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Joined: 22 Apr. 2006
Character class: Survivor
Favorite equipment: Syringe
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Fighting an epic fight
Character group: The Acid War Templars
Character stats: Co-Leader
Journal: No Journal for DragonRagnarok
--Cogito ergo periculosus sum--


I started out in UD as part of a group of friends that migrated over from BioNightmare. We were the Acid War Templars, and we had a lot of fun mowing down zeds in the Roftwood area. When Big Bash came we were at Nichols, we were at Hildebrand, and we were at Giddings. Eventually our Edgecombe squad pulled out and formed the Crusader Squad, the mobile task force of our best fighters. We cleaned up a few suburbs, but never had time to make a real name before we decided to temporarily call it quits for our own IRL reasons.

At that time I was assigned to our allies the Malton Mob as a diplomat and to help them secure their territory. When Acid War disbanded, I chilled with the Mob for a few months before joining up with them. While the Mob has been a part-time PK group, I spent my AP as a support man, keeping the club 'caded and all. PKing typically isn't for me.

7 Mar. '07 - I've seen the light!

Yes, that's right. I've decided PKing sounds like a whole lotta fun. It's the third faction. Rouges Gallery? Can't wait. I'll be getting my hands bloody pretty soon now.

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15 Mar. '07 - The Ides of March

The Ides Of March was great fun. Got myself 3 kills in one go before I died. Always nice to bring some historical relavence into things, and spamming the radios with Latin was pretty fun. For you bounty hunters out there, note that it was not my DragonRagnarok alt that participated. DragRag doesn't PK.

Idesofmarch.jpg CAVETE IDES MARTIAE!
This User or Group Participated In The Ides Of March Killings In Ackland Mall
I made it onto Rogues Gallery! I was so happy to see that bounty hunter kill me. But is two reported kills really all it takes to get on the Gallery?

Jul. '07 - Survivor again!

Well Acid War was put back together finally, and I must say I really missed the intensity of our play. The Roftwood Coordination Center has been revived, and we've been recovering most of the old crowd. With LUE and RRF working together to repeatedly pwn Roftwood, there's been a fair bit of glory to claim in rebuilding the suburb. The retake of Herbert NT was epic. I've still got a PKer alt operating, but he has nothing to do with Roftwood. I'm torn between the two worlds. Both can be so intense and rewarding, but I guess when it comes down to it, most of my friends are pro=survivor, so that's where I spend most of my energy.


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