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Let the Clubbing Commence

Class: Civillian Favorite Equipment: Shotgun, pistol Status: Active Group: Non affiliated, STARS Hunter Hangout: East/West Greyside Current Level 41 Character Profile
Killer.jpg Player Killer
"One kills a man, one is an assassin; one kills millions, one is a conqueror; one kills everybody, one is a god."

This user is a PKer and supports the act of Player Killing.

Who is the Baby Clubber, you may ask?

One cannot explain the Baby Clubber. I just exists. But what do I exist for?
I started in Malton as a zombie, harassing West and East Grayside. Knocking down doors and clawing |at survivors, I slowly gained XP and was enjoying the harman harmbargars that were there. Until one |day, fate changed everything. Some silly person decided to revive me.
A mistake to be regretted to this day.
I was alive again. Not able to remember anything about what happened before the outbreak, I |stumbled around Grayside. Eventually he found his way into a building, but subsequently fell out a |window. Yeah, not exactly smart, but hey, I was just revived, so give me some slack. Anyway, back |as a zombie, I again shambled about Grayside, breaking down barricades and looking for snacks. |After being revived, I had somewhat more awareness, more sentience than I did before. He could |think, albeit a very limited amount. I realized how good the zombie life was. But again, I was |revived.
This time I was revived by a member of STARS, the Special Tactics and Rescue Squad. I was quite |unhappy. I was enjoying my time as a zombie. So I scrounged up a shotgun and took them out. |That's when I felt it. The urge, the calling. I ENJOYED it when I shot him, the blood splattering |on the walls. More so than clawing them as a zombie. I felt it in my bones. I was to become a |rogue, a player killer who targeted anyone.
I started off with just random targets. I killed whoever I fancied. But soon, STARS took note of |this. I was killing on their territory, and they didn't like it. So one of them took me out, all |in the name of justice. But I wasn't to be denied the pleasure of killing, the thrill I felt each |time I pulled the trigger. So I made sure I was revived.
After I was revived, I knew my mission: to seek out and kill all members of STARS. It was not an |easy task. STARS was numerous, and I was but one person. But I began learning who was a member, |and after a week, I made my first kill. Then I communicated with STARS. I told them I would be |hunting them down, and they better not drop their guard. As soon as they did, I vanquished one of |their group. Sure, they have managed to kill me, to return me to the zombie form, but I keep coming |back up.
After a long absence, I returned to East Greyside. I found that STARS had broken up and been |reorganized into the Special Tactics And Rescue Service. Different name, still the same group. I |am back, and am targeting STARS once again. Watch out, because I'm coming for you.

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