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Kurt Cocaine was born in Los Angeles, to Tijerkistani immigrants, and after an unknown series of probably hilarious events, found himself in Malton. He is a devoted follower of Popsicle Pete.

Popsicle Pete

During a stay in prison, he was approached by a member of the Popsicle Pete cult, and was brainwashed into the group. Sometime after this, he was somehow contacted by Popsicle Pete, and was ordered to kill the other member. Kurt followed his order without hesitation, and received a promotion in the Popsicle Pete cult hierarchy. Kurt's murder of the fellow cultist was never solved.

2005 Prison Transfer

He was eventually transferred to a prison in Austin, Texas, but his prison bus passed through Malton during the beginning of the outbreak. The guards made the decision to let the prisoners loose, rather than let them die on the bus. Kurt spent his years in Malton adding followers to the Popsicle Pete group.

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