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----Officer Information----

Marty Banks, former Malton Police Academy Graduate. Firing at zombies off camera.

Name: Marty Banks

Police Department: Dunnel Hills - DHPD

Badge Number: 1988

Location: Dunell Hills

Rank: Sgt.

Post: At Large

Age: 25

Family: John and Samantha Banks (Parents - Deceased), Martha Banks (Sister - Unknown)

Identifying Features: small scar over right eye, Tattoo of dragon on back, Brown Eyes, Black Hair.


Marty Banks was a beat cop fresh out of the academy before the invasion. His parents were murdered by zombies duting the initial outbreak. He was killed by zombies after months of searching the city for his sister and was revived recently in Roftwood. Equiped with his pistol, a flack jacket, and his old police walkie-talkie, he hopes to rejoin the ranks of the police force and help his home city of Malton be restored its former beauty. And maybe, he'll find his sister in the process. Marty has joined the DHPD in order to establish a place of refuge for fellow survivors, his sister used to be employed at Edmund General so it is a likely place to start searching western Malton.

----Officer Status----

Alive and Healthy. Need Ammo... I have a 65% accuracy, It's not my fault the instructor at the academy sucked...

The DHPD, to Protect and Serve...

----Officer Weapons----

(Dual) Glock 26 Pistols: Glock26.jpg

Mossberg Shotgun: Mossberg.jpg

----Radio Contact----

Channel 1 - DHPD Ventrilo

Channel 2 - MSN:

Channel 3 - Googletalk:

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