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What is Barhah?

The zombie scrabbles at the barricade, knowing that it shall have exhausted its energy long before the barricade falls.

Another finishes off what its brother-in-death has started, despite knowing that even with the collapse of the barricade it shall be unable to open the doors.

Another arrives, a scabrous hand groping for the door-handles, and pushes its way into the building even though it knows in its primitive brain that is has not the strength to feed.

Behind it comes another, biting and clawing at the living, knowing that a hail of bullets will cause it to fall before it can feast.

Another forgoes even the taste of living flesh, instead choosing to use the last of its energy to groan and scream loudly, letting its fellows-in-death know that this place is full of unprotected food.

Each zombie gives a little of itself, knowing that the ultimate reward - the succulent flesh of the living - will not be granted to it, but to one that follows after, some nameless, lifeless stranger.

That, my friends, is Barhah.