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I am Captain Schwartz. My character is based around Dartside / South Blythville, where I was peacefully living before the terrible events that have changed all our lives so much.

Please join me in helping rebuild our great city and ridding us of the zombie menace. I am proud to be a founding member of Barricade Policy Enforcement.

(If I am part of this zombie menace, please help me out and revive me. Zombies can't use toolboxes, so how can I rebuild if I can't use a toolbox?)


Captain Schwartz (FIRST CLASS)


June: I have, upon request, recently journeyed to Dunell Hills to survey the devastation there. All buildings are opened and unpowered, and the so-called "Dunell Hills Police Department" is nowhere in sight. They're probably off eating doughnuts or doing other stereotypical Police misbehaviour instead of protecting citizens. As a result I have updated the Dunell Hills Barricade Policy to reflect this.

April: I have just today participated in the defence of The Tebbett Building in Buttonville, and have examined some of the surrounding buildings for BPE.

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