-survivor. I'm pro-fun. I don't have to choose a side.


My first character, Saint Gambi, was created and abandoned in 2007. I remembered her password and unidled her about a year later. I was using her to test out some of the game changes, specifically a theory that a friend of mine had about flares. Turns out he was right.

I am still fairly inactive on the wiki. I don't see the point in trying to change this place. I still find the community here generally hostile, unhelpful and cliquey. I also believe that the majority of wiki users spend far too much time bickering, measuring their epeens and laying out red tape around here rather than actually enjoying the game. It's all pretty stupid really.


These are places I tend to frequent more than the UD wiki.

My PKer's Journal

The PKer Hub


Vandalism.gif IT NEVER ENDS!
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With the exception of my MOB zombie, I'm pretty much just a casual player these days. Still zerg hunting though.


I tend to take a lot onto my plate. Currently, as far as UD goes:

  • I have a bunch of flash animation projects and a million more that I've yet to even put on a storyboard.
  • I'm having too much fun killing idiots.
  • I'm working on a very special project which has been ruffling some feathers.

These are my excuses for not decorating my user space with pretty sparkly things and I'm sticking to them.


"And as for you Amber Waves, your nasty remarks only show what type of person you really are. You are some seriously ugly human beings and I hope you will someday grow up. You people waste enormous amounts of time being negative and shameless in your pursuit of us cheating players, perhaps it is because you lack something in your personal lives, not sure, but my heart does hurt for you. You are sick individuals, anyone taking delight in being that nasty is." - Butt Hurt Zerger, St Aden

"The phrase "social skills of a thermonuclear device" comes to mind." - Revenant

"Malton's own Miss Congeniality" - Lord Moloch

To Do

  1. Siege Sears
  2. Kill all humans.
  3. Make my alts pages look pretty.
  4. Kill Grimch and usurp the throne.

Pretty Stuff

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I started a joke... I mean, Escape.
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