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Mark Harrigan

Former Firefighter
Searching for those who are responsible for the outbreak of the zombie virus.

Killing those who had anything to do with what caused the death of his entire family and still live - and making those things that are dead but still walk around even deader.

"They laugh at the law. But they don't laugh at me"
Favorite Equipment:
If it can kill you, I'll use it: Shotgun, Pistol, Fireaxe, Knife, a Flare Gun shot right into your fuel drippy face... or even execution by punching you to death.
UD Character Profile:
Mark Harrigan
Current Status:
Getting stronger and better equipped each day. Getting closer to those I seek.

Some things ya should know...

Desire for Revenge
Mark Harrigan is driven by a desire for revenge against whoever caused this zombie mess!.
Barrelgun.jpg What are you looking at?
Stop looking at my gun.
Gun.jpg Trigger Happy
This user has guns. Do not cross them.

ZombieHand.gif Proud To Be Alive
This user is a survivor and proud of it.
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This user is European.

How comics can change everything...

Mark Harrigan used to be a Firefighter in the city of Malton, a man who did his job because it was necessary for the safety of the community. He did his job well and efficiently and without much concern about his own safety. He was a normal guy doing what had to be done day to day to make the city a better place for all - including his own family.

...Then, the outbreak changed everything.

After his whole family was killed, his house was burned to the ground and all of his friends and relatives were either dead or rising to a caricature of human life, Mark found himself one day hanging out in a bar, which was the only building left untouched by the undead hordes of walking corpses in the streets of his suburb.

He was tired and exhausted because he had continued to fight the many fires all over the place in Malton in order to help the survivors finding some places to hide. It seemed to be an endless and futile fight, though, and he eventually declared this bar to his very own safehouse, since the bottles of fine American Whiskey promised enough opportunity to forget the madness raging out in the streets.

Mark actually began thinking of committing suicide since everything had lost any meaning: his life, his profession, his dreams and plans, even his memories. All the faces he remembered - his father, his Mom, his girlfriend, his son, even his cat... in his dreams they always changed into horrible grimaces attached to wounded, bloody bodies walking towards him while trying to snatch at him... before he woke up, covered in cold sweat. Suicide seemed the only option with some sense left to do in this place that once was his city and now was a nightmarish place beyond human understanding.

One night, Mark sat down for a few shots of Elijah Craig, his favorite Whiskey, throwing his firefighter's helmet into a corner - and for the first time since the outbreak he started to ransack the kitbag he had carried over from his old house.

Among some personal things he found some of the comic books his little son had loved so much...

As the drink kicked in, he said to himself that since this kitbag was all that was left from his old life, he had to find a reason to live among the things this bag contained... because that was the only place left to look for a reason at all – and if he wouldn't find a reason here, then this night at the lonely bar would be the end of the road for him.

It was already early in the morning when he was thru two-thirds of the bottle and he started to read one of the comics from his son. It was about Frank Castle, the Punisher....


It's a One Man War against those who are responsible

...when the sun started to shine through the windows, the bottle was empty and Mark Harrigan had found a reason to live on.

His son loved this comic character for a reason, Mark thought, and Frank Castle was someone who he - as all kids - adored as a real hero. His son obviously could make the difference between cowardice which changes nothing and dedication to a personal way of finding those who are responsible. The comic character lost his entire family – just like Mark. Frank Castle had to make a decision in the comics when all whom he loved were killed by some raging criminals – as Mark had to make a decision after losing his entire family. He looked to the windows which were bathed in golden sunlight and he said to himself:

"Someone has to be responsible for all this and all who are responsible will be punished. God had his chance and didn't use it since he allowed something to happen which shouldn't happen at all in this world. Now it's my time... a time without mercy for those who let this happen!"

That morning, when firefighter Mark Harrigan dozed off in the sunlight in the little bar in Malton, something happened again in the city, something as serious as the outbreak of the virus. A man who thought about suicide was formed into a One Man Army by reading his son's comics – and this changed these comics into the holy legacy of his son, who seemed to tell his Dad through the colourful pages Go on and be my hero, Dad – make'em pay for our death... make'em pay dearly'...

He now takes it upon himself to distribute punishment to those responsible for the zombie outbreak and to those who try to take advantage of it. Currently he doesn't know the cause for the outbreak of the virus, but he is starting to pick up a trail and if you are reading this and you had anything to do with the outbreak, then you should better start running and leave this place as soon as possible.

But it won't matter much – he'll find you anyway serving as judge, jury, and executioner in his mission to find those in Malton who did something terribly wrong.
Punisher 04.jpg

I leave this as a declaration of intent, so no one will be confused. One: "Si vis pacem, para bellum." Latin. Boot Camp Sergeant made us recite it like a prayer. "Si vis pacem, para bellum - If you want peace, prepare for war." Two: Mark Harrigan is dead. He died with his family. Three: in certain extreme situations, the law is inadequate. In order to shame its inadequacy, it is necessary to act outside the law. To pursue... natural justice. This is not vengeance. Revenge is not a valid motive, it's an emotional response. No, not vengeance. Punishment. Those who do evil to others - the killers, the rapists, psychos, sadists, either alive or undead - you will come to know me well.

Call me...The Punisher

The War Journal


I think it's a nice idea to write a little diary. Makes me feel better and I have something to do when I'm alone in the house. And who knows, if it happens and I get killed someone may find it. Kinda message in a bottle for someone outside or to be found in a time when things are back to normal...if that ever happens of course. I'll have to make sure to get this window fixed, rained into my room last night.


Luckily the power is still on in this building and the suite I'm now in has a large DVD collection. So I try to relax a bit after making sure the door and the windows are really closed (won't stop the rain however to come thru that one broken window...). Is it just a coincidence that I found a DVD about the same comic hero that the comics are about I have from my son? Anyway, I'll have a shot of bourbon right now and watch the movie.


Some freaky people around here. Just came home from a longer tour in the streets. I think it was Hook Avenue in Dartside... I saw this zombie lurking around and went over to him, crossing the street without much haste. As I came nearer I got my shotgun ready (the bracket I made from the straps of a military rucksack I found in a hotel, to wear two shotguns on my back works really well. Together with the special weapon holder that allows me to carry 4 revolvers all the time I'm pretty much prepared for every encounter.) and when I came at arms length I saw it was man of middle age, many wounds, the face looked pretty gory. The blasts of the two shots turned him around, but he was still standing. Suddenly I heard a squeaky voice saying 'Hi!' which was coming from somewhere behind the Zombie, apparently from a lonely survivor who was too terrorized by the ghoul to do anything against him. Since I couldn't see the source of the voice I didn't know how close the zombie was to the survivor and therefore I quickly put back the shotgun into the bracket, taking out one of my Magnum revolvers and shooting the Zombie right into the head 3 or 4 times. His head was almost completely blown away after these shots and the body slumping down on the street...which was the time the squeaky voice turned into a fury and was getting really loud. I saw a man standing behind the dead body, shaking his fist at me and shouting 'You fuckin' bitch! Fuck you, damn! What the fuck did you...' - first I was quiet puzzled about this reaction but since this guy was obviously gone totally mad and enjoyed the company of an undead man for whatever he had in mind doing with him, I decided to just leave him there. Really, sometimes the living folks in Malton are giving me the creeps, not the walking dead...


I left the room with the broken window, couldn't fix it. Now sitting in what they call a safe-house these days, in Kinch Heights. Rumors go that things are getting tough in Dartside which is actually the adjacent suburb. The last days I've been searching ammo and weapons to fill up my armory and get ready to take a hard line with certain folks around here. A female police officer I met a few weeks ago, told me about raving lunatics again in Malton. Seems the cops know exactly who they are, what they do and where they can be found – but nothing happens. Looks pretty much like in the comics I usually read at night, it's about a city ruled by the Mafia and scum like that but nothing ever happens, no one is really going to stop them once and for all.

I can still remember the days when Malton was a city like many others in good old England and it was known for a rather high rate of criminal activities, bad enough. Didn't really care about it, since I was there to fight fires not criminals and things were pretty safe where we lived...nice little street with nice little houses although it was a less attractive part of the city as a whole - Huntley Heights which was in fact the city´s red-light district. But now after the damned virus outbreak, or whatever it really was, the scum is getting stronger and more self-confident each day. I don't think that the 'Zombies' are the real threat anymore, if you learn to deal with them the right way it's pretty easy to get rid of them – and most folks in Malton have learned to not use the streets unless absolutely necessary. But anytime it seems a freak can come over the roof and kick your ass while you are asleep, has happened a lot to lots of people recently. And again, we do have some groups around that call themselves a form of militia or whatever but to me it seems that's not going to stop these criminals in what they do and obviously enjoy doing. This must change...


A few hours ago I met this female cop again, she told me about the reasons to better join a group and how it's going to make things much easier for everybody but actually I don't think that's helpful to anybody. Told her that I made up my mind and I don't work for or with anybody... you know, eventually they let you down. Malton has turned into a bad place to hang around, no one is going to catch you if you fall...I suppose a cop has a different view on things even these days and I know that I had a different opinion too about authority when I was a firefighter in a team run by strict orders. But that also has changed, dramatically I can say. Who the fuck is knocking at the door??? I've been alone here in this building for awhile and that's how I would prefer...yes, god damn it...


I've been around here in this mess for almost 4 years now and first we all thought the government would find a way to handle this big fuck up but nothing happened, I'm still here, my whole family is dead and nothing changed for fucking 4 years. They just brought up the walls around Malton and the military is watching us, making sure no one leaves this damned city, undead or alive, doesn't make much difference to them anymore. When I realized this I changed from a dedicated firefighter into someone who lost all confidence in authority and government and rules and all that crap. I put down the fireaxe and threw my firefighters helmet out of the window since I don't fight for them anymore – many times I had a fire extinguished some fuck set two new locations alight somewhere, just for fun, or to get in a house or for whatever reason these pricks do what they do. Fighting for the people who run the world or even just a country gets you stabbed in the back, you fight the wars they start and feed, you kill the monsters they create...and this seems to be the case again if I interpret the documents right that I found yesterday in the NT building. Will have to read them again this night... Ah forgot to write it down. Yesterday an old man knocked at my door, since he saw me coming back, told me a bit about the building, seems to be rather quiet here. He's living in the adjacent building with the rest of his family and used to come over here regularly to get some cans of food stored in a room. - Good to know about this room...


Back from a trip to the nearby police station, found some ammo, but only pistol clips, I'm running a bit short on shotgun shells, though.

Reading the NT documents again I'm not really sure that I get what this guy is talking about...but I never understood what these NT buildings are for and what these 'scientists' are doing in there the whole day and even at night. Someone at the firestation once said it's about medical researches, finding a cure for cancer and things like that. First time now that I actually could get in such a building, so that was a pretty exciting trip. It was empty and I could get in through an open window, power was still on and computers were running. Looked around but no one was there. In a lab I found a DNA Extractor and luckily also a manual for some of the young students working there so I know now what it is for and how to use it. Will come in handy some day I'm sure. Unfortunately I couldn't get access to the more interesting data so I was stuck early in my investigation and now all I have are these strange notes by a student...I'll have to get more info about what these NT folks actually do. Something is wrong here...


Didn't feel well today, stayed in the house, reading...seems that these NT folks are into weird experiments, I'm slowly getting the hang on what the student is talking about in his notes...


One of my radios is tuned in to the police frequency and they do report more criminal activities in Dartside. Seems I have to prepare myself to be able to face any threats ahead and if I ever come across some of these sons of a bitch that would like to play their game with me, well, they will learn not to try it again. Back in the better days if someone tried to steel your money or whatever the only option was calling the police. That's not an option anymore to me however, because it doesn't change things at all. And as I wrote down in the beginning of this diary things have to change!

Now I have a new job to do, but it isn't about fire, now I plan to go out every night and make the world sane again...

Need to find some more cans and a bottle of whiskey, perhaps I'll go out shopping in a nearby Mall next days, but now I'm taking a nap first...I'm tired. Need to find a better place for me, too. Safe-houses...Pshaw! - what I need is a base of operations, even more than one actually. When I'll start my war certainly many people will try to be close on my heels...will have to make sure that I can switch locations quickly and don't lose time searching a new safe place when I start attracting attention. Until that I'm going to keep a low profile...


Woke up early this morning, but the weather is dark and rainy, always makes me feel sleepy. Nevertheless I just came back from my usual tour, again no shotgun shells to be found around here - I really need to find some storage of this to rearm myself. Came across two lightly wounded survivors and dressed their wounds, FAKs are to be found in the hospital, so no problems in restocking them the next days. In the hospital I was told that someone did hear a helicopter this night. Folks were speculating where the crates were dropped and it seems everybody is in xmas-mood...funny, really. Instead of sending in the cavalry to get over with the zombies the military once in a while flies over Malton in their little copters playing Father Xmas and dropping some nice gifts for the residents of Malton. Others certainly do expect cookies, toys and whatever - in Malton we get some FAKs, new weapons and ammo. Anyway, I didn't hear the copter and don't think I'll run into the crates, so who cares? I hate this sort of weather, I hit the sack again...


Killed a Zombie outside of a hospital that was lurking around there, a survivor was nearby but seemed too afraid of doing anything - made my job easier. And I found some instruction manual in the NT building, it's about how to operate basic-level NecroTech equipment. Will have to study it over this weekend to see how these things can possibly help me in my mission.


Well, it's xmas time and in many houses folks have decorated trees and everything. Looks like they are trying to have a good time even with all the undeads around outside. I have figured out how to use the Necro Network. That's a nice thing...NT scientists obviously use it to locate zombies so they can go out and heal them. Works perfectly the other way round, too - scanning the area to find zombies and then go out hunting them down. So far I have enough ammo again to make myself ready for the Xmas Hunting session this night, while everybody is enjoying the lights I'll snuff out some zombies life...


New year started as bad as the old one ended...someone attacked me and did actually wound me heavily, so I had to face the zombification the first time. After getting the necessary drug to kill the virus in my blood by a police officer who found me in the streets, my back is now still hurting like hell. That was the reason I couldn't leave my BoO for the last week or so. The attacker was a freak, a survivor actually and I really didn't see it coming...

I now have a new BoO and keep circling around the city to find new locations so I can quickly fall back on them if things start to get bloody - and things will start to get really bloody now. I'm even more convinced that the zombies aren't the real threat anymore. Someone has to do something about these freaks running around and hurting and killing people. The police officer told me something about the bounty hunters in Malton who have lists and some of the police dudes obviously give information to them so they can track down the murderers. But neither the police nor the bounty hunters seem to be able to put an end on these gangs. Someone else also asked me to join a bounty hunter alliance, but I told him that I don't join anything. Something in my voice apparently convinced him that I spoke the truth since he quickly left...

It's not enough just to kill them, they have to be punished! Someone has to clean up all the trash in this city...I hate it when people get around the system and get off. It's quite easy in my POV. I'm guilty. I should pay. No apologies. No excuses.

The bounty hunters have their lists they, that's perhaps something worth doing myself. A list, a little book perhaps, or a wall with all the information I can get to be able to see the big picture...a wall with notes and names...names of persons that have to be punished...human scum that needs to be eliminated. Yeah...

But I won't trouble myself with all these procedures these groups are doing however. They seem to give out information about why someone is eliminated, so others don't consider them as criminals, they simply talk to much with far too many folks. I won't waste my time with that, since I've a job to do...and if someone really wants to mess my mission up then ok, load up on guns, bring your friends…...


Today I was able to get inside a print shop and I had an idea: instead of joining any alliance so folks get to know me and realize that I'm on the right side I made a little card on the computer of this shop. Every time I punish someone I'll simply leave this card behind, right there on the body, so it will be found and everyone knows that this dude was hit hard rightly...that should be enough of information. I don't need any alliances and even if someone thinks I'm a bad guy who cares? As long as he doesn't do something wrong he has nothing to fear from me...

Here's the master file for the card so I can produce enough of them if in need:


The Punishment of Davidpal92...

Punishment Shooting.jpg

Finally, the cleaning has begun in Malton. This evening I came across one of those who seem to think it's easy to do as they like without any consequences and I convinced him he was wrong.

I knew exactly where he was in Tompson Mall, following him for several days and when I was sure that every survivor was asleep in the room I slowly opened the door and let my shotgun speak a few clear and loud words to him...Before the folks inside could realize what happened, blinded by the shots I had already left my card and disappeared over the roofs...

To have some evidence for my journal I placed my camera where it could take good shots of the punishment. I think I'll continue to do this in the future to have some nice pics available for those who think that crimes are still a good idea in Malton...and I used a tool to make the pic look more comic like, so it fits better to the source of my inspiration. I'll sleep well this night...


The Punishment of dayse lol ...

Punishment Pistol.jpg

Seems that I have a real talent for scenting out scum...on my tour today I found lonely dayse lol sleeping in a warehouse. Didn't took much time to prepare my camera, put it right next to the body and then I slowly kneeled down...I really couldn't decide whether the person in front of me was a male or a female...but it didn't matter much anyway. I heard lots of bad things about poor dayse lol and now s/he is laughing no more. When I got bored to find out about the gender I said "dayse...When I do my job, it gets done. No screw-ups, no errors, no mistakes." and then pulled the trigger - and unloaded a full pistol mag into the body. It didn't seem to disturb the sleep however...but although no movement was to be seen I shot the last bullet into the head just to be sure. Then I stood up, put my pistol back and decided to lift the body and dumping it out of the window...since there was no one in the building and the body was gone I didn't leave my card this time. Another well spent day in Malton.


The Punishment of Karen Aoi ...

Punishment Knifes2.jpg

Some days ago I was in a mall to rearm myself for my war and came across someone who was searching the stores there, too. I heard her cursing about finding a generator and so checked the room she was in. That was enough to recognize her as a known criminal...I made a note in my journal not to forget her and to come back in a few days to see if she was still around...Today I met her again in a room in the same mall with lots of survivors and ...well...there was this nice table. A kitchen table, kind of sample in the mall for tables they had to sell...above it there was something like a device to hold some sharp knifes which came in handy for what I had to do. After I placed my camera as usual I took hold of the sleeping body and forced the woman on that table...when she was fully awake I simply told her "If you're guilty, you're dead."...And it seems you are guilty......and before she could say something I sliced her with this knife-collection...Too much blood as I know now, I'll have to find a place to clean my clothes...guns are cleaner since you can stay away from the body, makes the job far easier. Then I told all folks there to sleep well now since the killer was dead and - leaving my card - disappeared over the roofs.


The Punishment of Avanger ...

Punishment Avanger&Knock Down.jpg

Well, the police officer that I meet regularly told me that Karen Aoi perhaps was only defending herself and that this possibly started her criminal record. Doesn't matter that much anymore since she's dead, but I decided to prepare myself better regarding to information concerning the individuals I choose for punishment. Punishment should have some effects of discipline to this city so I will go for the high criminals first now.

This evening was a good start: I met a guy named Avanger and knew he was someone with a high bounty. Since I don't care for bounty I just told him that he is going to die for the things he did so far and shot him without much further discussion, his companion Forensic Hoffman - why the hell do these freaks always have such freaky names? - is still a case of doubt and that was what I told him. I promised him to investigate his case and if I found him guilty he would be dead as well. Then I knocked him out - leaving my card and escaping as usual.


The Punishment of KillerGiraffe...

Punishment Hands.jpg

Today has seen the punishment of another Malton freak - KillerGiraffe. Met him in a church and while everybody else was sleeping or praying I tried to be as silent as was possible in this situation. Guns were out of question in a church of course so I had to improvise. The pic shows what I used instead...I slammed his face several times right onto the glass table, and then it was over. Dumped the body out of a window, left my card and left the church because I didn't want to disrupt the praying more than necessary...people need some silence for their prayers you know...


The Punishment of Lonegraywolf...

Punishment Hands2.jpg

The pic shows it all, I'm too tired for a longer comment on this punishment. He killed several folks and was accused of Zerging, we don't like that in we don't like that at all. Job done for today.