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Aussieflag.JPG Australian
This user is Australian.
Seven 07
29 September, 2007
Character class:
Civilian (Level 16)
Favorite equipment:
Fire Axe
Character profile:
Urban Dead Profile
Current status:
Resting in Pegton, en route to The Guiday Monument.


Seven 07 is a member of the ANZAC's survivor group. Currently moving through the suburb of Pegton en route to the The Guiday Monument (yeah I know its spelt wrong) in Rhodenbank.


Seven 07 was residing in Lockettside when the Zombie Outbreak hit looking to link up with other Australian and New Zealanders Seven 07 began a pilgrimage to The Guiday Monument before being delayed in Zombie infested Mockridge Heights while trying to keep the local Mobile Phone Tower up. Seven 07 disappeared for more then a year after The Strutt Towers was over run by a horde of zombies in late 2007. Seven 07 reappeared in mid 2009 resuming his pilgrimage to The Guiday Monument hopping to unite Aussies and Kiwis all across Malton.