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Paddy, after being stabbed in the eye with a pool cue by Vandr.

Paddy Dignam is a longtime resident of Danversbank and founder of the Danversbank Relief and Reconstruction Project (DRRP), an emergency management group that, in addition to its more practical activities, encourages a palpable sense of comradery among area survivors. He is a well known scrounger and tinkerer and can be seen throughout the neighborhood trailing spare parts, squeezing power out of makeshift generators, stuffing the wires back into gutted radios, delivering small luxuries to fair maidens, and making quid pro quo deals with shadowy figures in the parks. He is also a voracious gabber and self-described "boozehound," the latter term being an accurate description of most DRRP (and sister group HARD) members. He reserves his ammunition for special occasions and has remarked of his prowess with firearms: "I'm a pretty good shot when my hands aren't shaking." In his free time, which appears to be scarce, Paddy relaxes in room 101 of the Davey Hotel, where he listens to post-apocalypse punk records, hurls sharp objects at his cat Mrkrgnao, and partakes of his extensive collection of Malton whiskeys.

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