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Rayne'storms picture

Joined: 2012-04-27 14:01:56
Playing style: Mercenary/Player Killer
Favorite weapon: Dual pistols
Current status: Level 43
Group: External Military
Age: 27
Hometown: Grigg Heights
Bounty: N/A
Character Profile: Rayne'storm


Rayne was an army medic deployed into Malton around 2007.It was a 'volunteers only' mission and he wanted to go in largely because Malton was his Hometown.He was dispatched on the orders to contain a bio infection within the walls of malton.Little did he know he was going to be a part of the biggest zombie Apocalypse known to man.Once within the walls he witnessed his comrades fall prey to the zombies one by one.Only trained as a medic and knowing only some basic firearm training,he ran and hid for the first years in the city,holding his radio close and listening to the external military broadcasts in hopes of steering clear of the zombie infested suburbs,even during these years he had seen things that almost made him lose his sense of mind,by the end of 2011 he was a broken man,he had learned to survive but it had all come at a cost...It was then that He heard it- The military broadcast on 27th April 2012 at 14:00 hours...A broadcast directed at the people of Malton-A solution to the zombie infestation,An Absolute Solution Abs-olution...It stated that he and a few other chosen ones from other parts of Malton were chosen to end the Apocalypse,end it by cutting off the one and only food source of the infected,the one thing that sustains them,the one thing without which they probably would not survive......The Living of Malton...And it sounded like the best plan that had ever been devised!! The dead were caged behind the walls of Malton,like some sort of hungry beast!! and what happens to a hungry beast if you kill its food supply? It dies..and its horrors are not passed on to the rest of the world,by Making the extremely hard decision of sacrificing Malton,the rest of the world is saved....A greater good is achieved.....and If what the external military said was true,after all the living of Malton were eliminated, they would provide an air pickup for the rest of the chosen few who were tasked with this mission on The Coram building....This was like an Angels song to Raynes ears and he wasted no time breaking down necro tech facilities,preventing the resuscitation of the dead and shooting down the so called defenders of Malton in the hope of serving the greater good,saving the rest of the world...He now considers himself a prophet of sorts,having to carry out this duty,suffering the sorrow and trauma of killing your kin,being called a "PK'r",a Murderer and still doing his duty so that the rest of the world may live on....He still roams the Streets of Malton ever committed to the cause,The Cause of Abs-olution