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Andrew Wordgrass

Is a NecroTech trainee, who has tagged 8 zombies so far. Urban dead: profile.


He spent two years working as a firefighter in the Nurton Walk Fire Station in Shearbank. Then the zombies began to spread. He and his fire brigade helped locals raise barricades to keep zombies out. With his trusty fire axe he was able to take down many zombies, only to see them rise again later. Zombies were increasing in numbers in the area and so he decided to find a safer place. But instead, he was killed in his sleep.

Being a zombie, he forgot much of his earlier life. He could not speak except for mumbling a few words nor could he enter any buildings. So he stumbled around looking for brains that for some reason seemed so tasty. Unable to find any humans, hunger grew. He resorted to eating the brains of fellow zombies, though they were not as delicious as he had imagined. Soon he learned to use his limbs better and was able to inflict greater damage and walk around faster. (Re)learning to open doors was a great achievement and allowed him to get some survivor brains. One day, while having brunch(brains for lunch), he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his right shoulder and fell unconsciously to the ground.

He opened his eyes, with vivid memories of a horrible dream, and found himself on an dark alley. Zombies would be there to feast on him soon, he knew, and started looking for a safehouse. That night he thought a lot about the memories he had. Could they be real, he wondered. Even the thought of that was terrifying. Who had he eaten? Was it possible that his friends were lying on the ground with their brains ripped out because of him? To find some answers, he decided to look for a Necrotech office the next day and drifted off to sleep.

Bt towers.gif

He stood in front of a building he suspected was a NecroTech office and entered it. He was amazed to find a lit building with many people. He saw the NecroTech logo above the front desk. He was analysed and told that he had indeed been undead for some time. That was difficult to deal with. But he also became more curious about zombies. He knew from previous experience that there was not much of a point in attacking them. He was amazed by the computer system that could show the locations of tagged zombies around the building. That could be of great use to survivors, he thought. He asked if there was anything he could do to help them and was then employed to scan the undead.