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Character pofile

Fictive history

Since his childhood, Legend was fascinated with the Japanese culture. He began to study the arts of war and martial arts from a young age giving him time to perfect his skills. Legend enjoyed playing the tactician and learning the arts of war this became one of the strong points of him.

At the age of 15 Legend took an opportunity as a foreign exchange student to japan and jumped at the chance. Legend learned how to use blades here, he spent most of this time training with knifes. He spent 5 years here and was due to arrive back home soon after.

At the age of 21 he decided to join the military. He fought in many battles and usually returned un-harmed except for the occasional bullet wound. Legend enjoyed the front line, he thrived off the screams and blood in the war. His blood lust grew to points where he would feel invincible. After several years in the Front line legend was offered a place in the SAS [1] and his skills were put to good use.

Legend was in the SAS for a long time, taking part in many missions which made him very organized at time but sometimes the lust for war would take over and legend would take action to cause as much chaos as possible.

Most of legends mission were covert based making him a very sly and sneaky operative. All of his records of birth, education and any form of identity was destroyed and legend became nothing more then a living shadow. Many people did not believe he existed and therefore was nothing more then a legend, a myth. This was used as his codename often.

Legend in a mission taken by fellow operative

After years of working for the SAS legend decided it was time to relax in life, he took a vacation to Malton to meet up with some family members. He decided a week was enough. Legend arrived and as normal went to see his family. Two days past and the outbreak occurred. Legend didn't manage to escape before the survivors were closed in.

Picture taken from the Crimson Clan pages, with the following text: December '07. A crash landed external military helicopter near the city border in Jensentown is secured by M-XW Warbear. Special Forces veteran MFC Legend, only days before being sent into exile as a punishment for treason, poses in the front. Cpt Warbear and Mrn Stormys are seen entering the wrecked aircraft in the background, searching for survivors.

Weeks past as legend survived in the streets of Malton. Urban warfare missions made this seem extremely common except that his enemy's would not die. After a week or two, Legend spotted some graffiti on the wall advertising about the crimson clan. He decided it was for the best to join up with a group that was organized. After making himself know to the clan Legend showed what he could do and after a month or two he was a crimson marine.

Mission came and went as legend stayed with the crimsons, but certain events caused corruption and many a time legends mind would drift back into the crazed world of blood lust. Legend once tried to destroy the clan he was in and came close to completing that until he left himself.

A week past a legend again felt alone in the world, he needed someone to work with. After careful thought legend decided it was best if he could re-join, although he now has to work his way back up to the top.

History from 2008

While defending woolset with panzyass and warbear from the 12 zombies outside, legend wrote a guide which has not yet been published. Defended woolset NT for a week from 12 zombies outside, started off with about 8 survivours now only 3 including himself. awaiting reinforcements...

12th of January

Surviving many break-ins from eagan it was best to move to woolset, doing so eagan fell to ruins after.On the 12th zombies charged through the cades of woolset, there were 5 at first but other survivors managed to kill the first two. I came into action infected and left with these 3 zombies, i decided i would fight and pulling out the pistol shot down two zombies. Left with this last zombie and not enough AP to finish it was best to revive the last one. Managing to do this I dumped the bodies. Woolset was safe for now. Later on in the day I recieved information that the ruined eagan was left with one zombie. I jumped at this chance and with my last clips i shot down this zombie. I managed to re-build eagan back up but was to tired to deal with the barricades well, I managed to get the to loosly barricaded and hope for the best. Later on some other survivors must of moved in, but i was to sleepy to notice. before i knew it some zombies had broken in. This is where I died. I dead in the street, but to my delight eagan was shining bright. I had done my duty. Now i wait to breath once more...

3rd of February

After getting revived by the clan I am in, I was promoted to corporal but i was moved to Zone W, Zone W consists of the left side of Havercroft and most of Lukinswood. I moved there to see everything was already in top shape. All buildings were up and lighted and stagg was running with no problems at all. There were no revive lines and you could sleep in the street with out being killed. Some survivors see this as heaven, for me... it was boredem. I later was told that pkers were targetting the clan and all the memebers inside. I didn't think much of this at first mainly because no deaths have been reported but later on in the week deaths began to show up. We didn't take this lightly and on finding one of there pkers, he was shot up badly and killed. I haven't heard many kills from the pkers recently. Ive been more focused on Zone E since i was told i had to move there. On my way there, I found a well known pker. i took my chance and i managed to kill him. He took up some of my ammo and a bit of ap, but it was good to know i could have saved someones life. I settled down in a building for the night a few blocks from where i killed him...bad mistake. I can't remember much of this but I think the same pker hunted me down and killed me. I remember moving to knill in zone E where i managed to get a revive. After the revive I stood up to see everything I had been fighting for destroyed. Eagan and woolset both ruined and buildings spreeding 4 blocks in every direction came under the same fate. I found a building where i would rest for the night, and gain my strength. The next morning, i checked my ammo surplies, i was short. Only two pistols and 3 clips. I still had my combat knife and i was still carrying my fire axe on my back. I walked over to eagan to relize that building had become more dangerous to walk across. i Tried to avoid walking through ruins. I walked in side eagan to see two zombies swaying and looking confused at the office equipment. I took my pistols and in no time i managed to kill them. I brought eagan back up with the barricades at the right level. In no time some other survivors came and backed me up. Eagan was doing well. But most buildings were still ruined. I went to sleep, rationing my ammo to the most needy of times. I woke up later on in that day to find that, most of the buildings were back up. It seems with the up bringing of eagan it has restored hope to the local survivors. I looked out the window at the south east of the building to see woolset still ruined. I took my chances, I moved over to woolset and found two zombies. Using the very little ammo i managed to kill him with some spare, It seemed someone had already attacked it but failed to finish it off. I dumped that body outside using the window and turned around. The other zombie was standing there still with its back turned to me. I drawed my pistol and took a pot shot into its back. It turned around and to my horror, it turned out to be a crimson officer. I still wonder why he was sleeping in that building but i guess it's in the past now. I moved back to eagan to exhausted to kill the officer. I went back to sleep. I woke up once more to check on the barricades of eagan, on the way I managed to look out the window which put a smirk on my face, woolset was back up. All the buildings i could see from eagan had been restored. The barricades were fine, i decided let that be it for today, i went to sleep waiting for tomorrow. The next day, also known as today, the 3rd of february, I woke up to zomebie in the building, I had already been bitten and infected. I could still cope with the infection but my ammo was a diffrent story. The first zombie seemed to have brain rot, i had only one option. I drawed my pistol once again and began shooting at this...thing. It took longer then i expected due to him wearing a flak jacket from the past life. When he seem to be weakening it happened. My pistol clicked and it was shooting no more then soot towards him. I put my pistol back in its holster and picked up the axe that was strapped to my back. I hacked away at this zombie missing only once. He died and i dumped his body out of the building. I noticed the other zombie hadn't seen me yet. I brought up the barricades to lightly barricaded. It was all i could do at first. I went into a room were i dicovered to other survivors, both been bitten. all i can do now is rest and hope someone comes. If not, i can expect returning to the other side...

23rd of February

In a huge effort against the big bash, I have pinned myself in ackland, makign sure no zombies can get through the cades. I have litrally been watching them for hours and putting them back on when they com down, but getting tired all i can do is watch the cades and hope for someone to come and help. Time is running out as more and more zombies pile up outside Ackland. Break-ins have happened and many brave soilders of ackland have been lost. But I dont intend on losing ackland. I will do everything in my power to make sure ackland stands tall and will not be engulfed by the scum of the big bash. LONG LIVE HAVERCROFT.


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