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Jason “Cruzz” Cruzendale


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in ruined suburbs.
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Uniform Barricading Policy.
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Survive. Revive. Thrive.

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Name: Jason "Cruzz" Cruzendale

Age: in his 30s

Birthplace: Cruzendale, Namibia

Strengths: Strategist, Survivor, Good Friend, Resourceful, Second Gear

Weaknesses: Controlling, Hyperactive, Girls, Risktaker

Loves: physical activity, girls, music, eating and drinking, the zoo animals, unsolvable situations

Hates: AnimeSucks and his zerg alts, spying, dishonesty, racism, lighted areas, cheating, AViewAM


A tall, wiry man in his 30s. His green eyes contrast his black hair and a well-groomed stubble. His look is calm, sometimes even arrogant, but in certain moments you can recognize his hands shaking for a second or two. Always with a smile on his face, Cruzz is the helping kind of firefighter, popular with the kids and loved by the women.

He changed his appearance from a firefighter's uniform to typically all black clothes. In his holster revification syringes are kept for people in need. A silver star with the word REVIVE on it is patched at his jacket. The only weapon in his hands is his old fire axe. A heavy old military bag pack hangs on his shoulders, containing as many FAK as possible.


Jason Cruzendale was born son of a Methodist missionary in the Namibian dessert. When he was 3 his father died on a sickness and Jason and his mother moved back to her home country Germany. There he spent his school time, but the little memories from his childhood and the stories he heard from his mother drove him back to Africa. He moved to Southern Africa, where he worked on a Ranch. After some years he moved on to a friend, who had bought a small farm in Zimbabwe. However, the regime and local chieftains chook off all economical activity. One night the farm got attacked by a regime friendly mob. Everybody got killed, except Cruzz, who escaped with nothing but the shirt and trousers on his skin. With help of some friends he made it to Namibia, where an old colleague of his father managed to get him a faked ID and tickets for a flight to a city called Malton. Cruzz didn’t know where this town was, but the only chance he got…

Arrival in Malton:

Once in Malton Cruzz met with some representatives of the local Methodist community. One of the members was a firefighter at the Malton Fire Department. He organized a volunteer job for Cruzz, who liked the work and the people around and decided to stay in this profession. Cruzz was one of the best graduates of his year.

The Outbreak:

Shortly after graduation Cruzz became a permanent firefighter in the Ketchelbank crew. When all the terrible things happened, that changed the lives of all Malton citizens, he was fighting a smaller fire near the city zoo. When the first military vehicles entered the suburb and rumors about a blockade and fights and demolitions scattered around, he decided to stay with his beloved zoo animals - many of whom reminded him of his time in Africa - to help feeding and protecting them.

Time passed. The situation didn’t get better, but after some days at least the mobs didn’t get into the zoo area anymore. Cruzz decided to leave responsibility for the zoo to the new established Malton Zookeepers and to report in at his local Fire Department. Many of his fellows where missing or reported dead, the whole organization out of control.

A dedicated captain, DC Vortex, took Cruzz and a few other firefighters into the new era. They didn’t have much time to adjust to the new conditions, but together they managed to learn how to handle the situation. They established contacts with other survivor groups, started working on an organized routine and could lend a helping hand to the survivors in Ketchelbank.


For a while Cruzz stayed in Ketchelbank, but the ongoing fights with the undead forced the DEM to reorganize their personnel. Cruzz was sent to Havercroft and Barrville, where he served as a Lieutenant for a longer time. Due to his leadership ability he got offered the position as Captain of Richmond Hills. Willing to do his duty to this town he accepted the offer and started to reorganize defense in this suburb, which is especially difficult to control due to a lack of free-running lanes. However, Cruzz didn’t serve as a captain for a long time. A new threat with the formation of a zombie group called “Extinction” occurred on the NW-scene, and as one of the veteran firefighters of NW5 Cruzz was asked to take on the task as a Fire Marshal in the district. He willingly accepted the new position, happy to work together with so many wonderful people.

Vacation and return:

After a very heavy assault on the whole of the NW-sector Cruzz decided to go on private business, hunting some personal enemies in the neighborhood of Dunell Hills. The suburb was avoid of life, an Cruzz, being the only survivor within a range of some dozen blocks, learned some new lessons of living and dying in Malton. After a long time alone in the dark, however, he made his way back to his old home. The first thing he did was visiting Grifflik, co-owner of a nice pub, for some beer and chat about the good old times. Griff and some glasses of beer convinced Cruzz that it was time to go on. Thus, he decided to quit his duties at the DEM and solely to concentrate his efforts on Richmond Hills, his second home in Malton.

Other Interesting Things

The Playboy FM of NW5

Once upon a time there was no single light in the whole NW-sector of Malton. It was dark, it was cold, it smelled death. But Cruzz was not afraid, and neither were the members of his team. They were doing business as usual, trying to get Havercroft and Barrville up on their feet again. One night he earned his first kiss from one of the DEM-girls in his group after reviving her outside the Nix-building. The next night he killed a PKer, who had killed another of his girls. A third girl, that saw his heroic deed couldn’t help but kissing him in front of witnesses. Thus the rumors spread and since that days everybody in the NW "knows", what a hard working Malton survivor girl could expect once she spends a night in a safehouse together with Cruzz, NW5.