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This strongly-built woman is in her early 30s. She is tall, a fact accentuated by her straight posture. Her brown hair is cut in a lovely bob cut. Mad Girl's green eyes have a hardness, yet hold mirth as well, usually accented with perfect mascara. She wears a black uniform of Napoleonic vintage, bearing a Regulators Alliance patch on the sleeve; one lapel has a gold bar insignia and the other sports a skull and crossed revolvers pin---a gift from her commanding officers. Matching black slacks and boots round out the look.

She also wears a stained old nylon holster with a Browning GP-35 9mm pistol at her hip; a battered old sawn-off 12-gauge shotgun is slung across her back. Her hands and fingers are long, thin and sensitive.''

"Hello all! I am Kathryn Maddox, known to my mates as Mad Girl Kiki. Along with the Regulators Alliance and our close friends, we are working to keep Dartside a safe place for survivors."