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Got anything to say, please say it in my talk page. I may not reply, but I read those.


1) I have no relation to the character named "immortal" in Urban Dead, or any other variants for that matter. Meep! --Immortal 16:06, 22 September 2010 (BST)

What I think...

1) I really think zombies should take a vacation or something, in some silent & tranquil corner, where they can bite each other in peace and rot happily ever after altogether. Meep! --Immortal 23:58, 26 October 2010 (BST)

2) If you're gonna go zerging or multi-abusing, alright, have a taste, but don't overdo it. PLeeease! I mean, I tried it (am I confessing something here? hell no! I might just as well be lying, passing time or amusing myself) ...and I think it's way too time consuming to be a long-term occupation. Interestingly I wasn't tagged as a zerg in certain zerg lists such as this one maybe because I followed the Nevers-List below...

  1. Never attack one target with different characters in close time intervals.
  2. Never choose similar names.
  3. Never move as a group. Leave some (but not too wide a) space between your characters.
  4. Never create all your zerglings all at one time (like in a day or two), give it some time for them to look legit.
  5. Never leave your character descriptions empty, write creative & different descriptions.
  6. Never make the same spelling mistake with different characters.
  7. Never choose similar passwords for your zerglings.
  8. Never attract too much attention, or try not to... unless you're bored and wanna die that is.
  9. Never confuse passwords. The system (not yet but in the future) may mark you and lower your chances of doing stuff.
  10. Never confuse the ip addresses your zerglings are using. That indeed can be tad annoying later, so make a list.

That's about it I think, at least all I can remember at the moment. That might be interpreted as a zergling's guide to the galaxy, and a means to spread such malicious intentions, but I have no such agenda. It's just today's psycho-babble bullshit. If you like it, how nice... at it then! chop chop! Oh, and one last thing. Try not to be too annoying (like targeting obvious newbies, that's baaad!) and enjoy it while it lasts. Meep! --Immortal 23:58, 26 October 2010 (BST)

Other Things

Interesting Stuff about Wiki

1) I just realized if you do these things ===>

1. You prepare pages where you do the talking (say Page_a)
2. Then, give links in other pages (for instance in people's talk pages, say Page_b) to those pages you created beforehand instead of typing the same speech every time, which is quite handy,
3. If you have made a mistake in Page_a, and given a link of Page_a in Page_b

When you correct your mistake in Page_a, it doesn't reflect to Page_b until Page_b is edited&saved (until a change is made on it), which actually sux bad. Because it may be some time before Page_b is updated.

So if you give a link in Page_b to Page_a, it probably just copies the Page_a code to the Page_b while saving, creating a whole document, instead of doing the usual HTTP GET procedure for all the components. (That is if I'm not mistaken, in which case this would prove to be a complete waste of time and this part would go boom!) --Immortal 22:08, 30 September 2010 (BST)