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[[1]] Ivan Chekov is a recent addition to the Tactical Excisement Hellfire Malton Black Ops unit, a branch of the Malton Black Ops that has long held the reputation for the capability of executing a range of operations from stealthy assassinations and surveillance to front line heavy duty operations. This unit, so small and exclusive that it has no divisions, is generally the advance line of the army, taking out objective targets and creating cover for the infantry to move in under. The Tactical Excisement Hellfire Malton Black Ops unit was responsible for a number of classified assassinations, now declassified due to the outbreak, including that of the Malton dictator Joren Dolce, who had excercised a tyrannical rule for 2 months during the winter of 2004.

During the chaos of the outbreak, his surgically implanted locator beacon was unfortunately damaged by the unlucky bite of one of the rampaging zombies. Ivan Chekov has resigned himself to the fact that tactical extraction will not take place. Instead he spends his time planning to bring down the infamous Vanguard Zombie, the origin of the outbreak.

Before the outbreak began, Agent Chekov was on his first mission since his graduation from the Tactical Excisement Hellfire Black Ops Academy (TEHBOA). He was assigned to shadow a prominent drug lord in the Malton Black Market. Within a few days of surveillance, he discovered that the drug lord (named Cheech Rodriguez...) was experimenting with a stolen NecroTech genetic booster chemical. The chemical was originally designed to bolster the endurance and tolerance of pain in a subject, essentially making them "partially immortal". This chemical was a recently introduced concept, and the current form is only a rough prototpye, with negative side effects.

  Immediate Side effects include:

Temporary grimace (the chemical is taken in pill form, which tastes like poop).

Skin Discoloration.

  Later side effects include: 

Dehydration and a "draining" of nutrients within the body.

Raspy breaths (no actual effect to breathing).

Bulgy eyes.

  Side effects through prolonged use:

Increased levels of hunger and metabolism.

Impaired thinking processes (motor functions, speech, survival instinct).

Rare cases of gangrene throughout the body.

The subject (Cheech...hehe.), not without honor, insisted to test the newly cooked and messed up drug himself inside his warehouse. The effect of the drug was instantaneous. He was totally smashed. Agent Chekov believed all the information was gathered, and turned to leave to compile a report. However, the drug lord began convulsing, and collapsed, giving Agent Chekov a very compelling reason to stay around a little while longer in the cramped air vent with a stanky vent cover. The drug lord quickly slew his companions after they rushed to his aide, consumed their carcasses in a matter of seconds, and began searching for something. Agent Chekov soon realized he was searching for more human flesh, and thusly dubbed his former subject "a total freakin' zombie". Detecting and becoming very curious of the scent of Agent Chekov's suppressed Five-seveN, which had spent a few rounds taking out nosy guards (leaving a partially burned gunpowder residue on the suppressor), the drug lord lurched about 10 paces from Agent Chekov's hiding spot, then suddenly turned and left, lurching in a rythmic motion.

Relieved, Agent Chekov departed the warehouse via the skylight. Combat training- now a second instinct, prompted Agent Chekov to prepare ahead of time for unwanted surprises. Placing a shotgun attachment onto his tactical rifle he loaded several 18-gauge shells into the receiever. No sooner than he had done this did the newly zombified drug lord lurch out of the shadows at lightning speed and sink his somehow already rotted and smelly teeth into Agent Chekov's arm, damaging the locator beacon which Agent Chekov had learned "would never ever break unless some freak blew off your arm or bit on the exact 2 centimeter circle in which it is located". Fortunately all Black Ops agents are issued a tough near bullet-proof resistant black unisuit, complete with all the gadgets and top secret thingies that an agent needs.

Panicking, Agent Chekov emptied the 3 shells he had managed to load into the drug lord, putting him down for the moment. Remembering what he was taught at TEHBOA, he found a discreet place to dispose of the rotting body, pausing only to see if there was a blood residue he would need to clean, which there wasn't. Shortly afterward Agent Chekov fled the scene.

This is where the poor innocent scientist known as IC wandered onto the scene, wondering if the loud roaring blasts were somehow related to an undiscovered species hanging out on the street. Having briefly studied the subject of the undead, IC identified the stench and found the drug lord's corpse, riddled with shot. Adrian then named the specimen the "Vanguard Zombie". He observed unusually intact, if not bolstered muscles, and assumed that this zombie would not be very nice to be around, and so therefore, proceeded to shove a probe up its nose and prod around for any remnants of brain. Dr. I.C. was surprised to see, or rather feel, that the frontal lobe and cortex felt firm after a few prods with the probe, and deduced that the zombie's brain was fully intact. He probed further to discover thick substance, and retracting his probe, Dr. H.P observed that the thick substance was a molasses-like, orange film. Taking a sample, Dr. I.C. promptly and excitedly forced the probe back into poor former Cheech's left nostril.

The zombie awoke quite violenty, shocking I.C., and then he remembered the number 1 rule he read in the book "Zombies Declassified": Zombies never die. They stand back up. Seizing the poor scientist, Cheech violently bit off the top of his head, then for some reason unsatisfied, proceeded to eat the rest of the scientist.

Lurching out onto the street, the Vanguard Zombie let out a loud moan, and at human speeds he sprinted across the street, dismembering the nearest civilian, then proceeding to the next.