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I'm just a guy in a mad city that happens to know a little HTML.

(And sometimes this is out of date, and I've changed my tactics, Macampos.)

If you'd like me to clean up a set of pages or make them more usable, please just let me know and put what you'd like to have happen.

I have three chars, GoNINzo (A guy who woke up dead one day, was an NT reviver for awhile, but now joined Minions of the Apocalypse), GonzoG (A doctor who used to be pretty good with an axe, but now is a mindless zombie), and GonzoGr. (A necrotech who was just trying to stay alive while wading through zombie hordes, but eventually succumbed to the taste of brains) If you'd like a hint where any of them are, right now all of them are just following the calls to feed on the flesh of the living. I have now joined a zombie group, as they seem to have more fun and have people that work together. I'm a little tired of the humans who seem to compete for getting the final shot in, etc. All three have mobile phones and radios now, so if you want to give me a call, let me know, though i'm not alive very long these days. email address is the same username at

After I got tired of helping the random people on the server, I joined a zombie group. I also found being a feral zombie isn't that bad sometimes with the new growling features and such. However, it's rather tough to open a safe house yourself, get your growl in, and then run out of AP. Just heartbreaking. If there were ways to make it easier to play, I think I would do that instead. But usually, I play whichever side I am. If I'm a zombie, I do zombie things. IF I'm an uninfected human, I play human, and I'm a damn fine NT. heh Most people see the huge amounts of skills and assume I'm a zombie, and kill me though. oh well, their loss.

It is my opinion that long term, the zombies will 'win', as every zombie simulator predicts of course, so eventually I had to turn 100% zombie. I don't see a future in favoring the humans. I'd be in favor of Kevan setting everyone human, those who want to turn zombie jump off buildings, and see what the city turns into. I think it would still be just as violent.