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Extinction Department of Internal Affairs

Front Desk - For all reports of alleged criminal behaviour levelled against Extinction Troops please take a ticket and lodge a complaint complete with links to full documentation and evidence.

View Current Cases.

Unsigned depositions or depositions using ad hominem argument, or unsubstantiated hearsay, or foul and/or abusive language, or aimed at the overall Extinction goals and methodology, and any other deposition without at least one named suspect's full profile link and iWitness evidence will be void.

ESS Policy Advisory - Extinction Anti-Zerging Measures.

1. Strictly no zerging, infringements punishable by alt ban, demotion or exile.

2. Any alts must remain at least one suburb distance apart to avoid countermeasures, no coordination allowed!

3. Strictly no bot use although UDTool extensions are allowed.

All infringements of the Anti-Zerging Measures to be reported to Extinction Department of Internal Affairs under Special Operations Command.

By Order of Extinction Supreme Command.

Do not abuse the E-DIA and it will not abuse you. Our Motto is "Ad serviendum ac protegendum"