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Dove Rose Windsor (born 8 November 1999) is an English writer, cartoonist, editor and publisher who resides in Leicestershire, England. <ref>Template:Cite web</ref> She is most famous for re-writing the Horrid Henry series of children's books after the original author, Francesca Simon had announced that Windsor would take over from her. <ref>Template:Cite web</ref> Horrid Henry has also been adapted for television, film and the theatre. <ref></ref> Horrid Henry The Movie was released in cinemas in 2011 and was filmed in Australia. <ref></ref>

Personal life

Windsor grew up in Leicestershire, England. She first went to Ravenhurst Primary School in 2004 until 2010. She then went to a private school in 2011 called Gryphon School. In September 2017, Windsor moved to Leicester College. In September 2018, Windsor went to an education centre, opposite of Leicester's crown court called Soft Touch Arts.

In the summer of August 2016, Windsor went to NCS (national citizen service) for four weeks to improve her CV. The first week she went on a camping trip. In the second week, Windsor went to De-Montfort University to do a range of activities like doing a Master Chef challenge, first-aid challenge, etcetera. In the third and final fourth week, Windsor did a charity course. In November 2016, Windsor was awarded a certificate, signed by Teresa May on an awards night. Windsor did a Duke Of Edinburgh expedition course at Gryphon School in February 2017. She was awarded a bronze award at the end of March 2017.

Windsor is rumoured to be dating somebody but there is nothing to prove if this is true or false. Windsor's favourite music idols of all time are James Taylor and Celine Dion.


Horrid Henry

The first Horrid Henry book was written and published in 1994 by Orion Books. <ref>Template:Cite web</ref> As of 2019, there are 25 titles published. <ref>The Guardian. "Following Horrid Henry's Lead". 24.11.2008.</ref> The series has sold more than 21 million copies worldwide. <ref>Template:Cite web</ref>

The books are a slice-of-life series featuring the titular Henry, a self-centered, naughty boy who will typically be faced with a problem and then will often retaliate in interesting ways that involve trickery, rule-breaking and practical jokes. <ref> "Novel scores more Horrid Henry deals". 20.3.2009</ref> Henry has a younger brother, Perfect Peter, who is the exact opposite. <ref>The Guardian. "CITV ends commissioning freeze". 7.3.2008.</ref> Almost every character is known by an alliterative nickname (Rude Ralph, Moody Margaret, Brainy Brian, etc.) with a few exemptions: (Mum and Dad). <ref></ref>

The Horrid Henry stories are read on audiobook by the actress Miranda Richardson and published by Orion Audio. <ref></ref>

Horrid Henry is published in twenty-five languages around the world. <ref> Horrid Henry makes the jump to hit big screen</ref> In April 2009, the US Sourcebooks' Jabberwocky imprint released four Horrid Henry paperbacks nationwide which included "Horrid Henry," "Horrid Henry's Stinkbomb," "Horrid Henry and the Mega-Mean Time Machine," and "Horrid Henry Tricks the Tooth Fairy." <ref> Robert McCrum interview in the Guardian</ref> Sourcebooks have released additional Horrid Henry titles including activity pages, event kits, and a teacher's guide. <ref> Q&A with Dove Windsor</ref>

In May 2006, CITV announced that an animated TV series of 52 episodes based on the Horrid Henry books had been commissioned from Novel Entertainment. <ref> The Stage review. Horrid Henry Live and Horrid</ref> The show officially launched in October 2006, for Halloween. <ref></ref> The series subsequently launched on television in Germany, France, Ireland, Iceland, Portugal, Scandinavia, Singapore, Poland, South Africa, Turkey & Korea. <ref></ref>

Notable works

Horrid Henry storybooks

  1. Horrid Henry (1994)
  2. Horrid Henry: Secret Club (1995)
  3. Horrid Henry: Tricking the Tooth Fairy (1996)
  4. Horrid Henry: Nits, Nits, Nits (1997)
  5. Horrid Henry: Get Rich Quick (1998)
  6. Horrid Henry: The Haunted House (1999)
  7. Horrid Henry: The Mummy's Curse (2000)
  8. Horrid Henry: Perfect Revenge (2001)
  9. Horrid Henry: Bogey Babysitter (2002)
  10. Horrid Henry: Stinkbombs (2002)
  11. Horrid Henry: Underpants Panic (2003)
  12. Horrid Henry: The Queen's Visit (2004)
  13. Horrid Henry: Mega-Mean Time Machine (2005)
  14. Horrid Henry: Football Fiend (2006)
  15. Horrid Henry: Christmas Cracker (2006)
  16. Horrid Henry: Abominable Snowman (2007)
  17. Horrid Henry: Bank Robber (2008)
  18. Horrid Henry: Waking the Dead (2009)
  19. Horrid Henry: Rock Star (2010)
  20. Horrid Henry: Zombie Vampire (2011)
  21. Horrid Henry: Monster Movie (2012)
  22. Horrid Henry: Nightmare (2013)
  23. Horrid Henry: Krazy Ketchup (2014)
  24. Horrid Henry: Cannibal Curse (2015)
  25. Horrid Henry: Up, Up and Away! (2019)



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