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Personal Profile:

A muscular tall man with cropped black hair wearing a grey kevlar-enhanced NecroTech labcoat and multispectral goggles. An implant with a glowing red LED is visible behind his left ear.

Fred Finkenstein is a Necrotech employee with a specialization on NLPZ (Neurolinguistic Programming of Zombies)

He has been working and studying Zombies in his homesuburb Lamport Hills for a long time but the rising chaos in this suburb, which caused him to unvoluntarily spend much more time dead than alive, although this gave him many valuable insights and even more nightmares, has motivated him to flee strategically retreat.

Recently he enlisted with The 4-H, a very dedicated group of survivors which impressed him by their freely and speedily given assistance as well as their efficient organisation.

Todays motto

A shot a day keeps the rot at bay.