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Anna Majorowicz


Name: Anna
Age: 23
Occupation: Military
Current Status: Hunting you
Location: Wouldn't you like to know
Group: The Forgotten

I am Anna. I'm nice enough if you get to know me, but if you anger me nothing can save you. I am still new to the PKer lifestyle but you learn something new everyday, whether it's someone at the business end of my shotgun or the other way around. As a student of Roland, so to speak, I am learning quickly and one day hope to match his skills.


Her black hair draped past her shoulder, but she liked it that way. It contrasted her red dress. It hung loose for the most part, her hair binder long lost. She would tie it back if she could find anything that would work. She had contemplated using the straps across her shoulders, but they held her dress up and she couldn't walk around naked. Too many men would enjoy that. Her green eyes stared deeply into the void outside the window as she scans for signs of enemies. Zombies...Humans...It didn't matter to her. So long as there was money to be made. She always had her shotgun drawn and she kept her 2 Glock 17's in their thigh holsters, her dress slit so that it didn't restrict access. She would get looks from men on a regular basis, but she didn't care. It was their fault if they underestimated her. A former member of a Special Ops team, she was trained in stealth and infiltration, things that she excelled in. Her slim frame allowed her fast and agile movements and she weaves in and out of the shadows, disappearing in the blink of an eye. She reappears behind you, her shotgun aimed at your face. All you hear is the sound of a weapon cocking and her sultry voice saying "Hello darling" before she pulls the trigger.


Anna never really knew her parents. Being a military brat, she never really had any friends either. She moved around too much for that to happen. Her father having been killed in action, Her mother was left to raise her. The only thing her mother taught her was how to shoot and maintain weaponry. As soon as she was able to, she joined the army and was eventually recruited to a Special Ops team because of her agility and weapons training. She became the perfect soldier, one who didn't care about pain, just getting the mission done. She eventually got to the point where she didn't care about anything, just the monthly paycheck. She went on mission after mission and when she finally went on one where she was the sole survivor, her functionality was brought into question. It was found that she didn't care about the lives of her fellow team members, or who it was she was killing. All she was interested in was completing the mission. She began to work solo missions until the 'episode' in Malton occurred. She, along with a team of 3 other special ops members were sent in. The other 3 did not survive quickly and she soon thought herself the only survivor. As she traveled around, she was proven wrong. She doesn't remember how it happened, but she ran into survivors who had enough skill to fight along side her and she has been fighting with them ever since.

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